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My MCU rant

My MCU rant 


Since Infinity War is around the corner and it's almost ten years since the MCU started I decide to give my thoughts on it. I'm impresses that this franchise is still going on, however I think it gets too much credit for having different characters from different movies come together. Did people forget about Freddy vs Jason or Alien vs Predator? Despite that this hasn't been done before on a scale like this. I feel like I'm watching Marvel comics on the big screen.

One of the reasons why I'm surprised by the success of the MCU is because Marvel studios is doing the same thing as the other movie studios, as far as the studios not letting the directors be creative with there movies. I'll explain why this is an issue for me later. 

The MCU might not exist if people played this game, this game can help the general public be familiar with the Marvel world. 


Then again the Justice League movie didn't have world building and look at how that movie turn out. ( That's what WB gets for kissing Batman's butt so much, I mean ignoring the other DC characters. I want a Blue Beetle or Booster Gold series on Netflix.) Don't get me wrong I'm not against what Marvel Studios are doing it's just that I don't like how they use their solo films to set things up, I mean they set up things when they don't need to and they don't set up things when they should. For example Iron Man 2 that movie was use to advertise The Avengers movie and no one can tell me otherwise, the way it was done neglects the non comic book readers. I wish that they would take notes from how Arrow season two build it's universe, whenever that show bring a comic book character in that season they're use for the episode he or she is in or they serve a purpose in the overall story.

In case you haven't notice the standalone movies are one of the problems I have with the MCU, they all feel the same as far a quality. They don't do anything edgy with these movies, I mean we had one brief sex scene in Iron Man and a hand full of intense action scenes in the other films. This is why I think Winter Soldier and Thor are the best MCU films. Winter Soldier is a solid spy thriller, the movie doesn't feel like it's setting anything up. Also it affect the rest of the MCU. Thor was a family drama story. Yes! it has world building however it didn't distract me from the story. Most of the MCU movies are about the heroes origin, personal issues, set up and the main villain looking for an object that will give him or her power.

Since were on the subject of villains the MCU didn't produce villains that are memorable for the most part. It's time to address the elephant in the room and that's the comedy. The comedy in these movies are overblown to the point where it ruins the certain scenes, the tone or the overall movie. Thor Ragnarok is a prime example of that. OK I can see why they would do that because it's unexpected, however it feel like a cheap way to get us to laugh. I'm surprised that they didn't use the break the forth wall type of comedy with setting up the Marvel universe.          

This is why I'm not happy about Marvel Studios getting the rights to the rest of the Marvel characters, because I would like some variety. Despite not being crazy about the New Mutants movie being a horror film I was mad that they change that to make the movie family friendly, because we haven't seen a comic book horror film yet. We might not have this problem if Marvel Studios let the Directors have there way with their movies.       

There has been stories of directors leaving or being fired from Marvel Studios because they don't like how this studio undermines them. Heck even actor or actress has gripes with this studio. 


The standalone films are similar to each other, don't believe me answer these questions. What's the differences between the first Avengers movie and the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie? What's the differences between Black Panther and the first Thor movie? You don't really need to watch these movies to watch the Avengers films. Yes! They reference events that happen in the solo films however they don't play a role in the overall story in the Avengers movies for the most part. For example Civil War is going to feel like filler because we know or suspect that Tony and Steve will call a truces to deal with Thanos in Infinity War. As far as I know Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy are the only characters that became popular do to the standalone movies.  

Do I really have to explain why this studio announce that more movies will be release years in advance bugs me?  First of all they're spoiling their fan base. Have they ever heard of the saying less is more? If they keep going at this rate people might get sick of superhero/comic book movies. Second it takes away the surprise in watching these films, I mean what's the point in watching an Captain American movie if I know he's going to be in the Avengers safe and sound?    

The only time they played with my expectations is in the second wave of marvel films. For example after seeing how Iron Man 3 and Winter Soldier ended I though Tony was going to rebuild S.H.I.L.E.D and run it, that was in the comics. Also I though Thanos was going to be the main villain in the second Avengers movie because A they showed him in Guardians of the Galaxy. B they set up the Infinity stones. 

Am I the only one annoyed that the Hulk is not getting any more standalone movies? The Hulk is an interesting character and they finally did something fascinating with this character in Thor Ragnarok and they're not going to capitalize on it. So the Fantastic four gets four movie but you're not going to give the Hulk a third chance. What gives!?!  

