Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My thoughts on terminator genisys

My thoughts on Terminator Genisys 

What did I just watch? Seriously what is this? 

This was my reaction when I saw the trailer for this movie 

Remember when I said that I wish hacker would prevent other movies from being release this is one of those movies, no one wanted this franchise to be rebooted, remade or whatever there doing and no one ask for this to happen. I'm so sick and tired of Hollywood turning a golden egg into a rotten egg. T2 already ended this franchise so why are movie studios making more movies in this franchise? If they wanted to continue this franchise they should have made movie based on the infiltrator books. OK let's get into what bothered me about this trailer for this movie. First off they spelled Genesis wrong, wait why is this movie called Genesis? Second I don't like the men that are cast to play John Connor and Kyle Reese. The woman that's playing Sarah Connor looks like Mrs. Hamilton despite the fact that she hasn't hit puberty. Speaking of Sarah she was another problem I have with the trailer there was a scene where she used Kyle's line on him, do I really have to explain why that annoyed me? Also Sarah and Kyle's roles a reveres, Sarah is the soldier and Kyle is the damsel in distress. I'm not being funny there are scene where Sarah saves him, thank for making Kyle less creditable. In the trailer we learn that someone was sent back in time before Kyle and this leads to the final thing that bother me about this trailer, what was sent back in time before Kyle was and older Terminator of Arnold. that's right Arnold is in this movie, may I ask why is Arnold in this movie? 

My PR: He is the face of this franchise. 

So what he doesn't need to be a terminator in this movie, not every terminator looks like Arnold.  Arnold need to reinvent himself, if you want Arnold in this movie have him make a cameo appearances. What about Mrs. Hamilton and Mr. Biehn are there going to be cameos of them? Judging from what I have seen the title of this movie they are starting this franchise all over again, so my question is why would I watch this movie? I mean this movie has nothing new to offer beside more scene of the future war and a time paradox. This is basically the first movie with the T 1000, and older Arnold and there trying to stop Judgement day, like we haven't see that before. So yeah I'm not going to watch this movie, heck I won't watch it if it's on TV.    

P.S. Did I mentioned that they are planning to make two sequels to this movie, yeah they are making sequels to a movie that hasn't been release yet. Movie studios will y'all please stop trying copy Marvel Studios. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My thoughts on Avengers age of Ultron

My thoughts on Avengers age of Ultron

Before I talk about this movie I want to talk about Marvel studios real quick. I was annoyed that this studio announced that they are releasing films from now til 2019, this bother me because this could hurt the previous films. For example in Age of Ultron if we see Captain American in a life or death situations we know he is going to get out of it because this studio is making another Captain American movie, do you see what I mean this takes away the suspense for me. As far as these future Marvel Movies they better be good, I mean Rotten Tomatoes giving these films a 100% good.   

Now to my thoughts on Age of Ultron, The way Captain American the winter soldier ended got me interested in this movie. I mean it's odd that we are having another Avengers movie without S.H.I.E.L.D, I'm sorry if I spoiled the ending of Winter soldier if you haven't seen it. The trailer for this movie got me hooked, there are two things that got my attention in this trailer. The first thing that got my attention is the Pinocchio reference, I mean they references something other then Marvel. That was a problem I have with these Marvel films they only references themselves they don't try to branch out, I hope these films make references outside Marvel more often. Also this references links to how the Villain Ultron was talking in the trailer, he was talking about people being puppets. Judging from those two things I have a feeling that this movie is going to deal with people being mindless drones, if that's true then this is movie is going to be good. Yes! we had movie that address this issue before, however just because it's been done before doesn't mean it can't be good. The plot in Avatar has been done so many times but Avatar was still consider a good movie. The second thing that got my attention was the broken Captain American shield. That surprised me because I wasn't expecting to see that happen, I thought that was going to happen in the next Avenger's movie.  

The thing that bothered me about this movie is that they didn't introduce new members for the Avengers, heck I was mad that the Hulk didn't get another solo film. I mean Guardians of the galaxy gets a solo film but not the Hulk what gives Marvel studios? I thought the Hulk was going to get another Solo film because the leader was introduce in the previous Hulk movie, I guess there saving him for the Hulk movie in the third wave of Marvel movies. Also what's the point of introducing Guardians of the galaxy if they are not going to be a part of this movie, Marvel studios could have saved them for the third wave of Marvel movies. I'm sorry we are introduce to two new characters in age of Ultron and they are Scarlet witch and Quicksilver, I wonder what role they will play in this movie. I'm worried about Quciksilver because a different version of this character was introduce in X-men days of future past, despite barely being in the movie I was impressed with what was done with him. Of course Scarlet witch and Quciksilver can't be called mutants for obvious reasons. Another thing I notice in the trailer is that there are scenes where the Avengers are fighting each other, we already seen this in the previous Avengers movie. If they are going to have them fighting again I hope it handled a lot better, because I didn't like how it handled in the previous movie. That's all I have to say I looking forward to this movie and I hope it worth my time and money.