Friday, October 24, 2014

My rant about killing kids in movies

My rant about killing kids in movies


I can’t believe that out of everything we have been expose to in movies and TV shows the death of a child is what gets people upset, I mean in movies and TV shows we see people getting shot, disfigured, blow to bits and raped but people have a problem with a child being killed what gives? Movie goers also don’t want to see kids being put in a dangerous situation. There argument for not wanting to see a child murdered is children are cute and innocent, Shut up! If that’s true then why do we keep correcting them? Have y’all notice when you where growing up some keep telling that you shouldn't do this or that? Also there kids in prison for murder what do you mean kids are innocent? Movie goers are not outraged when a teenages get brutally murder, whats there excuse Teenagers look like adults and they act like there grown. Teenagers are still kids, well that depends on where you’re from, they still live with their parents, have to go to school and they are not old enough to live on their own. Teenagers have a lot to live for as well. We have seem to forgotten that most times in movies when someone dies they are killed by someone or something that is more powerful than them, like a tornado, volcano, lighting, a robot,  monsters, Dinosaurs and a man with a machete and wears a hockey mask. Human are vulnerable creature the only weapon we have is our brain. If another argument you have is that we watch movies to escape reality, if that’s true then why are y’all not outraged that grown up die in movies or TV shows that happens in real life. Also why are some of the better movies address real world issues like the X-Men films, The incredibles, T2, The dark knight, The Matrix, Captain American the winter solider the list goes on. OK I will admit that I was bothered by kids being in dangerous situations in movies or TV shows, however if killing out a child works in the context of the film then I’m fine with it. Bottom line is if a screen writer wants to kill out a child to advance the plot he or she should be allowed to do that without being condemned by anyone, it’s there movie they have the right to put whatever they what in that movie if you don’t like it them don’t watch it. Also there are worse thinks to be subjected to then a child's death like ice puns, Jar jar binks, a Transformer’s balls, forty minute rape scene and Megan Fox’s acting. That’s all I have to say.  

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  1. I totaly agree with u i just watched this movie and i was forced to watch it because im in 9 grade and school force me to but i dindt want to see this crazy movie i mean i was just waiting on that boy to die all along i would have been mad if that hadent been the case just because of (Killing childs in movies are wrong thing) (Im 15 year old if u where wondering)