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Arrow season five review

Arrow season five review 


Intro: After two bad seasons and removing two key characters in the Green Arrow mythos I didn't have high hopes for this season. Why am I still watching this show is because sometimes I'm a three strike person consider this Arrow's third chance plus I have a love hate relationship with this show. Also this is the last season for the flashbacks I'm curious to see how this will rip up. Side note I wish this series would have ended on this season because I don't want this show to surfer the same fate as Smallville, as far as over staying it welcome. With all that being said did season five recover or did this show continue to go down the toilet let's find out.   

Arrow season five: This season takes place a few mouths after Oliver become the Mayor of Star City, so he's being the Mayor and Green Arrow at the same time. One day Green Arrow meets one of the amateur vigilantes that he inspired and see that he's rough around the edges. Worry that they will cause more harm them good he decides to take them under his wing. Meanwhile an archer called Prometheus who has a grudge with Green Arrow and gives him grief so Green Arrow has to stop him before things get out of hand.    

This season wash the bad taste out of my mouth that is seasons 3 and 4 however there are things that keep this season from being better. This is the story they should have told after season two, the story of Oliver dealing with the collateral damage he cause in season one. I like that Prometheus doesn't want to destroy or take over the city. The flashbacks this season are fine. The flashbacks deals with how Oliver got involved with the Bratva and him becoming what he was in season one. The problems I have with it is that it created a plot hole for season one and the solution to Oliver's problem he had since the season 3 flashbacks makes him look stupid.       

I can see why people like the main villain Prometheus, he challenges Green Arrow both physically and mentally. he reminds me of The dark knight Joker, you'll see what I mean when you watch this season. The mystery of who he is was handled better then the mysteries in the previous two seasons. The problem I have with him is that this show failed to make him a sympathetic, I can't get into details without spoiling anything. I wish that he and Green Arrow didn't fight each other so often because that takes away the build up for there showdown in the last episode. This was the same problem I had with the previous season.  Also I wish the mystery of figuring out who Prometheus is would have dragged out. This seasons crossover episode reminds me of Superman's for the man who has everything comic book.     

After seeing the lack of a role Quentin Lance have this season it made me wish he should have been the one who die in season four. That would have made sense because he would die trying to stop Damien darkh's plan, that would be his way of redeeming himself for working for him. 

Since Thea quit being Speedy at the end of season four she doesn't have much to do this season. Well they kind of did something with her character but that went no where. 

Besides learning how to live with what he did in season four Diggle didn't have much to do this season. The subplot with him feels like filler.  

Wild Dog (one of the new members of team arrow) is like Roy but worst.

Felicity is still annoying, don't worry it's not as bad as the past two seasons. What annoys me about her is that she got away with murder and Oliver is letting it happen. In season four Felicity send a nuke to Havenrock, I know she didn't have a choice however when you do something wrong and regret it you answer for it. That didn't happen in this season. She didn't think about that until she learned that one of the new members of team Arrow is from Havenrock and she had the nerve to tell him that she was the one who killed his family. She didn't do that to give him closure she did that to make herself feel better. Side note I'm surprised that Prometheus didn't use this against her or have the Havenrock member turn against team Arrow.    

Something tragic happen to Felicity this season that cause her to go A-wall on team Arrow. The problem I have with this is that Oliver doesn't put his foot down with her or kick her off the team.  I mean he did this with everyone else but her. Another problem I have with this is that team Arrow are being hypocrites about the situation, I mean why do they have a problem with Felicity getting her hands dirty when they do it all the time? Y'all are not a bunch of humanitarians!  

Here are the problems I have with this season, one of them is the new team members. There is no reason for Oliver to make them apart of his crusade because Oliver is not having problems with fighting crime on his own. It would make sense if being the Mayor was taking up a lot of his time but that's not the case. Even if that was the case that would be a problem, what's the point of watching this show if Oliver is barely Green Arrow? This is why they should have saved the Oliver running for Mayor story for the final season. 

The reason why I'm bothered by Oliver training the new team members is because they are comic book characters. I'm tired of seeing him train or schooling other comic book characters, I would like to see them stand on there own. Plus Team Arrow has too many member, I'm glad they got rid of some of the members. Why didn't this show remove Curtis/Mr. Terrific? The purpose he serve in season four was to give us the idea that Felicity will die in that season. In this season he's not as smart as felicity so what's the point of having him?     

