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My rant about Superhero/comic book movies

My rant about Superhero/Comic book movies


This year marks the 35th anniversary of Superhero/Comic book films. I'm surprised that Superhero/Comic book films got it's own genre or sub genre, because most of these films fit into one genre and that's action/ adventure. Fans of this material are notorious for being critical about these films. These films restarts or starts actors and actresses careers and gives them roles that they're well known for, like Mr. Stallone is known for his roles as Rocky and Rambo. These movies also made comic book characters more popular especially the ones people don't know that well, OK that only happen with Iron man as far as I know. 

Hollywood didn't take movies like this seriously at first, I mean check out the interviews for the earlier Batman films if you have them on DVD or find them on the Internet. That was until Mr. Nolan made his own Batman films which is a bad and good thing. The good thing is that his films changed people's prospective about Superhero/Comic book movies, they can expect more from these kind of films then just getting the hero's backstory and have the hero and villain fighting, he added depth to his Batman films. Besides Iron man there are other films that has done this like the X-men films, Superman 2, Spider-man 2, Batman forever, Ang Lee's Hulk, Unbreakable and The Incredibles. The thing I appreciate about Mr.Nolan's Batman movies is that they don't feel like they're made for Batman fans, this is a problem I have with these movies in general they feel like they are made for that demographic that reads comic books. 

Another issue I have with these films is that they change a characters race or nationality. The thing that bother me about Mr.Nolan's Batman films is that they are marketed to kids, his Batman films are not for kids. They didn't do this with Daredevil, I mean they didn't market that film towers kids. They also did that with Watchman and that's not a kids movie. I have a gripe with these films targeting kids, I'm not saying Superhero/Comic book films shouldn't be for kids it's just that it handicaps these films from telling a mature story. Hollywood did you learn anything from the earlier Batman films? 

The bad thing about Mr.Nolan's Batman films is that for some crazy reason people expect these films to be dark and serious. Have you forgot that Mr. Burton's batman films were dark and the first two X-men films had a serious tone to them. People stop giving Mr. Nolan more credit then he deserve, just because the film has a dark and serious tone doesn't mean they're coping him.

 There are four things I want to see happen more with these films. 

The first thing is I want to see a good trilogy. None of the third movies are good, I can forgive Superman 3 and Spider-man 3 for being bad. 

Second I want them to embracing the source material more. Now I'm not one of those people who's mad that these films are not like the comics when really none of these films are completely like the comic, well Watchman came close. I don't mind changes from the source material if it's justify and is an improvement over the original work, Men in Black and The Mask are good examples. It's safe to say that Hollywood is making a lot of profit off Superhero/Comic book films, if they want these films to last then they need to start doing that. The Avenger movie reminds me of the first issue of the avengers comic. 

I can understand how adapting a story from the comics can be hard, because of copy rights and sometimes the story is either too long or too short to turn into a movie. I was rolling on the floor laughing when I learn that Hollywood made a movie out of How the Grinch stole Christmas are you kidding me? How they were able to make a hour and a half movie on a short kids book is beyond me. I would like to see a trilogy where all three films adapted a story from the comic like the No man's land story, because the dark knight rises shoehorn that story.

The third thing is I want these films to be more of a period piece, I would like to see a Spider-man film take place in the 1960's, or a Flash movie take place in the 1950's so far we had that with Captain American the first avenger, X-Men First Class and Batman 1989. By doing that your giving us something different. 

 Now the finale thing I want to see happen more with these films is I want the villains to be memorable, I'm not saying that the villains in these films are bad they just don't stand out like the Joker or Loki. This makes me mad because they wasted some good villains like Venom, Bane and the Mandarin. I also want to see the villains have more victories over the heroes, it's not exciting to watch these films if you know the hero is going to win how exciting is that?

That's all I have to say what do you what to see happen more with this films? 

 P.S. I also want to see these films be nominated or win Oscars not just for visual effects, despite the directing problems in the dark knight had I still think it was rodded of best picture.

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