Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Batman rant

My Batman rant

Man O man this rant has been a long time coming. Batman is the most overrated, overexposed and overused DC character. I know it, the fans know it, the public know it, WB and DC know it. Don’t believe me then why does Batman have five different cartoons and no one complain about other DC characters not having their own cartoon or show? Why aren’t people complaining about Rocksteady not making video games for other DC characters? Why didn’t WB expose the public to other DC characters in movies between 1997 to 2005?

Ever since Mr. Nolan’s Batman films and the Arkham games Batman’s fan base is getting out of hand, before The dark knight rises came out the fans made threats to people who didn’t give the movie good reviews.

Here’s an example of how crazy a fan acts.

I don’t dislike Batman I dislike his fan base, well there are things about Batman I don’t like but I'll get into that later. I personally wouldn’t have mind Batman getting all this attention, if the writers would come up with better stories or do interesting things with Dr. Hugo Strange, Mr. Freeze and Bane. The fans do things that annoys me, like compare Batman to other characters especially Superman. It’s not fair to do that. 

Since were on the subject of Superman there is one thing that Batman and Superman have in common, that is both Characters are hard to write. Batman is hard to write because everyone interprets him differently, ask Frank Miller. (Personally I saw Batman as James Bond wish anger issues, freelance agent and likes to dress up as a Bat.) Since were on the subject my favorite interpretation of Batman is the animated series. One of the reasons why is because he wasn’t always a brute in that cartoon, plus he try's to reason with the villains That’s kind of a problem I have with the Batman comics in the 2000’s, I mean they focus on how much of a brute he is. I also like Mr. Bale as Batman, because he kind of reminds me of the animated series Batman. Superman is hard to write because people don’t know what they want this character to be. You make Superman one of the smartest characters in the DC Universe people complain, people shouldn’t have a issue with that because his father Joe-El was a scientist. You make Superman like Batman people complain, you make Superman a father people complain, see you can’t win when it comes to Superman. Also I think people dislike Superman for the wrong reason and like Batman for the wrong reason.

A Batman fan: I can relate to Batman because he’s human, that make him relatable and a more realistic hero.

By that logic we should relate to Mr. Zimmerman and the late Bin Laden for what they have done because there human. As far as him being realistic he’s not he’s farfetch. Even Mr. Nolan’s Batman films where farfetch, I mean there where elements of Sci-if in those films. Also there are comic books that makes Batman more realistic then Mr. Nolan’s films. Batman is not really human I mean he does things that aren’t humanly possible, like breath under water for ten to twenty minutes, jump for skyscrapers and land perfectly and his brain is like a computer. How is he human and realistic if he can do the things I just mentioned? Also the writers of this character doesn’t explain how he can do these things. I’m so sick and tired of the because I’m Batman excuse, if I hear that again I’m going to hurt someone. The because I’m Batman statement holds no value because we know he was trained to become Batman for years. Michael Jordan would look silly if he said I can shoot half court shots because I’m Michael Jordan because we know he was trained to play basketball.

 As far as being relatable goes I can understand that, he saw his parents shoot and murdered right in front of him at a young age that’s not easy to get over. However how many people do you know that watch their parents die and dress up as a bat to fight crime, none I thought so. So what do you mean Batman is relatable? Also what happens to people when they go thought a traumatic event they go to therapy, do you think Bruce would still be Batman if he got help? ( Why didn’t Alfred take Bruce to therapy?) Side note there was a time in the comics where he tells other characters that his motivated by his parents death. That annoyed me because there are other characters that loss more than him "cough" Superman "cough".  ( Bruce’s parents would still be alive if they had Alfred wait for them in their car when the movie is over or if Bruce’s parents have taken a Taxi instead of walking in a dark ally. Really what were they thinking?)  