Another problem is some of the episodes. The first two episodes after episode 9 will make you mad. This show did a PSA episode on gun control. I don't understand why people are upset over this episode what's the point of Oliver being Mayor if we don't have episodes of him deal with these issues? The problem I have with this episode is that it feels heavy handed. Also I don't think that was the right issue to address considering two member of team Arrow use guns. In the flashback centered episode Oliver revealed something about himself. The problem I have with it is I'm having a hard time buying the reveal and it went nowhere. There is an episode where Oliver and Felicity try to reconcile, do I really have to comment on that episode? I was annoyed with what happen in the final episode because it seems like they did that to get a cheap reaction from the viewers. Also this episode feels rushed.

Oliver/the Green Arrow is another problem with this season. He's the reason why Prometheus exist and he doesn't feel terrible about it, not in the way he did with Slade or any other villain he face. The writers tried to give him an arc about forgiving himself for the damage he cause but his attitude ruins it for me.

Despite all the problems this season have this is a fine season. It makes me wonder what will they do next?    




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The Flash season three review

The Flash season three review 


Intro: So the only change that Flash point made on Arrow is changing the gender of Diggle's child. Really CW? Out of all the mistakes you made on Arrow that you could have fix with Flash point you chose to erase Diggle's daughter. 

The Flash season three: This season took place a few mouths after Barry when back in time to save his mother and created an alternate time line called Flash point. Flash point is basically Barry's fantasy, well that fantasy turn into a nightmare when the time line starts to fall apart. So Barry has to turn everything back the way it was in order to save it. He did restore the timeline with a few miner changes. Barry has to learn how to adjust to the changes and deal with a mysterious figure that is trying to bring back Flash point. 

This is a solid season. I like that Barry has to deal with consequences for his choices. The way this season ended got me interested in seeing with direction this show will go in season 4. I also like this season's Harrison Wells, sorry I can't explain why without spoiling anything. However I'm annoyed with how team Flash treats him, why didn't they treat Joe like this? I was outraged with what he had to do to earn there respect, I know respect is earned however if this is what you have to do to earn it from your peers then you're better off alone. I like how they made the main villains sympathetic, I wish season 5 of Arrow would have done the same thing but I'm getting a head of myself. The characters are all the same for the most part.   

The problems I have with this season is the main villain is another speedster, this undermines the intro to this show. How can Barry Allen be the fastest man alive if there's someone else faster then him!?! Please no more speedsters as the main villain! Another problem is Barry Allen/The Flash has made himself unlikable. I didn't feel sorry for the problem he had this season because he broth that on himself, plus it seems like he learned nothing from creating Flash point. I'm surprised that his friends and family didn't put him in the dog house for all the damage he cause them, I'm not saying that they should stay mad at him through out the season however they shouldn't be so quick to forgive him. This was another problem I had with Arrow season 4 Diggle was the only one who was mad at Oliver for betraying him. Finally the plot holes, there are plot holes with the rules of time travel, the main villain, the main villain's plan and how a member of team Flash has superpowers.             

Overall this is a good season and I'm looking forward to season 4. 

P.S. I don't like The Flash's partner's code name, I know it's in the comic but I still don't like it. 

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My Power Rangers Movie review

My Power Rangers movie review 

Intro: When I first learned about this reboot a part of me was excited, because I've been waiting for this series to get a face lift for years. On the other hand I didn't have high hopes for this movie. I'm not just saying that because I wasn't happy with the design changes they made from the original show. ( Personally I don't think that was a smart move marketing wise. If the fan base don't like these changes what makes them think the merchandise will sell?)  

     (Hello Bug eyes ) 

Or because most of these movies based on kids shows are bad. 

I'm saying this because since Saban got the rights back to this franchise seven years ago they haven't made a good series since. ( Well Dino Charge/Super Charge was OK regardless of the last episode.)  

Look at how they revised the original show, if this is not a red flag I don't know what is. 


With all that being said are my instinct right about this movie or did this movie surprise me? Let's find out. 

