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The Flash season three review

The Flash season three review 


Intro: So the only change that Flash point made on Arrow is changing the gender of Diggle's child. Really CW? Out of all the mistakes you made on Arrow that you could have fix with Flash point you chose to erase Diggle's daughter. 

The Flash season three: This season took place a few mouths after Barry when back in time to save his mother and created an alternate time line called Flash point. Flash point is basically Barry's fantasy, well that fantasy turn into a nightmare when the time line starts to fall apart. So Barry has to turn everything back the way it was in order to save it. He did restore the timeline with a few miner changes. Barry has to learn how to adjust to the changes and deal with a mysterious figure that's trying to bring back Flash point. 

 I was letdown by this season. I like that Barry has to deal with the consequences for his choices. The way this season ended got me interested in seeing with direction this show will go in season 4. I like how they made the main villains sympathetic kind of, I wish season 5 of Arrow would have done the same thing but I'm getting a head of myself.  

I also like this season's Harrison Wells, sorry I can't explain why without spoiling anything. However I'm annoyed with how team Flash treats him, why didn't they treat Joe like this? I was outraged with what he had to do to earn there respect, I know respect is earned however if this is what you have to do to earn it from your peers then you're better off alone. 

Julian Albert is Barry's partner at Central City Police Department. He has a punch able face I mean he's high maintenance. 

Welly West/ kid flash is a crybaby at first, I mean he complaints about not being like his flash point counter part. When he is he acts like Tony Stark. I don't like the code name kid flash, I know it's in the comic but I still don't like it.

Is it me or does this season seem to appeal to women? I say that because everyone has a love interest this season.   

The problems I have with this season is the main villain is another speedster, this undermines the intro to this show. How can Barry Allen be the fastest man alive if there's someone else faster then him!?! Please no more speedsters as the main villain! Another issue is Barry Allen/The Flash has made himself unlikable. I didn't feel sorry for the problems he had this season because he broth that on himself, plus it seems like he learned nothing from creating Flash point or the previous season. I'm surprised that his friends and family didn't put him in the dog house for all the damage he cause them, I'm not saying that they should stay mad at him through out the season however they shouldn't be so quick to forgive him. This was another problem I had with Arrow season 4 Diggle was the only one who was mad at Oliver for betraying him. 

Some of the episodes feels like filler, like we have one episode that is a musical. This season wasted the flash point story line I say that because it only lasted one episode, I wish it would have last up to the midseason finally. Finally the plot holes, there are plot holes with the rules of time travel, the main villain, the main villain's plan and how a member of team Flash has superpowers.             

Overall this is season I wouldn't mind watching again and I'm looking forward to season 4. 

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