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The Flash season four review

The Flash season four review 


Intro:This series need new writers if they have any chance of bouncing back.

The Flash season four: This season takes place mouths after Barry/The Flash is imprison in the speed force and team flash manage to keep the city safe since then. One day The Thinker (The main villain.) manipulate team Flash to get Barry/The Flash out of the speed force, this cause the creation of 12 new meta humans that The Thinker needs for his plan. So team Flash has to protect them from him.        

This is another bad season that's sad because I thought this season would be good since the main villain isn't a speedster. I like that the main villain isn't a speedster by doing that it give the team a chance to deal with the big bad in a different way. This season is too light hearted for it's on good, I might as well be watching Sesame Street. Once again they tried to adapt a story from the comic and they blow it, next time make it last for more then one episode. ( Personally they should have save that story for the finale season.) I'm glad that some of the romance in this season is gone however what's the point of giving everyone a love interest if it has no pay off?  

Iris West is now the leader of team Flash and... Wait! What in havens name is going on here!?! Did the writers forget about how last season ended when Barry told Cisco he's the leader now? Either Iris seduce Cisco ( I smile a Jerry Springer episode.) or the writers have short term memory. I have so many issues with this, first of all Iris works better as a supporting character. Heck the writers didn't do the best job at making her that so what's the point of this? Second if they did this to not make her a damsel in distress that wasn't the problem, I mean she can be a damsel in distress as long as she's not helpless. 

Third there is a difference between be a leader and being a boss, a leader set an example and boss tells people what to do. For the most part she's more of a boss the a leader. Also how can she lead a team of mostly scientist? I'm not saying that it isn't possible however it would help the team if she can comprehend what there doing. Finally how did the other member approve of her being the leader, whenever someone that isn't a scientist try's to help them out they treat that person like he or she is on meth.  

Cisco is more helpful on the field. It's a shame that he isn't leading the team because it would have been good development for him because he showed moments where he has leadership qualities 

Caitlin/Killer Frost is the Hulk, I am not kidding about that. My gripe with her is her inconsistency. Also we learn something about her past the raise more questions about her. 

Ralph/Elongated man is a slime ball, I can understand why fan don't like him. Despite that I like him because of what this season has done with him and there's more to him then that. Plus he the outsider looking in. What I don't like is how everyone besides Barry alienates him, granted he's annoying but he isn't disrespectful. Plus they should be more grateful  to him for helping Barry out of his dilemma.   

Clifford Devoe/The Thinker is a egotistical maniac. I was letdown that they turned him into cell from DBZ, what's the point in him being the fastest thinker if you don't do anything with that ability? I was hoping he would be like The Professor from the show Money Heist, The Professor thought of every possible scenario that could happen in a Bank Robbery. If The Thinker was like The Professor he would have been a good villain, how can you screw up the fastest man vs the fastest thinker story? My Grievance with him is that it's his motivations would have made good social commentary if he wasn't a hypocrite, well you can use the means to a end argument. Also we don't know what cause him to have this motivation. Plus he did something I find disturbing.    

My problems with this season is that they broth Barry back too soon, if they wait until the mid season final to bring him back that gives us the views a chance to miss him like the characters do. Also I'm annoyed that Barry recovered from being imprisoned in the speed force too fast, The plot of team Flash trying to protect the 12 people from The Thinker is repetitive. Most of team Flash don't do anything to stop The Thinker beyond protecting his 12 targets. The final episode is anticlimactic.  

Bottom line is season four didn't recover I hope the writers won't go back to having speedster as the villain.                   

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Arrow season six review

Arrow season six review 


Intro: Let me get this straight season five ends with the Island exploding and no one died or suffer PDST. Sorry I stand corrected, a side character died, one is injured, another is in a coma and everyone else is OK. WTF!?! 

