Monday, January 1, 2018

my rant about movies based on 911

my rant about movies based on 911 

Intro: Consider this a follow up to my rant about movies based on real people and events. 

I don't know about you but I'm sick and tired of all these movies center on 911, or being reminded of 911 period! Am I the only that thinks Hollywood is trivializing 911? What about the people who were at ground zero, do you think they like being reminded of that? This makes me sick! Why am I being reminded of something that isn’t a big deal as far as it change things, what has change!?! 

The only change I notice is that Homeland Security is on steroids when it comes to security, people are afraid to go on planes or have xenophobia. If that’s not true then tell me why we don't welcome foreigners with open arms? ( If I'm wrong then I stand corrected.) 

So how can we make a big deal about 911 when we still mistreat each other? If that’s not true then why do we have Black Lives matter idiots, mass shooting and violent protects? This is why I'm not bothered by kids killing each other in school because they need to learn to not start something they can't finish. If you start trouble with anyone that tells me your ready to die. It seems like you like getting a violent reaction from people so why is 911 a problem? 

I’m not saying mistreating someone is a good reason to shoot, assault or kill anyone however you don’t get to complain about it if you’re not willing to go the extra mile to prevent it from happening. I’m not saying we all should be friends however show some common courtesy that can go a long way with me. 

911 didn't affect me at all I mean I wasn't afraid to go on a plane it's not like planes clash four times a year. ( If I'm wrong about that I stand corrected.) Ordeals are a part of life I'm not going to stop living because of this, who said life is fair? If people are over 911 then why can't we joke about bombs? Isn't the purpose of comedy is to make light of a bad situation? 

Also I don't know the whole story behind 911. When I saw the twin towers fall I wanted to laugh I though I was watching an action film. Did anyone find it suspicious that the towers fell apart perfectly at the same time? Don't get me started on former President Bush's reaction to this. OK I understand why he react that way I mean it already happen his not a Police officer or a Fireman what can he do? Now if no Police or Firemen showed up at ground zero then I understand why people would be upset with him.

My point is making a big deal out of any tragedy event doesn’t mean anything if we don’t better ourselves as people.

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  1. Well, they made a lot of Pearl Harbor 12/7 movies over the last 65 yrs. And many channels run them on 12/7. About the same number of people died.