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My 2013 Movie reviews

My 2013 Movie reviews

Oblivion: This is the third time where Mr. Cruise played a character name Jack. This film center on our main character name Jack Herper who repairers drones in this future earth, one day he finds a woman in a pod and he's life turns upside down. This movie kind of remind me of Total Recall and Wall E to a point. Jack’s ship bugs me, because it looks like a body part. The problem I have with this film is the pacing, the pacing is kind of slow. Another problem I have with this movie is I'm confused about this movies world. I'm sorry I don't have much to say about this movie, I wasn't impressed with this movie. I like how this movie's world got from point a to point b and the visual effects. Also the trailers for this movie gave away too much information, if you like sci-fi then I would recommend this movie.      

 Rating = Rental

Star Trek into Darkness: Before I get started I want to let y’all know that I’m not a Trekkie; I haven’t seen any of the shows or movies besides the movie that this film is a sequel to. What I know about this series is the Captain Kirk and Spock are friends and Captain Kirk is a good fighter. I think the first movie was OK; it did a good job of restarting this series. The problems I had with that film is some of the characters are generic, the villain has a bad motivation and Kirk gets beat up in this movie. 

Sadly this film was a miss step, it's a shame because they withhold from releasing this movie sooner because they want this movie to be the best film they can make. The plot is this a former Starfleet member name John Harrison is terrorizing Starfleet, so Captain Kirk and his crew has to find him. I like the first hour of this film, in that hour it was dealing with the theme of friendship, and figuring out how to stop John Harrison. Also the actor that played Captain Kirk feels like a captain other than a frat boy like he did in the first film. Sadly the movie goes downhill when we learn who John Harrison really is. 

I think that Trekkie’s are going to be mad about learning who John Harrison really is, because he is such a generic villain. He reminds me of Bane all he does is beat people up and make speeches, I’m also annoyed with the actor playing the villain because he always has the same look on he's face. Also I didn’t buy what Spock did in the last act. This movie kind of reminds me of Safe House, this movie could have been better if they when in the same direction as that movie well kind of. Also the movie would be better if the villian was  sympathetic villian.

Rating = Rental

Intro: Mr. Smith if your reading this I would rather watch Wild Wild West then watch this again, because that movie was entertaining well kind of. The only reason I watch this movie is because it looked like you were playing a serious character compare to your other roles, I mean in most of your films your were playing the same character. 

After Earth: This film is about our main character name Kitai and his father Cypher going on a father and son trap, meanwhile they crash landed on a plant that is inhabited by creatures. Since Cypher is injured during the crash Kitai has to go out and get help while keeping himself alive. Basically if you seen 10,000 B.C. then you seen this movie. This movie is a waste of time; I know what I was walking into however I didn’t expect this movie to be so boring. I didn’t care about father and son story because the father is so uptight, I understand why he is like this but lighting up a bit let us know you care about your son. 

Lost in Space is a better father and Son story then this. This movie could have been better if this wasn’t a military family, because Cypher sees his son Kitai as a soldier first and a son second. Both Cypher and Kitai are stiff and doula characters. There are two plot points that add nothing to the story. I would recommend this if you like survival movie. I wish I can show this movie to my father so he can understand why we are not close; it’s hard to be close to someone that’s high maintenance 24/7.

Rating = Trash

The Wolverine: 20th Century Fox I want to thank y’all for wasting everyone’s time and money

on Origins, and have us wait longer to get this movie. There was no need to make X-Men Origins: Wolverine, ever heard of the term or phrase less is more? This is one of those films that I wasn’t crazy about seeing, because the trailers gave away what this movie is going to be about. I want this movie to be a hit because I don’t want Fox Studio’s to think that they can’t make a good X-Men movie or a movie center on an X-Men character without Bryan Singer. I was surprised by this movie because things didn’t play out the way I thought it would. 

The plot of this film takes place after X-Men the last stand and Logan/Wolverine is living in the woods, also he is dealing with what he did in the previous film. Meanwhile a mysteries woman has come to take him to Japan to see a man that he saved decades ago, and of course he is in the middle of trouble. I did like this movie however when you really think about what happened in this movie it feel’s kind of wasted. What I like about this movie is that it got me to care about Logan/Wolverine, the movie makes you think is he going to survive this situation or not? I also like to arc’s that he goes thought, however I had mix feeling about the Lost subplot. 

The villain Viper reminds me of Poison Ivy you’ll see what I mean when you watch the movie. I didn’t care for the love interest in this movie; writers could have done something with her. Another reason why I’m not crazy about the love interest because between Wolverine and Batman they have multiple love interest in the comics, I’m surprised that no one made a parody about this heck why didn’t I do that? Warning this is a minor spoiler I don’t like that Logan has bone claws because that hurt what William Striker said in X2, he said and I quote " You were an animal then you’re an animal now I just give you claws." I have a problem with Logan being able to remember the man he saved, because he was just starting to remember weapon X. Another problem I have with Logan is the inconsistent with his abilities, and there are times where he’s not thinking. I also have a problem with what Viper wanted to achieve, I mean there were smarter ways to achieve her goal and the movie showed how towers the end of the film. What reality bothered me about this film is the last act, if you like the Japanese saga you might be bothered with the last act. Something happened in the last act ruined the emotional weight this film had for me. I wish Mr. Ebert was still alive to see this movie because he didn’t like the Wolverine character after he saw Origins, I wound if this movie would change his mind about him.

Rating = Average  

Thor the dark world: Before I get started I want to say my attitude towers this movie has  changed after learning that Thanos is not going to be the main villain in the next Avengers movie. Thank you for trolling the fans Marvel Studios, I mean what’s the point of showing him if your not going to use him anytime so? I thought this movie was going to set Thanos up to be main villain just like the previous Thor movie set up Loki to be the main villain. The plot is this two years has pass since the Avengers and Thor has been battling other realms. Meanwhile something happens to Jane that attracts the villain malekith and he's followers, so Thor has to protect her and stop his plan with the help of Loki.

This movie was OK, I was just a little let down with a few things. I did like that we got to see more of Asgar and Thor's arc. One of the many problems I have with this movie is the villain he’s just not threaten, his right hand man is more threaten then him. Also what’s the deal with Odin Thor’s father, he seems like a jerk to me. Another problem I have with this movie is the last act, I mean it was ridicules. Also Loki does something that gets annoying after time, you will see what I'm talking about. I was also let down that the relationship between Thor and Jane hasn't develop. The thing that really bothered me about this movie was the comedy, it wasn't bad it just there is a double stander with it. Marvel Studios phase two is not looking good so far. 

Rating = Rental 

The Hunger Games catching fire: Wow I'm so impressed with this movie that I might want to read the books, then again that would take away the surprise of knowing what will happened. This film center on our main character Katniss Everdeen, we see how what she did in the Hunger Games affect her, her family and the people around her, mean while president snow the man in charge isn't happy with what she did in the hunger games so he put her in a difficult positions in order to keep her family safe. Like I said before I wasn't impressed with previous film, but this movie made me glad I saw it and want to see more of this movies universe. The thing I like about this movie is the politics in this movie, and how it ended. One of the many problems I have with this movie is I'm confused about the relationship between the two main characters. Also the second act has sequelitis, you will see what I mean when you watch the movie. I wish that the raise the danger for our main characters, I mean the movie did but I wanted it under different circumstances. 

Rating = Worth Seeing



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