Arrow season six: This season takes place mouths after almost everyone survived the explosion on the Island and the survivors manage to go back to there routine besides Oliver/Green Arrow. Now that William's mother (William is Oliver's son.) gave him permission to be in his son's life Oliver has to not only be the Mayor and Green Arrow but a father as well. One day someone sent a picture of Oliver as the Green Arrow to the news that result into him being investigated, team arrow being shattered and a group of criminals wanting to take over the city. So Oliver has to clear his name, salvage the team and stop this group before it's too late. 

This season was disappointing considering that this series got itself out of the hole it dug itself in the previous season just to go back to that same hole. You can watch season five without watch the other two seasons for the most part. Both this and The Flash had a rough start but it took Arrow longer to bounce back from it. This season feels odd without the flashback, because it give this series an identity. We do get flashbacks of other characters, there OK it's just they don't add context to what we already know about these characters.   

Once again the crossover episodes are lackluster. This crossover is centered on Barry and Iris wedding get's interrupted by Nazi versions of themselves and others characters from the CW/DC shows from a different earth, the Nazi version of our heroes wants one of them for reasons so the other has to protect this person from themselves. What hurt this crossover for me is the Olicity drama, that's right the writers broth back one of the many things that made season 3 and 4 bad. If I was Barry or Iris I would beat the crap out of them for taking up our moment. Also this crossover has an evil version of an Arrow character that died, I wish he was the main villain in this crossover.  

OK it's bad enough that this show ruined Felicity but did you have to ruin Diggle too? Yes! Diggle is unlikable this season, he does thinks that's out of character for him. There is a subplot of him wanting to be the Green Arrow what!?! Also he doesn't need to be in the field because A Oliver has too many alies in the field and B he's suppose to be the Alfred of this show.   

Do I really have to comment on Felicity? I still want to strangle her for the most part. It makes me sick to see her be a surrogate mother to William, I say that because when she learned about him in season 4 she didn't give a crap about him. Just like last season she got away with murder.    

Dinah Drake/Black Canary is the level headed one of the team, she's kind of like her comic book counterpart. She was in season five I didn't mentions before her because I was too distracted by her... by her... Hair! My beef with her is that the writers hit the reset button with this character you'll see what I mean. Also she has done things that makes you want to dislike her. I wish the writers would make a story out of her working for the police.  

Quentin Lance doesn't do much this season besides assist the team whenever he can. 

Thea is one of the characters that should have died on the island because she serves no purpose in this season. 

Rene/Wild Dog thankfully doesn't have a chip on his shoulder. My grievances with him is that he did something that plays a role in team Arrow starting to fall apart and some of the members are understanding of what he did. I'm not saying they shouldn't be understanding I would probably do the same thing Rene did however what he did affects everyone, not in a good way. 

Black Siren (one of the villains) is just the muscle. I have issues with her subplot because they had a chance to do this last season but they didn't, also it would make things awkward with team arrow.   

Cayden James ( another villain.) is the brains of the group of villains. My gripe with him is that he was the main villain in the beginning of this season, this wouldn't bother me if he didn't over stayed his welcome and wasn't boring. ( I wouldn't feel this way if he wasn't build up in the previous season.) Another thing it's hard for me to think that he's smart because of how easy he was to manipulate. He wouldn't be in this season if Felicity didn't help free him last season.  

Raceto Diaz/Richard Dragon was disappointing as the main villain. This bugs me because he's Green Arrow's version of Bane, I was hoping the writers would get this character right since Batman writers can't get Bane right. Richard Dragon is just a drug dealer, it's hard for me to believe that he would pose such a threat to team arrow. I like that Richard Dragon is an enigma and a behind the scenes guy despite the fact that doing this hurts him. To add insult to injury he's the shortest person in this season, Oliver might as well fight Chucky.    

One of the many problems with this season is Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow. this character didn't develop much since season 2. So what's the point of making him a father and the Mayor if he doesn't grow as a character or has any affect on him? Also I'm tired of the pattern of Oliver doing something wrong, someone corrects him and he apologize for it, because doing this over and over again makes him look stupid. He has the same problem as Jayden from Power Rangers Samurai, as far as he learns his lesson in one episode then forget about it the next episode. 