Power Rangers movie: This movie is about five teens, they find mysterious coins that have and gives them special abilities. After realizing this they go back to the place where they found the coins to investigate what's happening to them. The group get more then what they bargain for when they find a space ship and learn that there city is in danger from an alien threat. In order to stop this threat the teens have to master there powers and learn how to work together.

This movie put a smile on my face! This movie gave me the things I wanted to see, like a backstory for Rita and Zordon, the group of kids not being friends at first,  the group earning the right to be  Power Rangers and humor at the zords expense. There are moments where this movie reminds me of the first episode of Mighty Morphing and other Power Rangers series. I like how civilian powers are handle in this movie more then I did in the Power Rangers series. The problem I had with the series use of civilian power ( besides the fact that it undermines the morphing powers and sometimes there more advance then the morphing powers.) is that it feels separate from there morphing powers, that's not the case in this movie, the civilian powers in this movie is an extension of there morphing powers.    

I like this movie’s version of Jason/the red ranger, because you get a leader vibe from him. The problem I have with him is that I don’t know why he did what he did that cause him to be in detention. Not only that there's a line he keeps saying over and over again in the movie, that can drive someone nuts. I know they're trying to make that a famous line however in order for it to work you have to use it at the right moment. I'm surprise that no one complain about how often that line was used instead of the produce placement in this movie. Oops!  

 Trini/the yellow ranger is the reserved one of the group. I’m not crazy about  the other thing this movie has done with her. I’m not saying that because I hate this group of people I’m saying this because I’m tired of writers changing the race or sex of already establish characters. If you want more fictional characters of a different race or sexual orientation make up your own please and thank you.

Billy/the Blue ranger is the brains and heart of the group. I’m not sure about how I feel about the other change they made with this character. I shouldn’t have a problem with it because we had a Power Rangers series where two rangers act like kids and another series where a caveman is a ranger. The only complain I have with him is that he can be annoying, I mean Felicity from Arrow kind of annoying before season 3. 

Zack/the Black ranger is the goofball of the group. That’s fine because he was kind of like that in the original show. What bugs me about this character is that he has the same problem I had with Sandman from Spider-man 3, you'll see what I mean when you watch the movie.    

Kimberly/the Pink ranger is lovely as always despite the fact that she's mean and self centered. I have a problem with her being upset for why she ended up in detention, I mean it made no sense. Also I was letdown that this movie didn't explore an aspect of this character from the show.  

I like what this movie done with Alpha 5, he’s less obnoxious in this movie then he was in the show. Also there are moments where he feels like a mentor to the rangers. 

Speaking of mentors this Zordon is Cranky, he's bossy and demanding of the teens instead of guiding them or boosting there morale. He does try to help however he seems impatient. In spite of that I like what this movie had done with him. 

I’m impress with what this movie has done with the villain Rita, she did things that she never done in the original show like grunt work and interaction with the rangers. The problem I have with her besides her being inconsistent it’s that she makes my little head talk! She’s a villain I’m suppose to be disgusted by her not turned on, that’s Kimberly’s job. Also I'm frustrated that this movie didn't have her use one of her signature lines, I mean there was a moment in the movie where she could have use that line but the movie didn't take advantage of that moment.     

The problems I have with this movie is that Jason is the only one that has his signature weapon, that's a problem because this feels like a cheap way to make him popular. The movie putties are almost as bad as Lord Zedd's putties from the show. What’s the point of having the movie putties be made out of concrete if they can fall apart with one hit? I’m annoyed with what this movie has done with Goldar, he should have been replaced with Cyclopsis if they were going to do what they did with this character. The fight between Goldar and the Megazord was lame, watching two elderly people fight is better then this. Plus I'm irritated that the zords can do the same thing because the zords had different abilities in the show. Finally the plot holes, sorry I can’t address them without spoiling the movie.

Overall I enjoyed this movie I would recommend this to both fans and non fans. If you like The Avengers you'll like this movie. 

Rating = Worth seeing 

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Arrow season four review

Arrow Season four review 

Intro: CW what's the point of giving this Green Arrow the title Green Arrow if you're still going to rips off Batman? Not only that you stole Magneto's Helmet! 

Arrow season four: This season takes place six mouth After team Arrow stopped Ra's al ghul and Oliver and Felicity took off in some city making the Olicity fans happy. Meanwhile team Arrow is having a hard time protecting Star City from a group called ghost that is leaded by Damien Darhk. So team Arrow went out to find Oliver and Felicity and ask them to come back to Star City to help them stop this new threat. 