Before I rap this up I want to take about Infinity War, I don't think that this will be a good movie. First of all too many characters. Second how will Thanos stand out the way Loki and Killmonger did? He's just like most of the forgettable villains as far as wanting a macguffin that will give him the power to destroy everything. How much of a treat is Thanos without the infinity stones? This studio didn't do a good job at building him up they just have him appear in some of the films like he's a big deal, I'm going to be outrage if he isn't. third this is one movie it's suppose to be split in two, if they did that it would reinforce how dangerous he is. Finally killing off characters, if anyone dies in this movie it's hard for me to take it seriously because this studio don't seem to have the guts to kill someone and keep that person dead.      

The MCU would have been better if they borrowed more elements from the comics for example some of the villains would have been better if they were like their comic book counterparts. the infinity stone in the comics can do different things. In the movies they're use for destruction. There is a story in the comics where Thanos killed Odin ( Thor's father.) to get the infinity glove. If they did that in the MCU we would  have a personal conflict on how to deal with Thanos since one of the Guardians is a family member of Thanos. That all I have to say about the MCU for now.        


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Power Rangers mystic force review

Power Rangers mystic force review

Intro: I don't understand why fans say this is the Harry Potter of Power Rangers, this series reminds me of Lord of the Rings.


Monday, February 19, 2018

My Black Panther review

My Black Panther review 


Intro: I must be in the Twilight Zone that's the only explanation to why people are praising this movie. I'm sorry I'm getting ahead of myself. This was one of my most anticipated movies of this year. That's saying a lot considering that this character didn't making the best impression on me in Civil War. It's refreshing to see a Black lead that isn't a criminal, fruity, a token Black character, stupid and spineless with women. Not only is Black Panther a superhero he's a King, I haven't seen a Black man as a King in cinema since Coming to American.  

I know we had Black Superhero movies before, however they feel more like comedies then action/adventure films. ( With the exception of Blade.) Also does anyone find those films memorable? 

I was surprised that a lot of people want to see this movie ( Do I really have to explain why?) However I was disappointed that a bunch of them didn't dress up as the character or have any of the merchandise at the theater where I saw the movie. Enough of that let's get into what I think of the movie.     

Black Panther: This movie takes place literally a week after Civil War T'Challa/Black Panther has to adjust to his life as the King of Wakanda. Meanwhile there are outsiders that wants Wakanada's resources or the throne, so T'Challa has to stop them before things get out of hand.    
This is one of those movies that I don't think it live up to the hype, don't get me wrong I enjoyed this movie however it didn't break any new grounds in the superhero genre like The Dark Knight and Winter Solider did. The same thing goes for the should someone in a position of power help those in there time of need message, I don't think that's a bad massage however it could have work if more people in the movie was vocal about it. I like that this movie isn't plagued by too much set up and comedy like the other MCU films.      

I don't have much to say about T'Challa/Black Panther, he seems like a stand up guy that wants to do right by his people. Also he might remind the audiences of someone the general public don't like, I'm not going to say the person's name because I don't want to scare anyone away from watching this movie. he's unsure that his ready to be King despite the fact that he earn that right. My beef with this character is that he contradicted himself about how he want to run Wakanada and how he react to what he learned about his father.     

There isn't a lot to say about the other supporting characters. 

Shuri (T'Challa's sister) is the brains of Wakanda, she build the technology for Wakanada. It's hard for me to believe that she's smart enough to build new tech with no assistants. 

Ramonda ( T'Challa mother) is just in the movie tell her son how proud she is of him. 

Nakia ( T'challa's love interest) is in the movie for T'Challa to have a shoulder to cry on. Seriously? What the point of her being in the movie if they're not going to get in on, I mean promote Black Love  

Okoye is T'Challa's bodyguard and a General of a Wakanada Army. I'm stunned that she has a Husband I'm not just saying that because she can be scary it's because I though men being turned off by women with short or no hair was universal.      
I can see why people think Erik Killmonger is a good villain because it hard to see him as a villain. He reminds me of Magneto from X-Men. I wish he had his own identity in the movie, you'll see what I mean when you watch this movie. he wouldn't have been sympathetic if he didn't carry himself in a demanding demeanor, also if we had more context to how he got from point A to point B.     

one of my many grievances with this movie is that it lacks focus on T'Challa as King, this issue might have been fixed if we didn't have the subplot of him hunting a man that wrong him and his people years ago. There are plot holes around the customs of Wakanada and how certain characters know things. The feminist vides at the end of this movie bugs me. The Hero and Villain dynamic feels rushed. I wish this film would at least setup Infinity Wars, since that movie is coming out soon and so far there has been no set up for it. 

Overall this is a solid film it could have been a lot better if it was split into two movies. I hope we get more movies like this. 