As far as Batman being a hero he’s not, Batman is just an angry man that’s not over his parent’s death. Ever Alfred said that to him in Arkham Origins, will not word for word. This is no different if any wealthy person drives in a dangers place at night and hits criminals with a police club. You don’t believe me about Bruce not getting over his parents death then why are there episodes of batman the animated series and the Justice League cartoon center on what makes Bruce happy, and the answer is wishing that he parents weren’t murdered. I’m not trying to be insensitive like I said it’s not easy to get over the death of a love one, however there are better ways of coping. Batman is letting his anger control his life, Just like Spider-man is letting his guilt control his life. Bottom line is we need to stop using relatable as an excuse to like or dislike a character. Were not suppose to relate to fictional characters they inspire us to achieve something that isn’t easy to achieve, if we can achieve something easy there’s not value in it. Also if you don’t like the Government then why do you like Batman? He operates the way the Government does, as far as spying on people. Batman is also the most paranoid and distrustful character I've ever seen in fiction so far. Why do you think he has kids as sidekick, because kids they are easy to manipulate.

The thing I want to see happen more with Batman is him losing fighting the villains or trying to stop their plans. Where’s the fun in reading or watching this character if you know he’s going to win in the end? That’s the main reason why Knightfall is one of my favorite Batman stories, because that’s the only time Batman gets his butt kicked as far as I know. (I know he lose to Deathstroke in the comics I don't know the name of that comic.)  Side note I though Batman was going to have an arc in that story. I mean Batman seems arrogant in that story as far as thinking he’s the only one that can deal with criminals, when Bane break his back I though that would make him humble himself. I was annoyed that Deathstroke or Bane didn’t beat Batman in Arkham Origins.  

Seriously what was the point of showing us this if this was not going to happen in the game? 

Side note I’m surprised that no one made a comic book series or TV show based on Bruce’s seven year leave from Gotham, before or after Batman Begins. I think it’s funny that Batman was able to stop the Justice League in JLA: Tower of Badel. I mean he can make plans to stop the justice league but he can’t make a plan to stop the Joker.

A Batman fan: The Joker is unpredictable.

Yeah so what? He should know that by now. In the World’s Finest movie I better see Superman or Wonder Woman mop the floor with Batman, fans seem to forget that Batman is human I hope this movie will remind them of that.

Let me readdress the things I don’t like about Batman, he’s in mature, he spies on people, manipulate people, he’s just as cynical as the world we live in and he doesn’t fight fair. Also he's no different than his villains as far as being obsessed. How is Batman's obsession with crime any different from the Riddler’s obsession with proving his intellect, The Scarecrow’s obsession with fear, Poison Ivy obsession with plants the list goes on. Let me ask you something Batman fans, how is Bruce Wayne different for any other wealthy person? He isn’t, Just because he isn't a douchebag like Tony Stark or Donald Trump that doesn't make him different. I mean if he can afford to upgrade his Batsuit, Batcave, equipment and make his Batmobile more secure then the President’s limbo then he has nothing better to do with his time or money. This is another thing I don’t like about this character if he's so smart then how can he not realize that there are smarter ways to fix Gotham then putting himself endanger, like give his money to the people that can fix Gotham.

For example Bruce should have giving his hi-tech gadgets to the Gotham P.D to make there job easier, even Alfred suggested that in The dark knight Rises. Don’t give me that Gotham P.D. is corrupted nonsense, if that’s the case then Bruce should have hired Lawyers to get rid of the Police Department so that the Department can be rebuild. Also Batman’s villains can be stopped without Batman around, Like the GPD should have put a rico case on Black Mask and Penguin. The FBI can stop the Riddle, his riddles are not that hard that they can figure out. Bane exist to challenge Batman, no Batman no Bane. Ra’s al ghul wouldn’t come to Gotham if he sees that Gotham isn’t corrupted. Two-Face would be in a psych ward and get surgery for his face. SWAT can handle Posion Ivy, Killer Croc can be contain and get help for his condition. Also Mad Hatter would also be in a Psych ward and The Joker can be stopped without Batman. There is one Batman character that can be hard to stop that is Catwoman, She's smart, resourceful and maintains a low profile. Bruce should also used his money to produce more jobs, why do you think that people with no money, live in a poor environment, don’t have a good education, can't get a decide job committed crimes, what other choice do they have? If Bruce did the things I suggested then Gotham can be fixed, but no he wants to send that money on himself because he has issues.

