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Arrow Season Three review

Arrow Season Three review 


Intro: I want to thank the feminine I mean the Olicity fans for ruining this season. This is my problem with feminism it invading our personal space, ladies this is a guy show. I don't have a problem with women wanting to watch this show, however we shouldn't have to change things to cater to women. This is no different if men start watching soap operas and they complain that there's no action in it, so they put action in soap opera just to cater to men. If you want to watch two people talk about how much they love each other watch a Jennifer Aniston movie, leave Arrow out of it. 

Arrow Season Three: This season takes place five mouths after Team Arrow stopped Slade Wlison/ Deathstroke and his army from destroying Starling City and things have gotten better since then. I mean crime has dropped to the point where Oliver is considering to stop being the Arrow, well that dream got ruined when one of the characters is murder. So Team Arrow have to figure out who did it plus deal with the complications surrounding this characters murder. 

Man O man this season was a mass. I'm not that angry because the creators of this show was also working on The Flash, now that's not a good reason why this season is a mass, however I knew they were biting off more then they can crew. The problem with this season is the writing, I mean in order for this season to justify itself the writers have to make the characters stupid. The main villain and Ra's al ghuls plans makes no sense. Team Arrow trying to figure who killed there friend wasn't good because one there wasn't a lot of suspects, and two the mystery only had red herring. The mystery in the Flash was better then this, but I digress. Another problem is the plot holes for example at the end of season two Oliver is broke and he is still broke but we see him travel in some episodes, what is he doing for money? In case y'all didn't know I have a love - hate relationship with this show, I mean this show keeps doing things to make me not want to watch it and this season was no exception. Here are the three things this season did, one episode 9 play with my emotions and insult my intelligence, two we lost three other characters this season and we are about to lose another finally they are playing the hokey pokey with the world this show set up. This show is part of a world that has superpowers and super natural elements in it but they still want to keep the realistic tone are you kidding me?    

I want to talk about the romance between Oliver and Felicity this bugs me. No! it's not because I'm anti-romantic which I'm not it because this romance came out of nowhere with no build up, now this show has something in common with Avengers Age of Ultron. The reason they are doing this is because the creator of this show are simps, I mean they saw pictures and videos from Olicity fans wanting them to be  together. Plus they didn't like Laurel, the love interest Oliver was suppose to be with, don't worry I will talk about her later. Look I don't mind the idea of Oliver and Felicity dating, however I don't like the writers dragging out this romance by making it an on again off again relationship. Whenever these two are together this is what I hear.  

Oliver: I love you. 

Felicity: Me too. 

Oliver: But we can't be together. 

Felicity: I agree. 

Oliver: I can't live without you. 

Felicity: I want your Bod. 

Let's talk about the characters. I have good news and bad news about Laurel. Good news is that she is useful this season, the bad news is she is she does things that make her unlikable. Come on guys this is the third season and y'all still can't make Laurel likable, I bet the fan wish she had died instead of Tommy. I don't like the idea of Diggle having a child because it turns him into a Mr. mom, plus the subplot about him figuring out why his brother was murder wasn't resolved. This also created conflicted between Oliver and him about should Diggle still be a part of his crusade now that he's a father. I was annoyed with what the writers have done with Thea, I mean they set her up to serve a purpose but she didn't become useful until the end of the season. Felicity is annoying this season, besides doing what she does best all she does is complain. I like how  Ra's al ghul is presented in this season, however I don't like what was done with him. I always saw Ra's al ghuls as a mobster of ninja that's how this show portrayed him. Sidenote Bruce/Batman is out of his mind to cross a guy like Ra's, I don't care who you are you must have a death wish if you want to mass with someone who has an army of assassins. Also there's only one moment where Ra's is intimidating, that scene is him killing eight assassins by himself. I would have been impressed if he did it unarmed but I digress. 

As far as the flashbacks goes I was outraged that Oliver didn't spend the whole five years on the island. I was hoping this show would borrow elements for the show Lost. People were already comparing this to Lost plus this show borrow Batman stories and villains. The problem I have with the flashbacks is that most of them connected to what's going on in the present. Also the lessons he learn in those flashbacks contradict what he had learned before. 

OK here are the things I liked about this season. I like that it started off with a mystery, I like the relationship between Roy and Oliver, they kind of have a big brother little brother relationship. I like the crossover episode the Brave and the Bold, in fact that's the only crossover episode I like I like how this show continues the theme of family, they tried to make identity a theme it didn't work, and I like how Ra's manipulate Oliver into joining him. Bottom line is this is bad season. The way this season ended feels like a series finale, this wouldn't have bothered me if this was the series finale. Now I'm really worried about season four.                    

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