Oliver need to learn how to be a leader, that contribute to why team arrow divided. The way he leads alienate his team, there's more to being a leader then giving orders. Yes! he does help the team out with there problems however he doesn't connect with the latest members of his team the way he does with Diggle and Felicity. Whatever development they tried to give him this season was short lived.  

Another gripe with this season is the people of Star City, they're morons to not suspect that Oliver is the Green Arrow, I mean this is the third time he has been accused of being the Green Arrow and people don't think that he might be the Green Arrow? You know the saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me and fool me three times I'm an idiot. Plus they should be more involved with the story in this season.  

William is another problem with this series he's nothing but baggage in this season. If I was him I would be mad at Oliver for starting a relationship with Felicity, he doesn't seem like he's putting his son first. Plus he lied to William twice. 

I was letdown by the villain group because each member is suppose to be a adversary for each member of team arrow, that didn't happen because two of them has a vendetta against Green Arrow, one is a double agent, one is in the background and the other has some kind of rivalry with the Black Canary. Other problems with this season are leading the people of Star City to believe that someone that died in the past is still alive, plot holes on how hecking works and characters being inconsistent. 

here are some of the thing I like about this season. I fond of how the relationship between Oliver and Quentin developed from season one to now. This season did what season four tried to do a little bite better as far as the theme of fighting for this city's soul. I glad that team arrow is divided because it gives them a chance to stand on there own. This season was getting better after episode 9 kind of. I like some of the things that was done in the last episode, it would have worked as a series finale if it played out differently.   

Overall season 6 was a step backwards that's sad to say because it was starting to get better at the end. I'm surprised that this series got renewed because I don't know what story they can tell or if they can tell any story judging how this season ended.    


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Black Lightning Review

Black Lightning Review 


Intro: If I had a list of comic book characters with the worse disguise Black Lightning would be on it.  

Black Lightning Review: This show is centered on Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning who quit being Black Lightning nine years ago do to a promise he made to someone. Since then he helps his community by being a principal at a school and other things. Things has gotten worst since a gang called the 100 showed up, so Jefferson decides to become Black Lightning again and stop them. 

This series is better then any of the Fantastic Four movies we have gotten, that's saying a lot. This show is refreshing considering How Arrow and the Flash are doing. Really I'm just happy that we have another Black superhero show on TV, do I really have to explain why I'm happy about this? The pilot episode feels like it's trying too hard to appeal to Black People, I mean it's feel heavy handed. Despite thinking having the ability to control lighting is lame I'm fond of how Black Lighting is able to use it in different ways. 

I like Jefferson/Black Lighting because he try's to better his community the right way and I feel his pain when he thinks that it all for nothing or when he's a victim of racism. My Beef with him is that we learn that he has an agenda that damage his credibility with me.  

If Eric Killmonger from Black Panther had a sister you would get Anissa Pierce/Thunder. She's Jefferson's older daughter. I like the relationship between her and her father.     

Jennifer Pierce is Jefferson's youngest daughter, she and promising student who gets into trouble. That's understandable considering that her family is overbearing. 

 I don't have much to say about Christine Adams(Jefferson's ex wife.) She didn't become useful until the last two episodes. 

Peter Gambi is Jefferson's mentor, he helps Jefferson on the field and proved tech support. We also learn that he's an enigma. 

Inspector Henderson is the James Gordon of this series. 

One of the many problems I have with this show is the Villains, I mean it's hard to tell who the main villain is in this series. Also they bought back a character that died for nothing, this person served no purpose in this show so what was the point of bringing him or her back? One of the reasons why I think having lightning powers is lame is because you can protect yourself from it by covering yourself up in plastic or rubber. 

