Friday, May 23, 2014

My review of X-Men Days of Future Past

My review of X-Men Days of Future Past


 Intro: Mr. Ratner you should be thinking Mr. Singer for cleaning up your mess because this movie is the only thing that is keeping the fans from giving you the beating you deserve. Then again I wouldn’t have mind the way this movie ended if we didn’t get hints on what the third X-Men movie was going to be about.

X-Men Days of Future Past: This movie is based on an X-Men comic that has the same title, also this movie is a sequel to X-Men First Class and a follow up to The Wolverine. The plot is this the film takes place in the year 2035 and a group of machines called Sentinel are hunting and killing both Humans and mutants. In order to prevent this ordeal from happening the X-Men decides to sent Wolverine back in time to stop the Sentinel for being created. I enjoyed this film however the problems I have with this movie hurts it from me giving it my highest rating. I appreciate that this movie tried to connect with First Class and the other X-Men films. You can see how characters influence each other in this film. I’m not going to compare this movie to the Terminator because everyone else has already done that. Also the comic book that this movie is based on came out before the Terminator. One of the problems I have with this movie are the plot holes, that funny because this movie was suppose to fix those problems. Here’s an example of one of the plot holes, if the Sentinel have been around since the 1970’s why haven’t we seem them in the earlier films or why haven't the Sentinel been reference? What annoyed me about this movie is that this movie drops characters without telling us who they are and how long have they been part of the X-Men? I was also annoyed with the character QuickSilver. Yes! I like what he does in this movie however he doesn’t have a big role in this film. Another problem I have with this movie is that this movie feels more like a sequel to First Class then X-Men the last stand, I wish there were more scenes of the future. Well to be fair making a movie like this is tricky, I glad the director didn’t go back and forth from the future to the past. The way this movie ended bothered me because this ending would have been a fine ending to this franchise if this was the last movie in this franchise. I would recommend this movie if you like time travel films.

Rating = Average

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