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My rant about suicide

My rant about suicide

Intro: This is a follow up to my rant about morality. I wanted to cover this subject and others in that rant if you reed that rant you can see that it was too long, so I decide to do this separate. This is not a suicide note or me encouraging people to committed suicide, I’m just giving my thoughts on the subject.

I thing people have a misconceptions about suicide, I mean people see suicide as cowardly, someone being lazy or ungrateful. Just because someone is thinking about suicide that doesn't mean that person is suicidal. I see suicide as a way to defend your life, I don't know about you but I don't want to live a life of fear and control. I'm not fond of the ideal anyone have control over my life, however I don't want to control my life either. For example we let money run our lives, if that's not true what would you do with your life if you didn't have to worry about money? What's the point of living if you can't live life the way you want to live it? I'm tired of hearing people say nothing and no one can stop you from living the life you want that is a bunch of crap. There are laws and people that are keeping me from living how I want to live. No! I don't want to live the life of crime if that's what you were wondering. 

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Why do I have to wait until I'm fifteen to work, why can't I work when I was five? I mean that when I first started doing choirs, if you're old enough to do choirs you should be old enough to work. What's there excuse it's not safe really, it's not safe for almost anyone. Anyone can get mugged, robbed, killed, kidnapped and rape. I'm sorry but that's not a good enough reason. 

Kids learn how to add and subtract, why can't they work in a grocery store and as a cashier or swipe the floor? If we use kids a soldiers and sex objects then why can't they work? Another example if someone rob me and the robber threaten to kill me if I tell anyone I was rob I'll agree to that. It's not because he or she threaten to kill me it's because that person didn't kill me. I want to be a man of my word, the robber and I have an agreement. I won't tell he or she keeps my money I live, I can live with that. Really if you tell police that you were robbed you're making it hard for the next victim. I mean if you tell police you were robbed and he or she goes to jail, if that person gets out of jail and robbers people again that person will start killing the victims. It's hard to build a case against someone if there no victims. 

Basically I don't like being told what to do unless it benefits me. This is why I don't want to be put in a position of authority, I mean if I don't like to be told what to do why would I tell other people what to do? If I became famous I want to be famous on my own terms, I'm a private person I don't want people to keep taking pictures and interviewing me every time they see me. If I was a director of a show or movie I can't create the show or movie I want because studios will try to undermine my ability to do that, there have been so many stories of that happening. 

I'm surprised that men are not committing suicide out of the blue, if they were I would understand. Men are tired of the world treating them like there disposable. If that's not true them let me ask the men and boys this, has anyone in your life showed interests in your life the way a therapist does? If the answer is no then I prove my point. Also have you notice that people only showed interest in men and boys when they do something wrong? Men are also tired of women making things difficult for us. let's face it women in general don't love men, if that's not true then explain the following. 

Why do women laugh at a man when he crys? 

Why do women make fun of a man if he can't satisfy his wife or girlfriend in bed? 

Why do women falsely accuse men of rape and abuse? 

Why do women try to keep the kids away from the father? 

If a man have a low opinion of women the women shame him by saying he can't get laid. Ladies you need to stop saying that because you're making he's point valid. 

Men have you ever seen a group of women break up a fight between two men? 

Why do women laugh when the media portrays men as incompetent and when a women is abusive towards men? 

Why do women try to make men broke in a divorce? 

Why do women make it hard for us to get laid? 

Why are women uncomfortable with men being able to defend themselves against women?  

Come on do I need to continue? Seriously how do women expect us to treat the as equals if society treats them like children? I'm sorry society treats them worse then children, I mean children get punished for doing something wrong. When a woman does something wrong someone defend her and women cry's or seduce her way out of trouble. 

One more thing ladies you need to stop trying to shame men for sleeping with random women by calling men whores. Last I check whore is another word for prostitutes and prostitutes get paid for sleeping with men. Men don't get paid for sleeping with women, and we can have kids until the day we die. Also ladies why are you shaming men for becoming the man you want them to be? I mean do you want a man that's good in bed, if the answer is yes then why are you shaming men for sleeping with random women? 

How do you expect men to be good in bed if they have no experiences? Since we are on the subject of prostitution if I decide to pick up prostitutes I'm not going to be proud of it be you can't shame me for it for two reason. One is that I respect that prostitutes are working for there money instead of going behind your back and get there Government daddy to twist your arm to pay you. Also they let you know if were going to do a,b or c you have to pay this amount of money. The second reason is how is picking up a prostitute any different from dating, who spends the most money on a date? I shouldn't be condemned for waiting to get laid instead of being in a relationship waiting for weeks or mouths hoping to get laid.  

There are times where I thought about suicide because I have two disadvantages growing up, they are being a male and being raised by a single mother. If I could start my life all over again I want to be well rounded person as far as being trained and equipped to deal with every situation, that's what you need to survive. If it was up to me I wish I can live off the grid or on and island. 

Now back to the people that criticize other for commit suicide it's not our place to judge them because we don't know what he or she is going thought. Also if we don't know the person that commit suicide or if that person's suicide doesn't affect you then we shouldn't criticize people for taking this action. You know what we shouldn't have a problem with suicide because we allow abortion, women have abortion because having a baby is inconvenient from them. So why is abortions OK but not suicide?

 To the people that say that people who commit suicide are selfish stop saying that, stop making it seem like the word selfish is bad. At the end of the day you have to think about yourself because no one else will. Again why is suicide a selfish act but not abortion? We seem to forgot that it's his or her life, if someone doesn't want to live in a world full of war segregation and hate that's there choose, he or she shouldn't live just to make people happy. Would you rather the person take he or her life or take the lives of others? Like I said I'm not encouraging suicide I just giving my thoughts on the subject. Bottom line is this your life your choice.           

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