I'm surprise that no one from the 100 has done this. Another thing whenever Black Lightning use his power to lift someone off he ground that person is not dead or burnt, how does that work? Another issues with this series is that it feels rushed, it tried to tell three stories and all of the are not resolved. Jefferson's backstory is kind of all over the place, we get bites and pieces but not enough to fill in the blanks.  

Overall this is an OK show I hope it gets renew so the writers can work out all the problems in season one.    

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My MCU rant

My MCU rant 


Since Infinity War is around the corner and it's almost ten years since the MCU started I decide to give my thoughts on it. I'm impresses that this franchise is still going on, however I think it gets too much credit for having different characters from different movies come together. Did people forget about Freddy vs Jason or Alien vs Predator? Despite that this hasn't been done before on a scale like this. I feel like I'm watching Marvel comics on the big screen.

One of the reasons why I'm surprised by the success of the MCU is because Marvel studios is doing the same thing as the other movie studios, as far as the studios not letting the directors be creative with there movies. I'll explain why this is an issue for me later. 

The MCU might not exist if people played this game, this game can help the general public be familiar with the Marvel world. 


Then again the Justice League movie didn't have world building and look at how that movie turn out. ( That's what WB gets for kissing Batman's butt so much, I mean ignoring the other DC characters. I want a Blue Beetle or Booster Gold series on Netflix.) Don't get me wrong I'm not against what Marvel Studios is doing it's just that I don't like how they use their solo films to set things up, I mean they set up things when they don't need to and they don't set up things when they should. For example Iron Man 2 that movie was use to advertise The Avengers movie and no one can tell me otherwise, the way it was done neglects the non comic book readers. I wish that they would take notes from how Arrow  build it's universe in season two, whenever that show brings a comic book character in that season they're use for the episode he or she is in or they serve a purpose in the overall story.

In case you haven't notice the standalone movies are one of the problems I have with the MCU, most of them feel the same as far as quality. They don't do anything edgy with these movies, I mean we had two brief sex scenes in Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Plus a hand full of intense action scenes in the other films. This is why I consider Captain American Winter Soldier and Thor  the best MCU films. Captain American Winter Soldier is a solid spy thriller, the movie doesn't feel like it's setting anything up. Also it affect the rest of the MCU. Thor is a family drama story. Yes! it has world building however it didn't distract me from the story. Most of the MCU movies are about the heroes origin, personal issues, set up and the main villain looking for an object that will give him or her power.

Since were on the subject of villains the MCU didn't produce villains that are memorable for the most part. Some of the villains would have been better if they were like their comic book counterparts. ( Cough The Mandarin cough.) It's time to address the elephant in the room and that's the comedy. The comedy in these movies are overblown to the point where it ruins certain scenes, the tone or the overall movie. Thor Ragnarok is a prime example of that. OK I can see why they would do that because it's unexpected, however it feel like a cheap way to get us to laugh. I'm surprised that they didn't use the break the forth wall type of comedy with setting up the Marvel universe.          

This reinforce why I'm not happy about Marvel Studios getting the rights to the rest of the Marvel characters, because I would like some variety. Despite not being crazy about the
New Mutants movie being a horror film I was mad that they change that to make the movie family friendly, because we haven't seen a comic book horror film yet unless you count the Blade trilogy. We might not have this problem if Marvel Studios let the Directors have there way with their movies.       

There has been stories of directors leaving or being fired from Marvel Studios because they don't like how this studio undermines them. Heck even actor or actress has gripes with this studio. 


The standalone films are also similar to each other, don't believe me answer these questions. What's the differences between the first Avengers movie and the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie? What's the differences between Black Panther and the first Thor movie? You don't really need to watch these movies to watch the Avengers films. Yes! They reference events that happen in the solo films however they don't play a role in the overall story in the Avengers movies for the most part. For example 
Captain American Civil War is going to feel like filler because we know or suspect that Tony and Steve will call a truces to deal with Thanos in Infinity War. As far as I know Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy are the only characters that became popular do to the standalone movies.  

