Friday, September 19, 2014

My rant about Prequels

My rant about Prequels 


Besides Comedy and Horror films Prequel films are hard to make. One of the reasons why Prequels are hard to make is because we have no expectations for them like we do with Trilogies. With Trilogies we expect the first movie to set everything up, the characters, story and universe. The second film explore the universe, develops the characters and continues the story. The final film raps everything up. Despite having these expectations a lot of movie trilogies are not good, part of the reason why is that Hollywood is turing every movie into trilogy that’s a topic for another time. Another problem with making Prequels is that it's uninteresting. Like Batman fans were annoyed that Batman Begins told Batman’s origin story, because they didn’t want to see Batman’s origin being told because it takes away the imagination of how Bruce became Batman. Basically this was a case of less is more. That’s one of the reasons why I wasn’t expecting much for the Gotham TV show, I mean we know why the Batman villains are the way they are do we really need to see it? Also I’m worry that Gotham will make the villains sympathetic, then again Batman fans don’t fan Bane sympathetic despite the fact that grew up in a prison but I digress. Another example is the show Arrow, I wasn’t interested in how Oliver got his scars. So far I was letdown with how he got them, I was kind of interested in he’s tattoos. When the show introduce comic book characters in the flashbacks I wasn’t that excited because I know one of two things happen, either he or she died or left the island.

Sometimes prequels can be hard to do if you don’t have much to work with, look at the Terminator Salvation movie for example. That movie tried to tell a story about how John Connor became the resistance leader that we hear about in previous films, that was the problem I had with the movie I didn’t want to see that plus we didn’t hear stories about how he became the leader of the resistance he just became the leader. Because we don’t have a lot of knowledge of what the characters or what the universe was like before hand that creates continuity issues, the Star Wars prequels suffer this problem. To me a good prequel is one that is a standalone adventure and flush out characters in world that we are familiar with but without having prior knowledge of it. So far we have that with X-men first class despite the continuity issues. We also have that with the new Plant of the apes movies, I mean they almost connect with the original movies. Another thing hearing about how characters become who they are in the future or how they were in the past should be as good as watching it happen. That’s all I have to say about this subject.    

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  1. I thought this was going to be a column about Monster's University because of the picture, but then you didn't even mention it.