Sunday, June 15, 2014

My rant about Father's Day

My rant about Father's Day


Three years ago I saw something disturbing and that is Hallmark made Father’s day cards for Mother’s.  I am not kidding about that, I posted one them above this post. These cards are mainly for Black mothers, they clearly don’t have a problem with it because I haven’t seen any news report were there outrage with Hallmark for making these cards. So let me get this straight y’all want to be honored for not picking the right man to be your kids father, that’s what y’all are doing. I don’t get it why do women associate themselves with guy things? If a Caucasian women get tattoos she’s called a biker chick, but a Black woman is still considered a queen no matter what she do. How many times do I have to tell you Ladies you can’t be both a mother and a Father to your kids, it’s not possible. Heck y’all are not doing a good job a being both Mother and Father, I mean look at the stats 78% of men that are in jail are from a single parent household. You know what a woman having kids without a man around should be consider child neglected, I mean it’s not fair that’s kids have to grow up with no father around. Who is going to warn your son about the disadvantages he is going to have for being a man, heck being raises in a single parent household is a disadvantage.  Also why should we feel sorry for single mother for choosing to be single? I hear single mother’s complaining about how hard it is to do everything on their own, again why should we feel sorry for y’all? You made your bed now sleep in it. Another thing if you keep the father away from his kids and your kids are giving you grief I don’t feel sorry for you, I see that as karma what made you think you can remove the man from the family not expect anything in return?

Bottom line is kids need their fathers just as much as the mother, it’s sad that Fathers don’t get honored as much as the mothers. The only reason women have that I raises my kids by myself mentality is because they got assists. If you didn't pick the right guy to be a father then at least get a mentor for your sons. You know what I’m going to give y’all one reason why it’s important that kids should be around there Father that reason is love, men love differently than women. Another reason is identity, how can a child know or learn about himself if he or her doesn’t know there history? How can someone know there history if they don’t know there family?           


Saturday, June 7, 2014

My rant about Men United

My rant about Men United


Men we have a problem there is something that is keeping us from uniting and that thing is sex. That’s right we put sex on a pedestal, don’t look at me like I’m crazy if you’re spending money on playboy magazines and on strip clubs that’s what you’re doing. No wonder women call us dogs we act like dogs when it comes to sex. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of seeing boys, men and brothers fighting and killing each other over a woman.

Here are some examples.

I can’t believe we are doing this to each other over what sex? Side note ladies this is the reason why y’all have male friends, I mean they are hoping that they will get laid or be your main squeeze over time. Have y’all seen the movie When Harry met Sally? Men we need to wake up and realize that women don’t have our best interest in mind heck they don’t even love us. Don’t believe me there was a news report early this year about a man in Taxes being put in jail for overpaying child support and women were not outrage by that why is that? Since we are on the subject of child support how is a man paying child support help better the relationship with his kids? Also have you notice that women say that he need to pay child support instead of I need him to be a father to his kids?

Here’s another example of what I’m talking about.

Do you see how women do us wrong? This woman said that her friends told her to trick her Husband, the man she promise to love, honor and cherish. This woman needs better friends. I shouldn’t be surprised the Mrs. Williams and the audience are encouraging this nonsense, the women that didn’t clap didn’t condemn the other women. Yes! The Husband went back on his promise but that’s no excuse to trick him. Wait why is the wife talking to Mrs. Williams about having another kid? Why isn’t she talking to her Husband about this, hack Mrs. Williams didn’t even ask why her husband broke his promise. OK Ladies since y’all don’t have a problem with this then y’all shouldn’t have a problem with Dr. Phil doing this.

A boy: Hey Dr. Phil I have been seeing this girl for 9 months now and we haven’t had sex yet. What should I do?

Dr. Phil: It’s simple force her to have sex with you, put roofies in her drink stick a gun to her face.

I better not see women being outraged about this. Before I move on what was that thing Mrs. Williams said men have never been in control of our bodies. Then why do men have to pay for your choices moron! Ladies if you love your male counterpart then y’all should have no problem with doing the following.

Make a big deal about Prostate cancer, buy there men gifts on Valentine day, condemn women for falsely accuse men of crimes they didn’t committed, women taking money from a man to the point that he lives in a hotel, women abusing their power towers men,  condemn Army wives for being so causal with cheating on their Husbands and women keeping their sons away from their father. Side note I kind of feel bad for Soldiers, I mean they have to come home to find out there wife is cheating on them after being mentally or physically scared what up with that? Also I’m surprised that no one is blaming Army wives for ruing the foundation of marriage instead of blaming Homosexuals, like I said before they seem casual with cheating on their Husbands.

There is a scene in one of the Saw films where a woman and two men that she was seeing was in a death trap, so the woman tried to convince one of the men to sacrifice themselves for her. Do y’all know what happened next the men sacrifice her instead of themselves. Men this is what we need to start doing, I don’t mean kill women I mean we need to let women know that y’all are not going to manipulate us with sex.

My PR: Travis that’s hard to do.

What do you mean it’s hard, have you seen the 40 year old Virgin? How do you think he manage to stay a virgin he stay away from anything that remains him of sex. That strategy is working for me, I don’t buy playboy magazines or spend my money on strip clubs. I haven’t been to the beach in twelve years and I stay inside the house in the spring and summertime. Another thing when I was in the job development program I told them if I’m going to work with women they have to be old enough to be my mother.

Also we need to stop letting women use sex to get away with murder. Bottom line is we have to look out for each other and stick together. One more thing ladies if you love the men in your life then y'all should treat them like they’re dying. Because that’s what society is doing to men, they are killing us mentally we don't need to come home and deal with that.