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Arrow season six review

Arrow season six review 


Intro: Let me get this straight season five ends with the Island exploding and no one died or suffer PDST. Sorry I stand corrected, a side character died, one is injured, another is in a coma and everyone else is OK. What the fudge!?! 

Arrow season six: This season takes place mouths after almost everyone survived the explosion on the Island and the survivors manage to go back to there routine besides Oliver/Green Arrow. Now that William's mother (William is Oliver's son.) gave him permission to be in his son's life Oliver has to not only be the Mayor and Green Arrow but a father as well. One day someone sent a picture of Oliver as the Green Arrow to the news that result into him being investigated, team arrow being shattered and a group of criminals wanting to take over the city. So Oliver has to clear his name, salvage the team and stop this gang before it's too late. 

This season was disappointing considering that this series got itself out of the hole it dug itself in the previous season just to go back to that same hole. You can kind of sort of watch season five without watch the other two seasons. Both this and The Flash had a rough start but it took Arrow longer to bounce back from it. This season feels odd without the flashback, because it give this series an identity. We do get flashbacks of other characters, there fine it's just they don't add context to what we already know about these characters.   

Once again the crossover episodes are lackluster. This crossover is centered on Barry and Iris wedding get's interrupted by Nazi versions of themselves and others characters from the CW/DC shows from a different earth, the Nazi version of our heroes wants one of them for reasons so the others have to protect this person from themselves. What hurt this crossover for me is the Olicity drama, that's right the writers broth back one of the many things that made season 3 and 4 bad. If I was Barry or Iris I would beat the crap out of them for taking up our moment. Also this crossover has an evil version of an Arrow character that died, I wish he was the main villain in this crossover.  

OK it's bad enough that this show ruined Felicity but did you have to ruin Diggle too? Yes! Diggle is unlikable this season, he does things that's out of character for him. There is a subplot of him wanting to be the Green Arrow. Why!?! Also he doesn't need to be in the field because A Oliver has too many allies that can help him on the field and B he's suppose to be the Alfred of this show.   

Do I really have to comment on Felicity? I still want to strangle her for the most part. It makes me sick to see her be a surrogate mother to William, I say that because when she first learned about him in season 4 she didn't give a crap about him. Just like last season she got away with murder.    

Dinah Drake/Black Canary is the level headed one of the team, she's kind of like her comic book counterpart. She was in season five I didn't mentions before her because I was too distracted by her... by her... Hair! My beef with her is that the writers hit the reset button with this character you'll see what I mean. Also she has done things that makes you want to dislike her. I wish the writers would make a story out of her working for the police.  

Quentin Lance doesn't do much this season besides assist the team whenever he can. 

Thea is one of the characters that should have died on the island because she serves no purpose in this season. 

Rene/Wild Dog thankfully doesn't have a chip on his shoulder. You might have mix feeling about what he did that plays a role in team Arrow falling apart. I say that because some of the members are understanding of what he did. I'm not saying they shouldn't be considerate I would probably do the same thing Rene did however what he did affects everyone, not in a good way. 

Black Siren (one of the villains) is just the muscle. I'm annoyed with her subplot because the writers had a chance to do this last season but they didn't, also it would make things awkward with team arrow.   

Cayden James ( another villain.) is the brains of the team of villains. My gripe with him is that he's the main focus in the beginning of this season, this wouldn't bother me if he didn't over stayed his welcome and wasn't boring. ( I wouldn't feel this way if he wasn't build up in the previous season.) Another thing it's hard for me to think that he's smart because of how easy he was to manipulate. He wouldn't be in this season if Felicity didn't help free him last season.  

I'm not satisfied with the main villain Raceto Diaz/The Dragon. This bugs me because he's Green Arrow's version of Bane, I was hoping the writers would get this character right since Batman writers can't get Bane right. Raceto Diaz is just a drug dealer, you'll find it hard for me to believe that he would pose such a threat to team arrow. I'm fond that he's an enigma and a behind the scenes guy despite the fact that doing this hurts him. To add insult to injury he's the shortest person in this season, Oliver might as well fight Chucky.    

One of the many complaints with this season is Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow. This character doesn't develop much since season 2. So what's the point of making him a father and the Mayor if he doesn't grow as a character? Also am I the only one tired of the pattern of Oliver doing something wrong, someone corrects him and he apologize for it? That pattern makes him look stupid when it happens over and over again. He has the same problem as Jayden from Power Rangers Samurai, as far as he learns his lesson in one episode then forget about it the next episode. 

Oliver need to learn how to be a leader, that contribute to why team arrow divided. The way he leads alienate his team, there's more to being a leader then just giving orders. Yes! he does help the team out with there problems however he doesn't connect with the latest members of his team the way he does with Diggle and Felicity. Whatever development they tried to give him this season was short lived.  

Another gripe with this season is the people of Star City, they're morons to not suspect that Oliver is the Green Arrow. I mean this is the third time he has been accused of being the Green Arrow and people don't think that he might be the Green Arrow? You know the saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me and fool me three times I'm an idiot. Plus they should be more involved with the story in this season.  

William is another issue with this series he's nothing but baggage in this season. If I was him I would be mad at Oliver for starting a relationship with Felicity, he doesn't seem like he's putting his son first. Plus he lied to William twice. 

I was letdown by the villain squid because each member was suppose to be a adversary for each member of team arrow but that didn't happen, instead two of them have a vendetta against Green Arrow, one is a double agent, one is in the background and the other has some kind of rivalry with the Black Canary. Other problems with this season are leading the people of Star City to believe that someone that died in the past is still alive, plot holes on how hacking works and characters being inconsistent. 

Here are some of the things I like about this season. I'm fond of how the relationship between Oliver and Quentin developed from season one to now. This season did what season four tried to do a little bite better as far as the theme of fighting for the city's soul. I'm glad that team arrow is divided because it gives them a chance to stand on there own. This season was getting better after episode 9 kind of. I enjoy some of the things that was done in the last episode, it would have worked as a series finale if it played out differently.   

Overall season 6 was a step backwards that's sad to say because it was starting to get better at the end. I'm surprised that this series got renewed because I don't know what story they can tell or if they can tell any story judging how this season ended.    

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