Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My thoughts on terminator genisys

My thoughts on Terminator Genisys 

What did I just watch? Seriously what is this? 

This was my reaction when I saw the trailer for this movie 

Remember when I said that I wish hacker would prevent other movies from being release this is one of those movies, no one wanted this franchise to be rebooted, remade or whatever there doing and no one ask for this to happen. I'm so sick and tired of Hollywood turning a golden egg into a rotten egg. T2 already ended this franchise so why are movie studios making more movies in this franchise? If they wanted to continue this franchise they should have made movie based on the infiltrator books. OK let's get into what bothered me about this trailer for this movie. First off they spelled Genesis wrong, wait why is this movie called Genesis? Second I don't like the men that are cast to play John Connor and Kyle Reese. The woman that's playing Sarah Connor looks like Mrs. Hamilton despite the fact that she hasn't hit puberty. Speaking of Sarah she was another problem I have with the trailer there was a scene where she used Kyle's line on him, do I really have to explain why that annoyed me? Also Sarah and Kyle's roles a reveres, Sarah is the soldier and Kyle is the damsel in distress. I'm not being funny there are scene where Sarah saves him, thank for making Kyle less creditable. In the trailer we learn that someone was sent back in time before Kyle and this leads to the final thing that bother me about this trailer, what was sent back in time before Kyle was and older Terminator of Arnold. that's right Arnold is in this movie, may I ask why is Arnold in this movie? 

My PR: He is the face of this franchise. 

So what he doesn't need to be a terminator in this movie, not every terminator looks like Arnold.  Arnold need to reinvent himself, if you want Arnold in this movie have him make a cameo appearances. What about Mrs. Hamilton and Mr. Biehn are there going to be cameos of them? Judging from what I have seen the title of this movie they are starting this franchise all over again, so my question is why would I watch this movie? I mean this movie has nothing new to offer beside more scene of the future war and a time paradox. This is basically the first movie with the T 1000, and older Arnold and there trying to stop Judgement day, like we haven't see that before. So yeah I'm not going to watch this movie, heck I won't watch it if it's on TV.    

P.S. Did I mentioned that they are planning to make two sequels to this movie, yeah they are making sequels to a movie that hasn't been release yet. Movie studios will y'all please stop trying copy Marvel Studios. 

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