Do I really have to explain why this studio announce that more movies will be release years in advance bugs me? First of all they're spoiling their fan base. Have they ever heard of the saying less is more? If they keep going at this rate people might get sick of superhero/comic book movies. Second it takes away the surprise in watching these films, I mean what's the point in watching an Captain American movie if I know he's going to be in the Avengers safe and sound?    

The only time they played with my expectations is in the second wave of marvel films. For example after seeing how Iron Man 3 and Captain American Winter Soldier ended I though Tony was going to rebuild S.H.I.L.E.D and run it, that was in the comics plus Tony became obsess with protecting earth from another alien invasion. Also I though Thanos was going to be the main villain in the second Avengers movie because A they showed him in Guardians of the Galaxy. B they set up the Infinity stones. 

Am I the only one annoyed that the Hulk is not getting any more standalone movies? The Hulk is an interesting character and they finally did something fascinating with this character in Thor Ragnarok and they're not going to capitalize on it. So the Fantastic four gets four movies but you're not going to give the Hulk a third chance. What gives!?!  

Before I rap this up I want to take about Infinity War, I don't think that this will be a good movie. First of all too many characters. Second how will Thanos stand out the way Loki and Killmonger did? He's just like most of the forgettable villains as far as wanting a macguffin that'll give him the power to destroy everything. How much of a treat is Thanos without the infinity stones? This studio didn't do a good job at building him up they just have him appear in some of the films like he's a big deal, I'm going to be outrage if he isn't. third this is one movie it's suppose to be split in two, if they did that it would reinforce how dangerous he is. Finally killing off characters, if anyone dies in this movie it's hard for me to take it seriously because this studio don't seem to have the guts to kill someone and keep that person dead.      

The MCU would have been better if they borrowed more elements from the comics for example the infinity stone in the comics can do different things. In the movies they're use for destruction. There is a story in the comics where Thanos killed Odin ( Thor's father.) to get the infinity glove. If they did that in the MCU we would  have a personal conflict on how to deal with Thanos since one of the Guardians is a family member of Thanos. That all I have to say about the MCU for now.        

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Power Rangers mystic force review

Power Rangers mystic force review

Intro: I don't understand why fans say this is the Harry Potter of Power Rangers, this series reminds me of Lord of the Rings.

Power Rangers Mystic Force:





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My Black Panther review

My Black Panther review 


Intro: I must be in the Twilight Zone that's the only explanation to why people are praising this movie. I'm sorry I'm getting ahead of myself. This was one of my most anticipated movies of this year. That's saying a lot considering that this character didn't make the best impression on me in Civil War. It's refreshing to see a Black lead that isn't a criminal, fruity, a token Black character, stupid and spineless with women. Not only is Black Panther a superhero he's a King, I haven't seen a Black man as a King in cinema since Coming to American.  

I know we had Black Superhero movies before, however they feel more like comedies then action/adventure films. ( With the exception of Blade.) Also does anyone find those films memorable? 

I was surprised that a lot of people want to see this movie. ( Do I really have to explain why?) However I was disappointed that a bunch of them didn't dress up as the character or have any of the merchandise at the theater where I saw the movie. Enough of that let's get into what I think of the movie.     

Black Panther: This movie takes place literally a week after Civil War T'Challa/Black Panther has to adjust to his life as the King of Wakanda. Meanwhile there are outsiders that wants Wakanada's resources or the throne, so T'Challa has to stop them before things get out of hand.    
This is one of those movies that I don't think it live up to the hype, don't get me wrong I enjoyed this movie however it didn't break any new grounds in the superhero genre like The Dark Knight and Winter Solider did. The same thing goes for the should someone in a position of power help those in there time of need message, I don't think that's a bad massage however it could have work if more people in the movie was vocal about it. I like that this movie isn't plagued by too much set up and comedy like the other MCU films.      

