Sunday, July 20, 2014

My rant about movies based on people and true events

My rant about movies based on people and true events.


Besides Horror films films that are based on People and true events are the types of films that I’m not crazy about watching. The reason why is because there no surprise in watching them especially if you are familiar with the person or the event. OK I’m sure y’all are wondering how can I like watching movies based on Comic books or novels and not want to watch movies based on people or events? The answer is simple Comic books and Novels are fiction, when I watch those movies I don’t expect them to be accurate to the source martial. That’s why it doesn’t bother me that movie writers make changes from the source martial, well it depends on what changes they make. 

That’s what brother me about the films based on people and events, those films add or change things that didn’t happen in real life. This bothered because I consider that an insulting thing to do especially if the person is dead or something happen that became part of history. If studios don’t think that the real story of someone isn’t good enough on it’s own, then why bother making movies out of it? I know Hollywood is money hungry but let’s be respectful.  I was jaw dropped that Titanic and the Social Network won Oscars and became hit films because those films weren’t accurate. The Titanic movie dishonored the memory of the people on that ship. As for the Social Network really? Mr. Zuckerberg became famous because he bad mouth his girlfriend online. Almost anyone can do that watch.

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I was really surprised that they did this with the Disney movie Pocahontas, Because Pocahontas is a real person and things happen with her tribe that took place in our history and the history of Native Americans. It’s one thing to trash our own history but to do it to someone else’s history that’s worst. Bottom line is if you’re making a movie that’s retelling someone’s history you need to be very careful about it. 

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