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My thoughts on Saban's Power Rangers sequel

My thoughts on Saban's Power Rangers sequel 


Despite being happy that this movie is getting a sequel I don't think that this is a smart move on Hasbro's part. Producing movies is business making a sequel to Power Rangers is risky considering that this movie didn't make it's money back. I hope Hasbro won't have the same problems Disney is having with Star Wars. A sequel could change people's minds about this franchise. (hopefully) Fans want these movies to be like the Boom Comics.  

The people who are working on the sequel need to get a new director and actor to play Zack. I say that because the actor that plays Zack is too old to play a teenager. The reason I say that this movie needs a new director is because Dean Israelite (the director of the power rangers movie.) blames the PG-13 rating for why this movie wasn't a hit. That tells me he's unsure of what he's doing also that's a poor excuse, there are plenty of PG-13 movies marketed towers kids so what is he talking about? 

Another thing that can hurt the sequel is people's reactions to the first movie. It's safe to say that Power Rangers has the same reputation as Superman, as far as being well known but not loved by everyone. people think I'm bothered that this movie wasn't successful, that doesn't brother me, what brothers me is that people seem to be bias or hypocrites about this movie. For example people say that this movie is dark and edgy, I think they're confusing those two things with mature. 

Also this movie wasn't as dark and edgy as that short film that came out three years ago. Since were on the subject of the short film if you didn't want the movie to go in that directing then why did the short film got so many views when it first came out? Plus I remember both fans and non fans wanting a mature power rangers movie so what's the problem? This movie wasn't dark to the point where it ruined the integrity of this franchise the way the short film did. 

Another example is that people say this movie is a ripoff of the Breakfast Club. First of all this movie ripped off one scene from that movie. Second there's a differences ripping off and being inspired by some else's work. Last I checked the characters in that movie spend most of the movie in detention, did that happen in this movie? Finally you complain about the rangers in MMPR being goody two shoes, what's the opposite of that?

This makes me question what kind of childhood people had. If teen movies are not marketable then why was Spider-man Homecoming a hit? Wait! Don't tell me let me guess, that's an exceptions to the rule? My point is that there is no reason to like any of the Marvel movies and not like this. Like I said the criticism that the movie got could hurt the sequel, like the lack of action complain. I hope the sequel doesn't have all action and no story, find a way to balance the two out.       

Before I talk about my ideas for the sequel I want to talk about the issues I have with the first movie and how they could have been fixed. Warning if you haven't seen this movie then don't read this. 

Billy's death scene would have been the best scene in the movie if he connect with all of the rangers. We see him connect with Jason, he welcome Trini with open arms, he doesn't interact with Zack and the same goes for Kimberly. This also make it hard for me to buy there friendship and becoming a team, we don't have scenes of Jason and Trini, Billy and Zack or Zack and Kim. If we had more scenes of Billy bonding with the others his death scene would be a lot better. Another thing I wish Billy accidentally free's Rita when he found the coins, that would give the teens some instinctive to become power rangers. 

 What's with Jason in this movie, I mean he comes off as a jerk to his father. His father is upset with him ruining his chances of making something of himself but he's giving his father attitude. We see Jason looking at his football trophies and practice like he miss it so what's the problem? This could have been fixed if Jason is like this because he doesn't think his parents love him. 

That's an issue that need to be address, just because you provide your kids food, clothes and a house that doesn't mean kids will interpret it as love. Pimps and slave owners do the same things so how are parents different from them? How often do you hear parents talk about how much they enjoy being a parent? They talk about how expensive kids are, when they achieve goals and when they screw up. For the most part parents want to produce a predictive child not a happy child. 

Another reason I have a problem with Trini being a lesbian is that it can attract attention from SJW's, trust me you don't want that! Turning Trini into a lesbian serve no purpose and it made no sense, there are bigger things teenagers have to deal with then figuring out if they want to be with boys or girls? Homosexuals get the royal treatment (unless you live oversees) so it makes on sense that Trini would keep this to herself despite her parents. It's clear that she's not close to them. 

I want to give the writers a stunner because A they admit that they turn Trini into a lesbian to be progressive. B by doing this they ruined the fans dream of seeing Billy and Trini become a couple. I have a better idea have Trini's mom be a lesbian, and her father was an anonymous sperm donor. That would justify her begin a reserved tom boy, because she's embarrassed that she doesn't have a traditional family. She loves her mom however she resents her for not having a father figure around. This is why she's a tomboy it's her way of connecting or attracting a male figure in her life. 

That would be more interesting then just changing Trini for the heck of it. Also this could address the issue of how do a child being raised by same sex parents effect them if they don't approve of it? 

Now on to my suggestion for the sequel.

I want to see how things have changes in the teens lives since becoming Power Rangers just like in Spider-Man 2. Also resolve somethings in the first movie like Kim reconcile with the picture situation, jason making up his mind about Football and Trini coming out of the closet with her parents. In the last movie we saw the teen becoming friends and a team, Rita said what they have won't last. I want to see there friendship put to the test. Bring Tommy is a good way to do that, there are so many stories you can tell. 

Speak of Tommy I want him to have the same backstory as Eric from TIme Force, that makes since considering that we learned that he's an orphan in Zeo. Because of his backstory his evil by choice, we rarely get that in this franchise. In Green with evil saga Tommy separated Jason from the other rangers, in the sequel I want the opposite to happen. Tommy can do that by befriending the rangers, stab them in the back and it will just be Jason and Tommy. 

As far as the Tommy and Jason rivalry I want it to be similar to Sky's and Jack's rivalry in S.P.D or Dillon's and Scott's from RPM. The love triangle between Kim, jason and Tommy can work, despite Jason and Kim having a thing in the previous movie there not a couple. Tommy could have quality that Kim likes. After Tommy shy away from is evil ways Jason ask him to join the rangers, he doesn't because he can't forgive himself for the things he's done. 

Another way you can test the rangers friendship is by having them help each other through a hard time. For example Zack's mother died and the rangers do there best to comfort him, this we make up for the teens not having a strong reaction to Zack having sick mother in the last movie. as far as new characters go I would like to see scorpina in the movie because the original show didn't do much with her. 

I'm sorry but I don't want Bulk and Skull in the movie because they could take away the attention from Tommy, besides we have Bulk and Skull substitutes. I want Zordon to be more like the way he was in the show. Also I want more backstory from him and learn about what really happened between him and Rita, hopefully this will parallel with what's going on with Tommy. Sadly some parts of the Green with evil saga is hard to do in the movie like the green ranger destroying Zordon's ship because the technology on that ship is too advance and Billy is not smart enough to fix it. 

That all I have to say for now what do you think the sequel should do? One more thing I want a movie poster similar to the picture on this post, the green ranger holding a shattered red ranger helmet.

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