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The Flash season four review

The Flash season four review 


Intro:This series needs new writers if they have any chance of bouncing back.

The Flash season four: This season takes place mouths after Barry/The Flash is imprison in the speed force and team flash manage to keep the city safe since then. One day The Thinker (The main villain.) manipulate team Flash to get Barry/The Flash out of the speed force, this cause the creation of 12 new meta humans that The Thinker needs for his plan. So team Flash has to protect them from him.        

This is another bad season that's sad because I thought this season would be good since the main villain isn't a speedster. I like that the main villain isn't a speedster by doing that it give the team a chance to deal with the big bad in a different way. This season is too light hearted for it's on good, I might as well be watching Sesame Street. Once again they tried to adapt a story from the comic and they blow it, next time make it last for more then one episode. ( Personally they should have save that story for the finale season.) I'm glad that some of the romance in this season is gone however what's the point of giving everyone a love interest if it has no pay off?  

Iris West is now the leader of team Flash and... Wait! What in havens name is going on here!?! Did the writers forget about how last season ended when Barry told Cisco he's the leader now? Either Iris seduce Cisco ( I smile a Jerry Springer episode.) or the writers have short term memory. I have so many issues with this, first of all Iris works better as a supporting character. Heck the writers didn't do the best job at making her that so what's the point of this? Second if they did this to not make her a damsel in distress that wasn't the problem, I mean she can be a damsel in distress as long as she's not helpless. 

Third there is a difference between be a leader and being a boss, a leader set an example and boss tells people what to do. For the most part she's more of a boss the a leader. Also how can she lead a team of mostly scientist? I'm not saying that it isn't possible however it would help the team if she can comprehend what there doing. Finally how did the other member approve of her being the leader, whenever someone that isn't a scientist try's to help them out they treat that person like he or she is on meth.  

Cisco is more helpful on the field. It's a shame that he isn't leading the team because it would have been good development for him because he showed moments where he has leadership qualities 

Caitlin/Killer Frost is the Hulk, I am not kidding about that. My gripe with her is her inconsistency. Also we learn something about her past the raise more questions about her. 

Ralph/Elongated man is a slime ball, I can understand why fan don't like him. Despite that I like him because of what this season has done with him and there's more to him then that. Plus he the outsider looking in. What I don't like is how everyone besides Barry alienates him, granted he's annoying but he isn't disrespectful. Plus they should be more grateful to him for helping Barry out of his dilemma.   

Clifford Devoe/The Thinker is a egotistical maniac. I was letdown that they turned him into cell from DBZ, what's the point in him being the fastest thinker if you don't do anything with that ability? I was hoping he would be like The Professor from the show Money Heist, The Professor thought of every possible scenario that could happen in a Bank Robbery. If The Thinker was like The Professor he would have been a good villain, how can you screw up the fastest man vs the fastest thinker story? My Grievance with him is that it's his motivation would have made good social commentary if he wasn't a hypocrite, well you can use the means to a end argument. Also we don't know what cause him to have this mind set. Plus he did something I find disturbing.    

My problems with this season is that they broth Barry back too soon, if the writers wait until the mid season final to bring him back that gives us the views a chance to miss him like the characters do. Also I'm annoyed that Barry recovered from being imprisoned in the speed force too fast, The plot of team Flash trying to protect the 12 people from The Thinker is repetitive. Most of team Flash don't do anything to stop The Thinker beyond protecting his 12 targets. The final episode is anti climactic.  

Bottom line is season four didn't recover I hope the writers won't go back to having speedster as the villain.                   

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