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The Flash season one review

The Flash season one review 


Intro: So we have another Superhero with a tragic back story but he isn't a brute, what are the odds of someone going through a traumatic event and still be perky? Did I just say Perky? Darn it! Now everyone is going to think I grew up watching Teletubbies. When I first learned that CW was going to make a Flash TV show I had mixed feeling about it. On one hand I was excited because they have a chance to make The Flash relevant outside the comics. Despite the fact that this character had a live action TV show over twenty years ago the general public are not familiar with him, I mean they don't know this character like they do Batman and Superman.  

Part of the reason why is because there are so many different versions of this character. With the Justice League movie coming out they have a chance to expose these characters on the small screen instead of us having to wait three or four years for the movies to come out. On the other hand I was worried about this show because the creators of Arrow are also the creators of this show, doing a show like Arrow is hard enough I'm worried that they're biting off more them they can crew. After seeing how season three of Arrow turned out my fears were justified.   

The Flash season one: This show centers on Barry Allen/The Flash who is a forensic scientist at Central City Police Department. One day he gets Super speed after being stuck by lighting from an explosion at S.T.A.R lads, that explosion also created metahumans that use or misuse there powers. With the help of S.T.A.R. lads Barry decides to stop the metahumans and get closure for what happen is his past.  

I'm surprised by how well received this show was, I didn't think people want to see a light hearted show, considering the lack of love Superman is getting these days. You can tell that the creators of Arrow are behind this show, I mean both shows have similar intros, same number of episode per season, flashbacks and the public gave the Flash nicknames. OK it wasn't as bad as Arrow they only give flash two nicknames they are the streak and the blur. Wait! The blur? Is that a Smallville reference? The pilot episode was OK, I wish they would have made jokes about Barry learning how to control his power in the pilot but that would be too cliche. I only like one of the crossover episodes. No! It's not the Flash vs Arrow episode. the fight between Flash and Arrow was contrived. 

There's one villain that stood out to me and that's captain cold, I mean whenever captain cold and the Flash face each other captain cold gives him so much grief. He should have been the main villain, heck he should have been the antagonist to stop in the Arrow and Flash crossover episodes. 

 Barry/the flash is basically DC's version Of Peter Parker, I would like him more if he had a backbone when it comes to women but I digress. 

cisco (one of the members of Star lad.) is the comic relief and inventor. He reminds me of one of the guys from the Big bang theory.  

Caitlin ( another member of Star lads.) is a doctor and a good supporting character. We learn that she was affected by the explosion in a emotional way. 

Dr. Wells ( the head of star lads.) is Barry/the flash's mentor. Also he's the most interesting character on the show, I say that because he's an enigma at first but we learn more about him later on. 

Iris West ( the love interest) is dead weird. Her attitude rubs me the wrong way. I don't get why Barry is into her, I wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole.  

 Joe West is an Central City Detective and Iris Father/ Barry's Guardian. He didn't make the best impression at first but later on you see that he cares for Barry. 

I don't have much to say about Eddie Thawne ( Joe's Partner/Iris boyfriend.) because we don't know much about him. the only thing we learn about him is that he has a connections with one of the villains. He seems to be a stand up guy. I feel sorry for him because of how he's treated in this season. I like how the love triangle between him, Iris and Barry was handled for the most part.    

The reverse Flash ( the main Villain) is scary and threatening. I like the way he manipulate everyone, well almost everyone. it's hard for me to consider him a villain because he doesn't want what villains want like power, revenge, world domination and destruction. He does want to kill someone but that's not his main objective. 

The problems I have with this show is the reverse flash's plan has flaws, unsure of his motivations, plot holes, episodes can be repetitive and the shows theme. the theme of this season is moving on, some characters in this show have lose someone or something and they have to learn how to move forward, the way this show handle that theme was a hit and miss. Overall this is good season and I'm glad that it's getting another season. I would recommend this if you like mysteries or science. You'll have fun figuring out if the science in this show is legit.       

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