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Arrow season four review

Arrow Season four review 

Intro: CW what's the point of giving this Green Arrow the title Green Arrow if you're still going to rip off Batman? Not only that you stole Magneto's Helmet! 

Arrow season four: This takes place six mouth After team Arrow stopped Ra's al ghul and Oliver and Felicity took off in some city making the Olicity fans happy. Meanwhile team Arrow is having a hard time protecting Star City because of a group called the ghost that is leaded by Damien Darhk. So team Arrow went out to find Oliver and Felicity and ask them to come back to Star City to help them stop this new threat. 

This season wash the bad taste out of my mouth that is season three, however it failed to aim higher. I was surprise to hear that people think this season is just as bad as season three, I don't think this is the best season however it was fine. This season did a few things different like introduce us to the main villain in the first episode, we don't have a flashback centered episode ( That annoyed me.) and we learn that a character is going to die in the first episode. I want talk about that this show did a good job at keeping us guess who is going to die, it looks like they learned something from season three. When you learn who is going to die your going to be surprised, I can't say in a good or bad way because this characters death cause mixed reactions from fans. I shouldn't have been that surprised  because this was kind of foreshadowed. 

We finale learn who Felicity's father is and the reveal is underwhelming, I thought it was going to be a well known character unless this person is underrated. Speaking of Felicity it looks like she picked up laurel's bad habit's I mean she was annoying last and she's annoying this season, don't worry it's not as bad as season three. The Diggle subplot got resolved this season I don't like how it got resolved all it did is add more drama and that drama might continue in the next season. The one good thing about it is that we see a side of Diggle that we haven't seen before. This season tried to make hope and having  dark side a theme this season but they didn't do a good job at it, you have to do more then have people say the word hope. As far as the dark side theme it's a hit and miss I like that team Arrow is affected by Oliver/Green Arrow's dark side because it shows that there are consequences for having a dark side. The flash back stuff was OK it was similar to season two's flashbacks. The problem I have with it is that it starts to drag, towers the end of the season the flashback get shorter and shorter. 

The problem I have with this show is giving the main character the title Green Arrow what's the point of doing that if you're not going to make him like his comic book counterpart or adapt any of the Green Arrow stories? Well they did adapt the story of Oliver running for Mayor. I wish they would have saved that for the finale season. Oliver even talks about doing things differently what did he mean by that he was doing the same thing he did the past three seasons. This wouldn't have bothered me if the CW didn't say that they were going to make this show more light heated, this is why I don't like to keep tabs on shows and movie. 

Because they don't always follow through with what they planned 

This show is still ripping off batman. Heck they even ripped off a scene from the dark knight rises. That's another thing that bothered me about this season I thought they were doing a no man's land story because in the beginning of this season people talk about know on wants to live in Star city and the city is getting no funding. That plot point got drop later on. Also there are some dumb moments with the characters in this show. Another problem I have with this season is Damien Darhk, we learned in season three that he was Ra's al ghul rival is this a joke!?! Damien Darhk is nothing without his magic when he does fight he gets beat up, how is he Ra's rival and why didn't Ra's mentioned that his into magic? When we learned what Damien Darhk's plan is it annoyed me because they could have used it to make him interesting if he didn't carry himself like a villain, plus this season tired to make hope a theme. Bottom line is this should have been the follow up to season two because it continues the plot points that was set up in season two. The ending got me interested in seeing where the show is going to go from here. 

P.S. I'm sorry I forgot to mention the crossover episodes they were better then the first ones despite the fact that the story is kind of weak and it service as setting up Legends of Tomorrow.     

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