This season failed to aim higher, no pun intended. This season did a few things different like introduce us to the main villain in the first episode, we don't have a flashback centered episode ( That annoyed me.) we learn that a character is working for Damien Darhk and another character is going to die in the first episode. I want to talk about that this show did a good job at keeping us guessing who's going to die, it looks like they learned something from season three. When you learn who dies your going to be surprised, not in a good way. I shouldn't have been that surprised by the death of this character because this was foreshadowed. 

We finale learn who Felicity's father is and the reveal is underwhelming, I thought it was going to be a well known character from the comics unless this person is underrated. Speaking of Felicity it looks like she picked up laurel's bad habit's I mean she was annoying last and she's annoying this season. 

I'm happy to say that Laurel/the Balck Canary is likable this season, she's the heart of the team. 

Thea/speedy fills in Roy's role. Her subplot serves no purpose.  

The Diggle subplot got resolved this season I don't like how it got resolved all it did is add more drama and that drama might continue in the next season. The one good thing about it is that we see a side of Diggle that we haven't seen before. 

This season tried to make hope and having dark side a theme this season but they didn't do a good job at it, you have to do more then have people say the word hope over and over again. As far as the dark side theme it wasn't handled well either. Some of the fight scenes are a joke especially in the final episode. The flashbacks was OK it was similar to season two's flashbacks but lame. In the flashbacks Oliver is helping the same agency from the previous season to investigate a group of people on the island he was stranded on. The problem I have with it is that it starts to drag, towers the end of the season, the flashbacks got shorter and shorter. Also Oliver didn't learn anything in the flashbacks. 

The problem I have with this show is giving the main character the title Green Arrow what's the point of doing that if you're not going to make him like his comic book counterpart or adapt any of the Green Arrow stories? Well they did adapt the story of Oliver running for Mayor. I wish they would have saved that for the finale season. Oliver even talks about doing things differently what did he mean by that he was doing the same thing for the past three seasons. This wouldn't have bothered me if the CW didn't say that they were going to make this show more light heated, this is why I don't like to keep tabs on shows and movie. 

Because they don't always follow through with what they planned 


I annoyed that team Arrow didn't have a problem with asking Oliver to help them after everything that happen in the previous season. Like I said before this show still ripping off Batman. Heck they even ripped off a scene from the dark knight rises. That's another thing that bothered me about this season I thought they were doing a No man's land story because in the beginning of this season people talk about no one wants to live in Star city and the city is losing money. That plot point got drop later on. 

Also there are some dumb moments with the characters in this show. Another problem I have with this season is Damien Darhk, in season three we learn that he was Ra's al ghul rival is this a joke!?! Damien Darhk is nothing without his magic when he does fight he gets beat up, how is he Ra's rival and why didn't Ra's mentioned that his into magic? When we learned what Damien Darhk's plan is it annoyed me because they could have used it to make him interesting if he didn't carry himself like a villain, plus this season tired to make hope a theme. Bottom line is this season wasn't a good season. The ending got me interested in seeing where the show is going to go from here, despite the fact that it rub fans the wrong way.  

P.S. I'm sorry I forgot to mention the crossover episodes they were better then the first ones despite the fact that the story is kind of weak and it service as a set up for Legends of Tomorrow, so did the other episodes before the crossover.     

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The Flash Season two review

The Flash Season two review 

Intro: Can I make a suggestion CW? Please don't let the main villain for season three be a speedster. 

The Flash season two: This season takes place six mouths after Barry/The Flash closed that giant hole in the sky, but he didn't realize that the hole opened the door to other different versions of earths. Also it broth us more meta humans and our main villain called Zoom, so Barry has to stop Zoom, the Meta humans and put them back where they belong. 

This season is OK it feels like the writers were playing it safe and it feels like they didn't know how to end this season. The reason I said that is because they borrowed elements from the first season, also this season feels like it has three different ending. Season four of Arrow did the same thing as far as borrow elements from season two. I like that this season is embracing the comic book stuff. ( I wish Arrow would have done that instead of catering to the Olicity fans.) This season continue the theme of moving on with your life, however they undermine that theme in the last episode. 

