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My review of the Terminator films

My review of the Terminator films



The Terminator: I like this film more than Terminator 2 because find this one more interesting, the reason why is because it was a man verse machine movie. The plot is this a machine called the terminator was sent back thought time to kill a woman name Sarah Connor, the purpose of this is so that the machines can have the upper hand in the future war between humans and machines. Also a soldier from the future name Kyle Reese was sent to protect Sarah. This is one of those movies that can fit in many genres, This movie can fit in action, sci-fi and horror genre. I didn't find this movie scary, however it has it moments. Especially with Kyle having a hard time protecting Sarah from the Terminator, despite that I like how Kyle keeps his cool about it. How can I address the problem I had with this movie without spoiling the plot twist? All I can say is that I’m not convinces that the two main characters would do the things they did, because they didn’t seem interested. 

Rating = Treasure Chest

Terminator 2 Judgment Day: The plot in this movie is similar to the first film, I do think the first one is more interesting however this movie took the elements in the first film and enhances them. I like this movie’s take on time travel better then Back to the future. The antagonists in this movie is called the T 1,000, this villain was great because he is made of liquid metal and can turn into anybody which makes him hard to stop. One of the main characters name John Connor tried to explain to the Terminator about humanity, and show him how to talk and act human. The subplot in this movie is trying to prevent what going to happen in the future, one of the characters tried to do that by trying to kill the person responsible for what was going to happen however this person is guilty of nothing. That subplot can create social commentary, like is it acceptable to kill a ruthless dictator before he or she reach ruthless dictator stats? Also I like the special effect in this movie it looks great back when this film first came out and it still looks great today. This movie had a lot of problems involving the plot holes and continuity issues. I also have a problem with how this movie was advertise, I mean I wish they made it a mystery of which Terminator is good or bad. The way this movie ended made me cry.

Rating = Treasure Chest


 Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines: Wow! This movie is another example of Hollywood
not knowing when to leave things alone. I wounder how the script meeting for this film went.

The Producer: OK we want to continue the Terminator franchise, but we don't know how because of how T2 ended.

The scrip writer: I know we can make up some nonsense about Judgement Day being postponed.

The Producer: Do you have a scientific explanation?

The Writer: No.

The Producer: How are we going to get Mr. Schwarzenegger to play the Terminator?

The Director: We can give half of our special effects budget to him.

The Producer: I will call his agent ASAP.

The plot is this over ten years has pasted since T2 and two terminators are sent back in time to. One was sent to kill John Connor and the other is sent to protect him. No! I'm not kidding, that's the plot of this movie. Basically the plot is the same as T2, but worst. I kind of feel bad about saying anything bad about this movie, because T2 was similar to the first film and it rehash some scene. When T2 rehash scenes from the first film it was done differently. One of the problems I have with this movie is the comedy, the comedy in this movie feels like a parody. The comedy also hurts the tune of the film. I also don't like how one character was written out of the film. I don't like the new terminator called TX, because it's not that advance compared to the previous two Terminator. The only thing the TX has over the T800 is the it has build in weapons. Another thing I don't like is what they add in the future war and to John Connor. There are only two things I like about this film, that is some of the parody humor and how this movie ended. I would recommend this if you want to see a parody of this franchise.

Rating = Trash

 Terminator Salvation: If you walk into this movie expecting this movie to be about the future war between Human and Machines, instead of a lazy redemption story about a man that we don't know or care about then you're going to be angry. My goodness On wounder Mr.Bale had he's on set outrage, I would be outrage too if I was suppose to be playing the main character of this movie. I'm sorry I'm getting ahead of myself. This film take place in the year 2018 and this centers on a character name Marcus Wright. By that I mean he gets a lot of screen time and the resistance wondering if he can be trusted. I don't know why because we don't know the full story about why this character was on death row. A big problem i have with this movie is John Connor he's just a soldier in this movie, he's not the great military leader that we hear about in the previous films. This is also a movie about John getting he's command but I didn't want to see that, he should have command that's how the story was told. Another problem is the twist it wound have been a shock if it wasn't in the trailers, even if it wasn't in the trailers you can tell what the twist is form the beginning of the film. My other problems with this movie is plotholes, John Connor doesn't do much of anything in this movie, Brian dead moments in the film and transformer like terminators. I'm not being funny there are transformers in this movie, hey Sktnet why don't build those the are would be over fast if you did that. I like how this movie tried to connect with the previous films. I can't comment on the actor that played a young Kyle Reese, because we don't know what this character was like before the resistance. I would recommend this if you like the Road Warrior, because that's what this movie remind me of the Road Warrior.

Rating = Rental  


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