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Black Lightning Review

Black Lightning Review 


Intro: If I had a list of comic book characters with the worst disguise Black Lightning would be on it.  

Black Lightning Review: This show is centered on Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning who quit being Black Lightning nine years ago do to a promise he made to someone. Since then he helps his community by being the principal of a school and other things. Things has gotten worst since a gang called the 100 showed up, so Jefferson decides to become Black Lightning again and stop them. 

This series is better then any of the Fantastic Four movies we have gotten, that's saying a lot. This show is refreshing considering how Arrow and the Flash are doing. Really I'm just happy that we have another Black superhero show on TV, do I really have to explain why I'm happy about this? The pilot episode feels like it's trying too hard to appeal to Black People, I mean it's feels heavy handed. Despite thinking having the ability to control lighting is lame I'm fond of how Black Lighting is able to use it in different ways. 

I like Jefferson/Black Lighting because he try's to better his community the right way and I feel his pain when he thinks that it all for nothing or when he's a victim of racism. My Beef with him is that we learn that he has an agenda that damage his credibility with me.  

If Eric Killmonger from Black Panther had a sister you would get Anissa Pierce/Thunder. She's Jefferson's older daughter. I like the relationship between her and her father.     

Jennifer Pierce is Jefferson's youngest daughter, she's a promising student who gets into trouble. That's understandable considering that her family is overbearing. 

 I don't have much to say about Christine Adams(Jefferson's ex wife.) She didn't become useful until the last two episodes. 

Peter Gambi is Jefferson's mentor, he helps Jefferson on the field and proved tech support. We also learn that he's an enigma. 

Inspector Henderson is the James Gordon of this series. 

I don't have much to say about Tobias Whale. (one of the villains) He's a ruthless crime lord who has history with Black Lightning. 

One of the many problems I have with this show is the Villains, I mean it's hard to tell who the main villain is in this series. Also they bought back a character that died for no reason, this person served no purpose in this show so what was the point of bringing him or her back? One of the reasons why I think having lightning powers is lame is because you can protect yourself from it by covering yourself up in plastic or rubber. 

I'm surprise that no one from the 100 has done this. Another thing whenever Black Lightning use his power to lift someone off he ground that person is not dead or burnt, how does that work? Another issues with this series is that it feels rushed, it tried to tell three stories and all of the are not resolved. Part of the reason why that is it's because this show has 13 episodes. Jefferson's backstory is kind of all over the place, we get bites and pieces of it but not enough to fill in the blanks.  

Overall this is an OK show I hope it gets renew so the writers can work out all the problems in season one.    

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