The problem I have with this season is the plot holes involving Zoom, the different earths and other characters, time travel. Another problem I have with this season is Zoom, he's the reason why this season feels like it has three different endings. To be fair Barry played a role in that too. The problem I have with Zoom is we don't know what his plan is until the last episode, it feels like a last minute thing. That sad because Zoom started to become interesting when he starts to manipulate Barry/ The Flash, if the writers continue to have Zoom do this season would have ended differently. Barry/ the Flash is my next problem his ARC this season was about him letting go of the past and moving on with his life. But he did something at the end of this season to undermine that ARC. I will give you a clue to what he did it involves fan service. Despite this season not being as good as season one and the new elements to season brings this season was fine I would recommend this if you're a comic book fan.       

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The Flash season one review

The Flash season one review 


Intro: So we have another Superhero with a tragic back story but he isn't a brute, what are the odds? When I first learned that CW was going to make a Flash TV show I had mixed feeling about it. On one hand I was excited because they have a chance to make The Flash relevant outside the comics. Despite the fact that this character had a live action TV show over twenty years ago the general public are not familiar with him, I mean there not as familiar with this character as they with Batman and Superman. With the Justice League movie coming out they have a chance to expose these characters on the small screen instead of us having to wait three or four years for the movies to come out. On the other hand I was worried about this show because the creators of Arrow are also the creators of this show, doing a show like Arrow is hard enough I'm worried that they are biting off more them they can crew. After seeing how season three of Arrow turned out my fears were justified.   

The Flash season one: This show centers on Barry Allen/The Flash who is a forensic investigator for the Central City Police Department. Barry is basically DC's version Of Peter Parker, I would like him more if he had a backbone when it comes to women but I digest. One day he gets Super speed after being stuck by lighting from an explosion from S.T.A.R lads, that explosion also created metahumans that use or misuse there powers. With the help of S.T.A.R. lads Barry decides to stop the metahumans. 

This show may sound simple but it's not, things get interesting after we learn about one of the characters name Dr. Wells from S.T.A.R. lads. Dr. Wells is an enigma at first but as the episodes goes on we learn more about him. You can tell that the creators of Arrow are behind this show, I mean both shows has similar intros, same number of episode per season and the public gave the Flash nicknames. OK it wasn't as bad as Arrow they only give flash two nicknames they are the streak and the blur. Wait the blur is that a Smallville reference? The pilot episode is OK, I wish they would have make jokes about Barry learning how to control his power in the pilot but that would be too cliche. I don't like any of the crossover episodes, the fight between Flash and Arrow was contrived. 

There is one villain that stood out to me and that's captain cold, I mean whenever captain cold and the Flash face each other captain cold gives him so much grief. He should have been the main villain, heck he should have been the villain to stop in the Arrow and Flash crossover episodes. Speaking of villains then main villain this season is the reverse Flash it's hard from me to consider him a villain because he doesn't want what villains want, well he does want one thing but that's not his main objective. Also I like the way he manipulate everyone, well almost everyone. The problems I have with this show is the reverse flash's plan has flaws, plot holes and the shows theme. the theme of this season is moving on, someone in this how have lose someone or something and they have to learn how to move on, the way this show handle that theme is a hit and miss. Overall this is good season and I glad that it's getting another season. I would recommend this if you like mysteries.      

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Arrow Season Three review

Arrow Season Three review 

Intro: I want to thank the feminine I mean the Olicity fans for ruining this season. This is my problem with feminism it invading our personal space, ladies this is a guy show. I don't have a problem with women wanting to watch this show, however we shouldn't have to change things to cater to women. This is no different if men start watching soap operas and they complain that there's no action in it, so they put action in soap opera just to cater to men. If you want to watch two people talk about how much they love each other watch a Jennifer Aniston movie, leave Arrow out of it. 

Arrow Season Three: This season takes place five mouths after Team Arrow stopped Slade Wlison/ Deathstroke and his army from destroying Starling City and things have gotten better since then. I mean crime has dropped to the point where Oliver is considering having a life outside of being the Arrow, well that dream got ruined when one of the characters is murder. So Team Arrow have to figure out who did it plus deal with the complications surrounding this character's death. 