Rating = Average         

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my rant about movies based on 911

my rant about movies based on 911 

Intro: Consider this a follow up to my rant about movies based on real people and events. 

I don't know about you but I'm sick and tired of all these movies center on 911, or being reminded of 911 period. Am I the only that thinks Hollywood is trivializing 911? what about the people who was at ground zero, do you think they like being reminded of that? This makes me sick! why am I being reminded of something that isn’t a big deal as far as it changes things, what has change!?! The only change I notice is the Homeland Security is on steroids when it comes to security, people are afraid to go on planes or have xenophobia. If that’s not true then tell me would welcome foreigners with open arms?

So how can we make a big deal about 911 when we still mistreat each other? If that’s not true then why do we have Black Lives matter idiot, mass shooting and violent protects? This is why I'm not bothered by kids killing each other in school because they need to learn to not start something they can't finish. If you start trouble with anyone that tells me your ready to die. It seems like you like getting a violent reaction from people so why is 911 a problem? 

I’m not saying mistreating someone is a good reason to shoot, assault or kill someone however you don’t get to complain about it if you’re not willing to go the extra mile to prevent it from happening. I’m not saying we all should be friends however show some common courtesy that can go a long way with me. 

911 didn't affect me at all I mean I wasn't afraid to go on a plane it's not like planes clash four times a year. ( If I'm wrong about that I stand corrected.) Ordeals are a part of life I'm not going to stop living because of this, who say life is fair? If people are over 911 then why can't we joke about bombs? Isn't the purpose of comedy is to make light of a bad situation? 

Also I don't know the whole story behind 911. When I saw the twin towers fall I wanted to laugh I though I was watching an action film. Did anyone find it suspicious that the towers fell apart perfectly at the same time? Don't get me started on former President Bush's reaction to this. OK I'm understand why he react that way I mean it already happen his not a police officer or a fireman what can he do? Now if no Police or firemen showed up at ground zero then I understand why people would be upset with him.

My point is making a big deal out of any tragedy event doesn’t mean anything if we don’t better ourselves as people.

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TMNT 2003 series review

TMNT 2003 series review 


Intro: Am I the only one annoyed that this series isn't on DVD or won an emmy? 

TMNT 2003 series review: This series is about four mutated turtles and a rat living under the sewers of New York City where they learn martial arts. One day they meet one of the humans that's in trouble so they offer to help this person. Since then the Turtles has been going to the surface more often to either explore it or fighting crime. This is the best Ninja Turtles series so far. ( that's an unfair statement because I haven't seen the recent Ninja Turtles show.) I like that the Turtles have different personality. 

Leonardo is the leader of the team and kiss up I mean teachers pet. The problem I have with him is that he outshines the other turtles, that's a issue because it undermines the conflict he has with Raphael. 

Speak of Raphael he is the hot head of the group. The problem with Raphael is that character flaw of him being a hot head got resolved way too fast. Also they don't do anything with his anger I mean they could have made him rebellious too the point where he second guess master Splinter that would have been interesting. If Raphael learned how to control his anger he would be a better fighter.  

Donatello is the smart one of the group. 

Michelangelo is the comic relief. That hard to say considering that everyone finds him annoying. He has a similar problem that Raphael has as far as he can be a better fighter if he took his training seriously. 

Master Splinter is the Turtles Mentor/father figure. He has the same problem I have with mentors in kung fu films and that is the cryptic wisdom. Come on you can't take for granted that they will understand what you mean by what you said later on. Also if I was one of the Turtles I wouldn't consider Master Splinter a father figure because there are moments where   he contradicted himself, he rarely loosen up and his one sided. The Splinter in the 1990's movie is more of a father figure then this one.  

April O' Neil is like her comic book counterpart as far as being a scientist instead of a reporter like she was in the 1980's show. She's also like a big sister to the turtles. Besides helping the turtles she doesn't do much in this series. 

Casey Jones is a Allie and friend to the Turtles. Just like April he doesn't serve much of a purpose in this series. 

Now let's talk about the villains. 

Shredder is the leader of the Foot clan organization, his a mysterious and ruthless villain. My grievances with him is that there's too much of him in this series. I know he has a connection with Splinder and the turtles however I would like to see other villains standout. ( Well there is one villain that's almost as scary as the Shredder but I digress.) Also I don't like how he treats one of his subordinates. 

Hun is the Shredder's right hand man and leader of a street gang called the purple dragons. he's also connected to Casey Jones. 

Karai is one of the shredder subordinates. What makes her interesting is that she is torn between her loyalty to the shredder and her honor. 