Wait didn’t Bruce’s father made the same suggestion I did?


Side note another reason Gotham City is a mess is because the people in Gotham are morons, I mean how many storylines involves the Joker bring amusement to Gotham and the citizen are happy about it?

Bottom line is DC and WB give Batman a break and focus on other DC characters, stop making other DC characters look bad just to make Batman look awesome. Well to be fair some DC characters are not really DC characters, I don’t have time to get into that. Also stop doing that with the Joker, I mean stop making the other Batman villains look bad to make the Joker look good. You tried to expose us to Green Lantern twice with a movie and cartoon but the movie wasn’t a hit and the cartoon got cancelled. There hasn’t been a good Superman movie in decades, I didn’t think Man of Steel is a good movie. Also when are you going to make good Superman video games? Do I really have to common on Wonder Woman? I’m glad that Green Arrow is getting his moment to shine in the show Arrow, I hope the Flash show does the same for the Flash. So DC, WB y’all better pick up the pace, look at how many Marvel characters that Marvel has introduce in film to the public. 

P.S If Batman is so awesome why wasn’t he picked to fight Goku in Death Battle? If Batman was picked how do you think he can beat Goku?  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My review of Breaking Bad the series

My review of Breaking Bad the series



Breaking bad: The nickname for this show should be How to be a drug dealer 101? This show is centered on a high school chemistry teacher name Walter White, who is diagnose with lung cancer. Walter is worried about he’s family financial future, in order for him to secure it he decides to sell crystal meth. Walter get’s this idea after seeing what his step brother name Hank Schrader does for a living. In order for Walter to sell meth he gets help for his former student name Jesse Pinkman and he goes by the alias Heisenberg.

I don’t get how this show is so popular.

The fans of this show: Boo,boo,boo,boo,boo.

Don’t get me wrong I'm not saying this show is bad, it just so predictable. I mean if you lived this lifestyle then you know what going to happen. This could have been pasted as a true story. OK to be fair this show wasn’t that predictable, I was surprised with how things turned out in this show. I liked this shows humor because the humor doesn’t effect the tune of this show. I also like the arc Walter goes thought in this show, he was just and insecure chemistry teacher who wanted more out of life I like how Walter gets himself and others out of there dilemma. With that being said I thought he was kind of stupid, I mean he gets himself in trouble with the right and wrong kind of people and he still sells meth. Either he’s stupid or likes to live dangerously. I also thought Walter’s wife was stupid as well because had a changes to get out of her dilemma but she didn’t take it. I guess she likes to live dangerously as well. The problem I have with this show is that it’s too centered on the Walter White, I know this show is about him but I wish the show would focus on other characters. This show got me invested in the other characters especially Jesses. Season two was centered on Jesse and Hank, the theme of that season was obsession. Another problem I have with this show is that the last three episodes of season 5 seems depressing to me. I thought this show was OK, if you like crime dramas then I would recommend this.




Monday, April 7, 2014

My review of the Terminator films

My review of the Terminator films



The Terminator: I like this film more than Terminator 2 because find this one more interesting, the reason why is because it was a man verse machine movie. The plot is this a machine called the terminator was sent back thought time to kill a woman name Sarah Connor, the purpose of this is so that the machines can have the upper hand in the future war between humans and machines. Also a soldier from the future name Kyle Reese was sent to protect Sarah. This is one of those movies that can fit in many genres, This movie can fit in action, sci-fi and horror genre. I didn't find this movie scary, however it has it moments. Especially with Kyle having a hard time protecting Sarah from the Terminator, despite that I like how Kyle keeps his cool about it. How can I address the problem I had with this movie without spoiling the plot twist? All I can say is that I’m not convinces that the two main characters would do the things they did, because they didn’t seem interested. 