Man O man this season was a mass. I'm not that angry because the creators of this show was also working on The Flash, now that's not a good reason for how this season turn out, however I knew they were biting off more then they can crew. The problem with this season is the writing, I mean in order for this season to justify itself the writers have to make the characters stupid. The killer and Ra's al ghuls plans makes no sense. Team Arrow trying to figure out who killed there friend wasn't a good mystery because A there wasn't a lot of suspects, and B the mystery only had red herring. The mystery in the Flash was better then this, but I digress. 

Another problem is the plot holes for example at the end of season two Oliver is broke and he's still broke but we see him travel in some episodes, what is he doing for money? In case you didn't know I have a love - hate relationship with this show, I mean this show keeps doing things to make me not want to watch it and this season was no exception. Here are the three things this season did, one episode 9 play with my emotions and insult my intelligence, two we lost three other characters this season and were about to lose another one finally they are playing the hokey pokey with the world this show set up. This show is part of a world that has superpowers and super natural elements in it but they still want to keep the realistic tone are you kidding me?    

I want to talk about the romance between Oliver and Felicity this bugs me. No! it's not because I'm anti-romantic which I'm not it because this romance came out of nowhere with no build up. WOW! Just like Bruce and Natasha in Avengers Age of Ultron. The reason they are doing this is because the creators of this show are wimps, I mean they saw pictures and videos from Olicity fans wanting them to be together. Plus they didn't like Laurel, the love interest Oliver was suppose to be with, don't worry I'll talk about her later. Look I don't mind the idea of Oliver and Felicity dating, however I don't like that the writers are dragging out this romance by making it an on again off again relationship. Whenever these two are together this is what I hear.  

Oliver: I love you. 

Felicity: Me too. 

Oliver: But we can't be together. 

Felicity: I agree. 

Oliver: I can't live without you. 

Felicity: I want your Bod. 

Let's talk about the characters. 

I have good news and bad news about Laurel. Good news is that she's useful this season, the bad news is she does things that makes her unlikable. Come on guys this is the third season and y'all still can't make Laurel likable, I bet the fan wish she had died instead of Tommy. 

I don't like the idea of Diggle having a child because it turns him into a Mr. mom, plus his subplot wasn't resolved or continued in this season. This also created conflicted between Oliver and him about should Diggle still be a part of his crusade now that he's a father? 

I was annoyed with what the writers have done with Thea, I mean they set her up to serve a purpose but she didn't become useful until the end of the season. 

Roy/Arsenal is now Oliver/The Arrow's partner in crime. The subplot with him was pointless. 

Quentin Lance is this shows version of James Gordon now that he's captain of the Police department. Wait! How did that happen? I mean how did he go from detective to captain in a few mouth that's a big leap.  

Felicity is annoying this season, besides doing what she does best all she does is complain.  

I like how Ra's al ghul is presented in this season, however I don't like what was done with him. I always saw Ra's al ghuls as a mobster of ninja that's how this show portrayed him. Sidenote Bruce/Batman is out of his mind to cross a guy like Ra's, I don't care who you are you must have a death wish if you want to mass with someone who has an army of assassins. Also there's two moment where Ra's is intimidating, one of them is a scene where his killing eight assassins by himself. I would have been impressed if he did it unarmed but I digress. 

As far as the flashbacks goes I was outraged that Oliver didn't spend the whole five years on the island. I was hoping this show would borrow elements for the show Lost. People were already comparing this to Lost plus this show borrow Batman stories and villains. The Flashbacks are about Oliver helping a Government agency in Hong Kong. The problem I have with the flashbacks ( besides the story being contrived.) is the way most of them connected to what's going on in the present, it feels convenient. Also the lessons he learn in those flashbacks contradict what he had learned before. 

OK here are the things I liked about this season. I like that it started off with a mystery, I like the relationship between Roy and Oliver, they kind of have a big brother little brother relationship. I like the crossover episode the Brave and the Bold, in fact that's the only crossover episode I like. I like how this show continues the theme of family, they tried to make identity a theme it didn't work, and I like how Ra's manipulate Oliver into joining him. 

Bottom line is this is bad season. The way this season ended feels like a series finale, the reason I said that is because almost everyone has a happy ending. This wouldn't have bothered me if this was the series finale. Now I'm really worried about season four.