Baxter Stockman is the brains of Shredder's organization. He the most sympathetic villain in this series, I'm not just saying that because of how the Shredder treats him. The reason why the Shredder mistreat him bothers me because he didn't do this to any of his other subordinates. 

The problems I have with this series is that it lasted seven seasons, it should have ended on season five. You'll see why when you watch this series. I have grievances with seasons 4,6 and 7. Season four feel like filler for the most part, besides Leo's arc and continuing a plot point from season two nothing interesting happen in this season. Leo's arc in season four would have been better if it played out differently. Season 6 feels like a step backwards compared to the past five season. Season 6 is more kid friendly. that's kind of insulting to the views. Season 7 also has this problem however it wasn't as bad as the previous season. Also it bugs me that two other characters from the 80's show are not in this one.  

Overall this is a good series it borrows elements from the comics, 80's cartoon and the 1990's movie. I can understand why fans of the 80's cartoon not liking this one I mean this show had done things that I though was a little far fetch. Despite that I would recommend this for everyone.       


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Arrow season five review

Arrow season five review 


Intro: After two bad seasons and removing two key characters in the Green Arrow mythos I didn't expect much from this season. Despite that I'm willing to give this show another chance, sometimes I'm a three strike person consider this Arrow's third chance. Plus this is the last season for the flashbacks, I'm curious to see how this will rip up. Side note I wish this series would have ended on this season because I don't want this show to surfer the same fate as Smallville, as far as over staying it welcome. With all that being said did season five recover or did this show continue to go down the toilet let's find out...   

Arrow season five: This season takes place a few mouths after Oliver becomes the Mayor of Star City, so he has to balance being the Mayor and Green Arrow. One day Green Arrow meets one of the amateur vigilantes that he inspired and see that he's rough around the edges. Worry that they'll cause more harm then good he decides to take them under his wing. Meanwhile an archer called Prometheus who has a grudge against Green Arrow, gives him grief and challenge his crusade so Green Arrow has to stop him before things get out of hand.    

This season wash the bad taste out of my mouth that is seasons 3 and 4 however there are things that keep this season from being better. This is the story they should have told after season two, the story of Oliver dealing with the collateral damage he cause in season one. I like that Prometheus doesn't want to destroy or take over the city. The flashbacks this season are fine. The flashbacks deals with how Oliver got involved with the Bratva and him becoming what he was in season one. The problems I have with it is that it created a plot hole for season one and the solution to Oliver's problem he had since the season 3 flashbacks makes him look stupid.       

I can see why people like the main villain Prometheus, he challenges Green Arrow both physically and mentally. he reminds me of The dark knight Joker, you'll see what I mean when you watch this season. The mystery of who he is was handled well regardless of the hiccups. The gripe I have with him is that this show failed to make him sympathetic, I can't get into details without spoiling anything. I wish that he and Green Arrow didn't fight each other so often because that takes away the build up for there showdown in the last episode. This was the same problem I had with the previous season. This seasons crossover episode reminds me of Superman's for the man who has everything comic book.     
After seeing the lack of a role Quentin Lance have this season it made me wish he should have been the one who die in season four instead of Laurel/The Black Canary. That would have made sense because he would die trying to stop Damien darkh's plan, that would be his way of redeeming himself for working for him. 

Since Thea quit being Speedy at the end of season four she doesn't have much to do this season. Well they kind of did something with her character but that went no where. 

Besides learning how to live with what he did in season four Diggle didn't serve much of a purpose this season. The subplot with him feels like filler.  

Wild Dog (one of the new members of team arrow) is like Roy but worst.

Felicity is still annoying, don't worry it's not as bad as the past two seasons. What annoys me about her is that she got away with murder and Oliver is letting it happen. In season four Felicity send a nuke to Havenrock, I know she didn't have a choice however when you do something wrong and regret it you answer for it. That didn't happen in this season. She didn't think about that until she learned that one of the new members of team Arrow is from Havenrock and she had the nerve to tell him that she was the one who killed his family. She didn't do that to give him closure she did that to make herself feel better. Side note I'm surprised that Prometheus didn't use this against her or have the Havenrock member turn against team Arrow.    

Something tragic happen to Felicity this season that cause her to go A-wall on team Arrow. The problem I have with this is that Oliver doesn't put his foot down with her or kick her off the team.  I mean he did this with everyone else but her. Another problem I have with this is that team Arrow are being hypocrites about the situation, I mean why do they have a problem with Felicity getting her hands dirty when they do it all the time? Y'all are not a bunch of humanitarians! That's the theme of this season hypocrisy, almost everyone is has double standards.  

