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My Saban's Power Rangers Movie review

My Saban's Power Rangers movie review 

Intro: When I first learned about this reboot a part of me was excited, because I've been waiting for this series to get a face lift for years. On the other hand I didn't have high hopes for this movie. I'm not just saying that because I wasn't happy with the design changes they made from the original show. ( Personally I don't think that was a smart move marketing wise. If fans won't accept these alterations what makes the creators think the merchandise will sell?)  

     (Hello Bug eyes ) 

Or because most movies based on kids shows are bad. 

I'm saying this because since Saban got the rights back to this franchise seven years ago they haven't made a good season since. ( Well Dino Charge/Super Charge was OK.)  

Look at how they revised the original show, if this is not a red flag I don't know what is? 


With all that being said are my instincts right about this movie or did this movie surprise me? Let's find out... 

Saban's Power Rangers movie: This movie is about five teens, they discover mysterious coins that have and gives them special abilities. After realizing this they go back to the place where they found the coins to investigate what's happening to them. The group get more then what they bargain for when they find a space ship and learn that their city is in danger from an alien threat. In order to stop this menace the teens have to master there powers and learn how to work together.

This movie put a smile on my face! It gave me the things I wanted to see, like a backstory for Rita and Zordon, the group of kids not being friends at first, the teens earning the right to be Power Rangers and humor at the zords expense. There are moments where this movie reminds me of the first episode of Mighty Morphing and other Power Rangers seasons. 

I appreciate how civilian powers are handled in this movie more than I did in the Power Rangers series. The grievance I have with the series use of civilian power ( besides the fact that it undermines the morphing powers.) is that it feels separate from there morphing powers, that's not the case in this movie, they're an extension of their morphing powers.    

I like this movie’s version of Jason/the red ranger, because you get a leader vibe from him. My beef with is that I don’t know why he did what he did that cause him to be in detention. Not only that there's a line he keeps saying over and over again in the movie, that can drive anyone nuts. I know the creates are trying to make that a famous line however in order for it to work you have to use it at the right time. I'm surprise that no one complain about how often that line was used instead of the produce placement in this movie. Oops!  

Trini/the yellow ranger is the reserved one of the pack. I’m not crazy about the other thing this movie has done with her. You'll feel the same way if you're tired of writers changing the race or sex of already establish characters. If you want more fictional characters of a different race or sexual orientation make up your own please and thank you.

Billy/the Blue ranger is the brains and heart of the bunch. I’m not sure about how I feel about the other change the writers made with this character. I shouldn’t have a problem with it because we had a Power Rangers series where two rangers act like kids, another series where a caveman is a ranger and a series where a ranger might have the same challenges as Billy. The only complaint I have with him is that he can be annoying, I mean Felicity from Arrow kind of annoying before season 3. 

Zack/the Black ranger is the goofball of the group. That’s fine because he was kind of like that in the original show in a fun way, not in a I wanna strangle you way like this Zack. What bothers me about this character is that he has the same problem I had with Sandman from Spider-man 3, you'll see what I mean when you watch the movie.    

Kimberly/the Pink ranger is lovely as always despite the fact that she's mean and self centered. I have issues with why she ended up in detention, I mean it made no sense. Also I was letdown that this movie didn't explore an aspect of this character from the show.  

I'm fond of what this movie has done with Alpha 5, he’s less obnoxious in this movie then he was in the show. Also there are times where he feels like a mentor to the rangers.  

Speaking of mentors this Zordon is Cranky, he's bossy and demanding of the teens instead of guiding them or boosting their morale. He does try to help however he seems impatient. In spite of that I'm fine with this movie's interpretation of Zordon. 

I’m impressed with what this movie has done with the villain Rita, she did things that she never done in the original show like grunt work and interaction with the rangers. The gripe I have with her besides her being inconsistent it’s that she makes my little head talk! She’s a villain I’m suppose to be disgusted by her not turned on, that’s Kimberly’s job. Also I'm frustrated that this movie didn't have her use one of her catch phrases, I mean there was a moment in the movie where she could have use it but the movie didn't take advantage of that scene.     

The problems I have with this movie is that Jason is the only one that has his signature weapon, that bugs me because this feels like a cheap way to make him popular. Some of the jokes and references fell flat. This movie could have been better if the Director did a better job directing certain scenes and have some of the dialogue rewritten.  

The movie putties are almost as bad as Lord Zedd's putties from the show. What’s the point of having the movie putties be made out of concrete if they can fall apart with one hit? I’m annoyed with what this movie has done with Goldar, he should have been replaced with Cyclopsis if they were going to do what they did with this character. The fight between Goldar and the Megazord was lame, watching two elderly people fight is better than this. Plus I'm irritated that the zords can do the same thing because the zords had different capabilities in the show. Finally the plot holes, sorry I can’t address them without spoiling the movie.

Overall I enjoyed this movie I would recommend this to both fans and non fans. If you like The Avengers you'll like this movie. 

Rating = Worth seeing 

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