Rating = Treasure Chest

Terminator 2 Judgment Day: The plot in this movie is similar to the first film, I do think the first one is more interesting however this movie took the elements in the first film and enhances them. I like this movie’s take on time travel better then Back to the future. The antagonists in this movie is called the T 1,000, this villain was great because he is made of liquid metal and can turn into anybody which makes him hard to stop. One of the main characters name John Connor tried to explain to the Terminator about humanity, and show him how to talk and act human. The subplot in this movie is trying to prevent what going to happen in the future, one of the characters tried to do that by trying to kill the person responsible for what was going to happen however this person is guilty of nothing. That subplot can create social commentary, like is it acceptable to kill a ruthless dictator before he or she reach ruthless dictator stats? Also I like the special effect in this movie it looks great back when this film first came out and it still looks great today. This movie had a lot of problems involving the plot holes and continuity issues. I also have a problem with how this movie was advertise, I mean I wish they made it a mystery of which Terminator is good or bad. The way this movie ended made me cry.

Rating = Treasure Chest


 Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines: Wow! This movie is another example of Hollywood
not knowing when to leave things alone. I wounder how the script meeting for this film went.

The Producer: OK we want to continue the Terminator franchise, but we don't know how because of how T2 ended.

The scrip writer: I know we can make up some nonsense about Judgement Day being postponed.

The Producer: Do you have a scientific explanation?

The Writer: No.

The Producer: How are we going to get Mr. Schwarzenegger to play the Terminator?

The Director: We can give half of our special effects budget to him.

The Producer: I will call his agent ASAP.

The plot is this over ten years has pasted since T2 and two terminators are sent back in time to. One was sent to kill John Connor and the other is sent to protect him. No! I'm not kidding, that's the plot of this movie. Basically the plot is the same as T2, but worst. I kind of feel bad about saying anything bad about this movie, because T2 was similar to the first film and it rehash some scene. When T2 rehash scenes from the first film it was done differently. One of the problems I have with this movie is the comedy, the comedy in this movie feels like a parody. The comedy also hurts the tune of the film. I also don't like how one character was written out of the film. I don't like the new terminator called TX, because it's not that advance compared to the previous two Terminator. The only thing the TX has over the T800 is the it has build in weapons. Another thing I don't like is what they add in the future war and to John Connor. There are only two things I like about this film, that is some of the parody humor and how this movie ended. I would recommend this if you want to see a parody of this franchise.

Rating = Trash

 Terminator Salvation: If you walk into this movie expecting this movie to be about the future war between Human and Machines, instead of a lazy redemption story about a man that we don't know or care about then you're going to be angry. My goodness On wounder Mr.Bale had he's on set outrage, I would be outrage too if I was suppose to be playing the main character of this movie. I'm sorry I'm getting ahead of myself. This film take place in the year 2018 and this centers on a character name Marcus Wright. By that I mean he gets a lot of screen time and the resistance wondering if he can be trusted. I don't know why because we don't know the full story about why this character was on death row. A big problem i have with this movie is John Connor he's just a soldier in this movie, he's not the great military leader that we hear about in the previous films. This is also a movie about John getting he's command but I didn't want to see that, he should have command that's how the story was told. Another problem is the twist it wound have been a shock if it wasn't in the trailers, even if it wasn't in the trailers you can tell what the twist is form the beginning of the film. My other problems with this movie is plotholes, John Connor doesn't do much of anything in this movie, Brian dead moments in the film and transformer like terminators. I'm not being funny there are transformers in this movie, hey Sktnet why don't build those the are would be over fast if you did that. I like how this movie tried to connect with the previous films. I can't comment on the actor that played a young Kyle Reese, because we don't know what this character was like before the resistance. I would recommend this if you like the Road Warrior, because that's what this movie remind me of the Road Warrior.

Rating = Rental