Here are the grievances I have with this season, one of them is the new team members. There's no reason for Oliver to bring them into his war on crime because Oliver is not having problems with fighting criminals on his own. It would make sense if being the Mayor was taking up a lot of his time but that's not the case. Even if that was the case that would be a issue, what's the point of watching this show if Oliver is barely Green Arrow? This is why they should have saved the Oliver running for Mayor story for the final season. 

The reason why I'm bothered by Oliver training the new team members is because they are comic book characters. I'm tired of seeing him train or schooling other comic book characters, I would like to see them stand on there own. Plus Team Arrow has too many member, I'm glad they got rid of some of the members. Why didn't this show remove Curtis/Mr. Terrific? The purpose he serve in season four was to give us the idea that Felicity will die in that season. In this season he's not as smart as felicity do to him being more of an inventor so what's the point of having him?     

Another problem is some of the episodes. The first two episodes after episode 9 will make you mad. This show did a PSA episode on gun control. I don't understand why people are upset over this episode what's the point of Oliver being Mayor if we don't have episodes of him deal with these issues? The problem I have with this episode is that it feels heavy handed and out of place. Also I don't think that was the right issue to address considering two members of team Arrow use guns. In the flashbacks centered episode Oliver revealed something about himself. The problem I have with it is I'm having a hard time buying the reveal and it went nowhere. There is an episode where Oliver and Felicity try to reconcile, do I really have to comment on that episode? I was annoyed with what happen in the final episode because it seems like they did that to get a cheap reaction from the viewers. Also this episode feels rushed.

Oliver/the Green Arrow is another problem with this season. He's the reason why Prometheus exist and he doesn't feel terrible about it, not in the way he did with Slade or any other villain he face. The writers tried to give him an arc about forgiving himself for the damage he cause but his attitude ruins it for me.

Despite all the problems this season have this is a good season. It makes me wonder what will they do next?    




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The Flash season three review

The Flash season three review 


Intro: So the only change that Flash point made on Arrow is changing the gender of Diggle's child. Really CW? Out of all the mistakes you made on Arrow that you could have fix with Flash point you chose to erase Diggle's daughter. 

The Flash season three: This season took place a few mouths after Barry when back in time to save his mother and created an alternate time line called Flash point. Flash point is basically Barry's fantasy, well that fantasy turn into a nightmare when the time line starts to fall apart. So Barry has to turn everything back the way it was in order to save it. He did restore the timeline with a few miner changes. Barry has to learn how to adjust to the changes and deal with a mysterious figure that's trying to bring back Flash point. 

 I was letdown by this season. I like that Barry has to deal with the consequences for his choices. The way this season ended got me interested in seeing with direction this show will go in season 4. I like how they made the main villains sympathetic kind of, I wish season 5 of Arrow would have done the same thing but I'm getting a head of myself.  

I also like this season's Harrison Wells, sorry I can't explain why without spoiling anything. However I'm annoyed with how team Flash treats him, why didn't they treat Joe like this? I was outraged with what he had to do to earn there respect, I know respect is earned however if this is what you have to do to earn it from your peers then you're better off alone. 

Julian Albert is Barry's partner at Central City Police Department. He has a punch able face I mean he's high maintenance. 

Welly West/ kid flash is a crybaby at first, I mean he complaints about not being like his flash point counter part. When he is he acts like Tony Stark. I don't like the code name kid flash, I know it's in the comic but I still don't like it.

Is it me or does this season seem to appeal to women? I say that because everyone has a love interest this season.   

The problems I have with this season is the main villain is another speedster, this undermines the intro to this show. How can Barry Allen be the fastest man alive if there's someone else faster then him!?! Please no more speedsters as the main villain! Another issue is Barry Allen/The Flash has made himself unlikable. I didn't feel sorry for the problems he had this season because he broth that on himself, plus it seems like he learned nothing from creating Flash point or the previous season. I'm surprised that his friends and family didn't put him in the dog house for all the damage he cause them, I'm not saying that they should stay mad at him through out the season however they shouldn't be so quick to forgive him. This was another problem I had with Arrow season 4 Diggle was the only one who was mad at Oliver for betraying him. 

Some of the episodes feels like filler, like we have one episode that is a musical. This season wasted the flash point story line I say that because it only lasted one episode, I wish it would have last up to the midseason finally. Finally the plot holes, there are plot holes with the rules of time travel, the main villain, the main villain's plan and how a member of team Flash has superpowers.             

Overall this is season I wouldn't mind watching again and I'm looking forward to season 4.