Friday, August 1, 2014

My Rant about CGI

My Rant about CGI 

Man O man you  have no idea how much CGI annoys me in movies. CGI has plague movies over the years, this is something we see all the time. There are two movies that made Studios overuse CGI and they are T2 and Jurassic Park. Don’t get me wrong those films are good, however what film makers fail to realize is that those films use CGI when it’s needed. In T2 that movie use CGI for the T 1000. The T 1000 is made of liquid metal, it’s not possible to do a practical effect of a liquid metal Terminator. Originally in Jurassic Park the Dinosaurs were suppose to be stop motion but Mr. Spielberg changed his mind after seeing CGI footage of the Dinosaurs.

Now movie studios are stuffing there movies with CGI. I’m tired of Hollywood doing this, I mean when someone does something new they milk the crap out of it. What’s the point of dumping CGI in movies, all your doing is making my eyes bloodshot! Heck CGI are not going to hold up in a few years, watch the Star wars prequels and you’ll see what I mean. 

I was watching Tron with a bunch of kids and they were complaining that the CGI looks bad, of course they look bad this movie was from the 1980’s. You know what kids Thirty years from now people are going to think that the CGI in Tron Legacy looks bad. This is a issue I have with CGI it’s affecting the minds of kids. Kids don’t appreciate a movie without CGI, Heck they don’t appreciate black and white films. Another thing that bothers me about CGI is the CGI characters, they don’t look believable. Here’s an example the 2003 Hulk film, the Hulk moves and Jumps around in that movie like he’s weird less. Bottom line is Movie Studio need to take a break with CGI, it’s wearing out its welcome for me. I’m not saying banned CGI but use it if it’s necessary, 90% of a movie shouldn’t be CGI. OK it’s hard to do certain movies without CGI like Green Lantern and Avatar, wait its possible do Avatar without CGI. We need to go back to using Practical effects, Set pieces, animatronics and stop motion. It would be nice to see Pixar release a 2D animated movie.                   

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