Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My rant about spill.com

My rant about Spill.com 


Besides Mr. Ebert they are the only film critics I listen too, I like listening to them because they did the same thing the late Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert did as far as talking about the movie, joking around and give there rating. There video reviews are more entertaining than them reviewing the movies, even if I don't find the jokes funny sometimes I like how they are having fun in there videos. Despite there disagreement with a films and ratings they don't make each other feel stupid about it, it too bad that certain people online don't know how to do this. I like there rating system it's similar to mines. Now I don't listen to them as often, because now they are doing this 20 seconds non sense and in the beginning of the video they tell us to go on there website to hear there podcast of there movie reviews. No offend but I don't want to hear them talk about the movie for a half and hour I go on there website to see there video reviews. In there recent videos there is a timer on the screen to remind us how much time they have, we are not focus on what they say about the movie but how much time they have.They even waste time in there 20 seconds by making jokes, there videos use to be 5 or 6 minutes long and the movie reviews doesn't seem to be there main focus. This is why I don't listen to them anymore, I don't know what cause this change but they need to go back to how they use to review films in there videos. Whoever said nothing last forever was not joking here are some examples of how they use to review movies til now. 

This is how they started doing there videos

This is how they use to do there videos


This is how they doing there videos now 

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