Friday, May 23, 2014

My review of X-Men Days of Future Past

My review of X-Men Days of Future Past


 Intro: Mr. Ratner you should be thinking Mr. Singer for cleaning up your mess because this movie is the only thing that is keeping the fans from giving you the beating you deserve. Then again I wouldn’t have mind the way this movie ended if we didn’t get hints on what the third X-Men movie was going to be about.

X-Men Days of Future Past: This movie is based on an X-Men comic that has the same title, also this movie is a sequel to X-Men First Class and a follow up to The Wolverine. The plot is this the film takes place in the year 2035 and a group of machines called Sentinel are hunting and killing both Humans and mutants. In order to prevent this ordeal from happening the X-Men decides to sent Wolverine back in time to stop the Sentinel for being created. I enjoyed this film however the problems I have with this movie hurts it from me giving it my highest rating. I appreciate that this movie tried to connect with First Class and the other X-Men films. You can see how characters influence each other in this film. I’m not going to compare this movie to the Terminator because everyone else has already done that. Also the comic book that this movie is based on came out before the Terminator. One of the problems I have with this movie are the plot holes, that funny because this movie was suppose to fix those problems. Here’s an example of one of the plot holes, if the Sentinel have been around since the 1970’s why haven’t we seem them in the earlier films or why haven't the Sentinel been reference? What annoyed me about this movie is that this movie drops characters without telling us who they are and how long have they been part of the X-Men? I was also annoyed with the character QuickSilver. Yes! I like what he does in this movie however he doesn’t have a big role in this film. Another problem I have with this movie is that this movie feels more like a sequel to First Class then X-Men the last stand, I wish there were more scenes of the future. Well to be fair making a movie like this is tricky, I glad the director didn’t go back and forth from the future to the past. The way this movie ended bothered me because this ending would have been a fine ending to this franchise if this was the last movie in this franchise. I would recommend this movie if you like time travel films.

Rating = Average

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Arrow season two review

Arrow season two review



Intro: Finally! This show has stop calling Green Arrow a bunch of nicknames, from now on he is called The Arrow. I miss Green Arrow being called the hood guy already. Also if you like you have failed this city line, well prepare to be disappointed because you’re only going to hear that line twice in this season.

Arrow Season Two: This season takes place a year after the destruction of the Glades, the Glades is the worst part of Starling City. You get to see how everyone is affected by it, one character is on vacation, one is in a psych ward, two characters got married, one has hit rock bottom, one is about to hit rock bottom and the people that lives in the Glades are mad that they have no place to live.    Since the Glades incident Oliver Queen/The Arrow left Starling City, after learning that things in Starling City have gotten worse, his family and the family business is falling apart Oliver Queen/The Arrow comes back to Starling City and try to fix things. Meanwhile someone from Oliver’s past has come to Starling City to turn his world into ashes. Oliver decides to become the hooded vigilante again to stop this person plus deal with family drama. 

This season has been a roller coaster for me, I'll get into that later. This season has the same themes as last season, they are family and redemption. The first episode should have been a two parter, because Oliver becoming the vigilante again seem rushed to me. 

I like the two arc’s Oliver have this season. The first arc is him changing his image as the vigilante, the second arc is him learning to forgive himself for what he did on the island. I was annoyed that Oliver didn't use his hit list because I know we are going to go back to that list in the future. I also think it's funny that he didn't use that list because one of the new characters name is on that list. 

I like Roy Harper more than I did last season. I also like what this show has done with him, however I was let down with how it played out. The problem I had with Roy last season was that we don’t know much about him and we still don’t know anything about him. I also didn’t like how he treats Thea last season. 

Speak of Thea I feel sorry for her, you'll see why when you watch this season. Also she's lease annoying then she was last season. 

If you didn’t like Laurel last season you’re not going to like her this season.  

I still don’t like Oliver’s mother Moria because she still haven’t learn her lesson, well she redeemed herself towers the end. 

Diggle has a subplot this season that continue towers the end of the previous season. I wish he would have been more helpful in Oliver's crusade. 

Quentin Lance ( The detective in this season.) is more helpful with The Arrow then he was in the previous season. Also his attitude towers him has change and we get to see there relationship grow.    

I also like the flashbacks because the flashbacks to the island connects to what’s happening now. The problem I have with the flashbacks is that there is a love triangle between Oliver and two of his allies well kind of, I don't buy that there would be a love triangle between these three. The reason why is because one of the allies didn't show romantic interest in the other before, plus I thought the character in question was married after we learn he has a son. Also Oliver tells us what happened on the island before or after we see the event happen. Doing that undermines the flashbacks whats the point for watching them if Oliver is going to tell us what happen? I was also annoyed to see where Oliver went when the Glades was destroyed, I hope that has some pay off in the future.  

I said earlier that this season has been a roller coaster, the reason I say that is because this show has done two things that almost made me not want to watch this show. The first thing is bring back two characters that we thought was died. The first character they broth back from the died didn’t bother me that much I had a feeling this character wasn’t really died. What annoys me about this character is what was done with this person I'm going to leave it at that. The second character this show broth back really bothered me because bring back characters that either died or remove just disarm what happens in previous events. I’m getting tired of saying this if you kill off a character keep that character died! Also I don’t buy the big reveal involving this character. 

Another thing that bothered me about this season is that it was setting up the DC Universe. This wouldn’t have bothered me if this show didn’t have a realistic or serious tone. You know what I’m tired of this realistic nonsense, I’m not saying this is a bad thing however if you’re doing a show or movie about comic book characters then you need to get creative with the world they live in. I don’t want to see fictional characters in a real city, putting these characters in a real city doesn't so creativity or imagination that’s being lazy. Have some darn passion, please and thank you. 

This season setting up the DC Universe bugs me for two reason. First reason is that y'all already did this in Smallville. Second reason is that instead of setting up other DC characters the producers of this show should have focus on the characters and plot points that this season already set up. Episode 9 made me question what made Oliver become the vigilante in the first place? Judging by the first four episodes of this season I thought this show was going to do a No man’s land story. That would have been a good story to adapt into a TV show. The previous season address class warfare with Roy’s character, I was annoyed that this season didn’t continue that.

Mr. Nolan If your reading this you need to watch this season because this season borrowed elements for the dark knight rises. You know what I rather watch this season then rises because this season is better then that movie. Also how effective the main villain was in this season that's what I was expecting Bane to be in Rises. I'm sorry I didn't talk about the main villain of this season. 

The main villain in this season is a good villain, he keeps outsmarting Oliver. It made me question how is Oliver going to stop this person or can he stop this person? The problem I have with the villain is that he's motivation is weak. Speaking of villains I have notice this season make some of the side villains sympathetic, the problem I have with it is that there motivation are not elaborated. Also there are other ways to make villains sympathetic. A minor problem I have with this season is that three characters were killed off, I will give you a clue to who they are one is a side character and the other two are villains. Despite my gripes with this season this is a good season, none of the episodes are bad. Well episodes 10 and 17 are the weakest episodes to me. 

P.S. The way this season ended made me worried about season three because the ending feels like a series finale ending. The reason why is because of how connected this season is to the previous season, plus almost everyone knows Oliver is The Arrow. I don't want the creators of this show to make the same mistakes as the people who work on trilogies, as far as using there best idea's for the second film that they have nothing for the third film. I will give the creators of this show credit for not dragging out the plot, I will be impressed if season three is a good fellow up to this season.