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My MCU rant

My MCU rant 


Since Infinity War is around the corner and it's almost ten years since the MCU started I decide to give my thoughts on it. I'm impresses that this franchise is still going on, however I think it gets too much credit for having different characters from different movies come together. Did people forget about Freddy vs Jason or Alien vs Predator? Despite that this hasn't been done before on a scale like this. I feel like I'm watching Marvel comics on the big screen.

One of the reasons why I'm surprised by the success of the MCU is because Marvel studios is doing the same thing as the other movie studios, as far as the studios not letting the directors be creative with there movies. I'll explain why this is an issue for me later. 

The MCU might not exist if people played this game, this game can help the general public be familiar with the Marvel world. 


Then again the Justice League movie didn't have world building and look at how that movie turn out. ( That's what WB gets for kissing Batman's butt so much, I mean ignoring the other DC characters. I want a Blue Beetle or Booster Gold series on Netflix.) Don't get me wrong I'm not against what Marvel Studios is doing it's just that I don't like how they use their solo films to set things up, I mean they set up things when they don't need to and they don't set up things when they should. For example Iron Man 2 that movie was use to advertise The Avengers movie and no one can tell me otherwise, the way it was done neglects the non comic book readers. I wish that they would take notes from how Arrow  build it's universe in season two, whenever that show brings a comic book character in that season they're use for the episode he or she is in or they serve a purpose in the overall story.

In case you haven't notice the standalone movies are one of the problems I have with the MCU, most of them feel the same as far as quality. They don't do anything edgy with these movies, I mean we had two brief sex scenes in Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Plus a hand full of intense action scenes in the other films. This is why I consider Captain American Winter Soldier and Thor  the best MCU films. Captain American Winter Soldier is a solid spy thriller, the movie doesn't feel like it's setting anything up. Also it affect the rest of the MCU. Thor is a family drama story. Yes! it has world building however it didn't distract me from the story. Most of the MCU movies are about the heroes origin, personal issues, set up and the main villain looking for an object that will give him or her power.

Since were on the subject of villains the MCU didn't produce villains that are memorable for the most part. Some of the villains would have been better if they were like their comic book counterparts. ( Cough The Mandarin cough.) It's time to address the elephant in the room and that's the comedy. The comedy in these movies are overblown to the point where it ruins certain scenes, the tone or the overall movie. Thor Ragnarok is a prime example of that. OK I can see why they would do that because it's unexpected, however it feel like a cheap way to get us to laugh. I'm surprised that they didn't use the break the forth wall type of comedy with setting up the Marvel universe.          

This reinforce why I'm not happy about Marvel Studios getting the rights to the rest of the Marvel characters, because I would like some variety. Despite not being crazy about the
New Mutants movie being a horror film I was mad that they change that to make the movie family friendly, because we haven't seen a comic book horror film yet unless you count the Blade trilogy. We might not have this problem if Marvel Studios let the Directors have there way with their movies.       

There has been stories of directors leaving or being fired from Marvel Studios because they don't like how this studio undermines them. Heck even actor or actress has gripes with this studio. 


The standalone films are also similar to each other, don't believe me answer these questions. What's the differences between the first Avengers movie and the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie? What's the differences between Black Panther and the first Thor movie? You don't really need to watch these movies to watch the Avengers films. Yes! They reference events that happen in the solo films however they don't play a role in the overall story in the Avengers movies for the most part. For example 
Captain American Civil War is going to feel like filler because we know or suspect that Tony and Steve will call a truces to deal with Thanos in Infinity War. As far as I know Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy are the only characters that became popular do to the standalone movies.  

Do I really have to explain why this studio announce that more movies will be release years in advance bugs me? First of all they're spoiling their fan base. Have they ever heard of the saying less is more? If they keep going at this rate people might get sick of superhero/comic book movies. Second it takes away the surprise in watching these films, I mean what's the point in watching an Captain American movie if I know he's going to be in the Avengers safe and sound?    

The only time they played with my expectations is in the second wave of marvel films. For example after seeing how Iron Man 3 and Captain American Winter Soldier ended I though Tony was going to rebuild S.H.I.L.E.D and run it, that was in the comics plus Tony became obsess with protecting earth from another alien invasion. Also I though Thanos was going to be the main villain in the second Avengers movie because A they showed him in Guardians of the Galaxy. B they set up the Infinity stones. 

Am I the only one annoyed that the Hulk is not getting any more standalone movies? The Hulk is an interesting character and they finally did something fascinating with this character in Thor Ragnarok and they're not going to capitalize on it. So the Fantastic four gets four movies but you're not going to give the Hulk a third chance. What gives!?!  

Before I rap this up I want to take about Infinity War, I don't think that this will be a good movie. First of all too many characters. Second how will Thanos stand out the way Loki and Killmonger did? He's just like most of the forgettable villains as far as wanting a macguffin that'll give him the power to destroy everything. How much of a threat is Thanos without the infinity stones? This studio didn't do a good job at building him up they just have him appear in some of the films like he's a big deal, I'm going to be outrage if he isn't. third this is one movie it's suppose to be split in two, if they did that it would reinforce how dangerous he is. Finally killing off characters, if anyone dies in this movie it's hard for me to take it seriously because this studio don't seem to have the guts to kill someone and keep that person dead.      

The MCU would have been better if they borrowed more elements from the comics for example the infinity stone in the comics can do different things. In the movies they're use for destruction. There is a story in the comics where Thanos killed Odin ( Thor's father.) to get the infinity glove. If they did that in the MCU we would  have a personal conflict on how to deal with Thanos since one of the Guardians is a family member of Thanos. That all I have to say about the MCU for now.        

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