I don't have much to say about T'Challa/Black Panther, he seems like a stand up guy that wants to do right by his people. Also he might remind the audiences of someone the general public don't like, I'm not going to say the person's name because I don't want to scare anyone away from watching this movie. he's unsure that his ready to be King despite the fact that he earn that right. My beef with this character is that he contradicted himself about how he want to run Wakanada and how he react to what he learned about his father.     

There isn't a lot to say about the other supporting characters. 

Shuri (T'Challa's sister) is the brains of Wakanda, she build the technology for Wakanada. It's hard for me to believe that she's smart enough to build new tech with no assistants. 

Ramonda ( T'Challa mother) is just in the movie tell her son how proud she is of him. 

Nakia ( T'challa's love interest) is in the movie for T'Challa to have a shoulder to cry on. Seriously? What the point of her being in the movie if they're not going to get in on, I mean promote Black Love?  

Okoye is T'Challa's bodyguard and a General of a Wakanada Army. I'm stunned that she has a Husband I'm not just saying that because she can be scary it's because I though men being turned off by women with short or no hair was universal.      
I can see why people think Erik Killmonger is a good villain because it hard to see him as a villain. He reminds me of Magneto from X-Men. I wish he had his own identity in the movie, you'll see what I mean when you watch this movie. he wouldn't have been sympathetic if he didn't carry himself in a demanding demeanor, also if we had more context to how he got from point A to point B.     

one of my many grievances with this movie is that it lacks focus on T'Challa as King, this issue might have been fixed if we didn't have the subplot of him hunting a man that wrong him and his people years ago. There are plot holes around the customs of Wakanada and how certain characters know things. The feminist vides at the end of this movie bugs me. The Hero and Villain dynamic feels rushed. I wish this film would at least setup Infinity Wars, since that movie is coming out soon and so far there has been no set up for it. 

Overall this is a solid film it could have been a lot better if it was split into two movies. I hope we get more movies like this. 

Rating = Average         

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my rant about movies based on 911

my rant about movies based on 911 

Intro: Consider this a follow up to my rant about movies based on real people and events. 

I don't know about you but I'm sick and tired of all these movies center on 911, or being reminded of 911 period. Am I the only that thinks Hollywood is trivializing 911? what about the people who was at ground zero, do you think they like being reminded of that? This makes me sick! why am I being reminded of something that isn’t a big deal as far as it changes things, what has change!?! The only change I notice is the Homeland Security is on steroids when it comes to security, people are afraid to go on planes or have xenophobia. If that’s not true then tell me would welcome foreigners with open arms?

So how can we make a big deal about 911 when we still mistreat each other? If that’s not true then why do we have Black Lives matter idiot, mass shooting and violent protects? This is why I'm not bothered by kids killing each other in school because they need to learn to not start something they can't finish. If you start trouble with anyone that tells me your ready to die. It seems like you like getting a violent reaction from people so why is 911 a problem? 

I’m not saying mistreating someone is a good reason to shoot, assault or kill someone however you don’t get to complain about it if you’re not willing to go the extra mile to prevent it from happening. I’m not saying we all should be friends however show some common courtesy that can go a long way with me. 

911 didn't affect me at all I mean I wasn't afraid to go on a plane it's not like planes clash four times a year. ( If I'm wrong about that I stand corrected.) Ordeals are a part of life I'm not going to stop living because of this, who say life is fair? If people are over 911 then why can't we joke about bombs? Isn't the purpose of comedy is to make light of a bad situation? 

Also I don't know the whole story behind 911. When I saw the twin towers fall I wanted to laugh I though I was watching an action film. Did anyone find it suspicious that the towers fell apart perfectly at the same time? Don't get me started on former President Bush's reaction to this. OK I'm understand why he react that way I mean it already happen his not a police officer or a fireman what can he do? Now if no Police or firemen showed up at ground zero then I understand why people would be upset with him.

My point is making a big deal out of any tragedy event doesn’t mean anything if we don’t better ourselves as people.