Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My review of Breaking Bad the series

My review of Breaking Bad the series



Breaking bad: The nickname for this show should be How to be a drug dealer 101? This show is centered on a high school chemistry teacher name Walter White, who is diagnose with lung cancer. Walter is worried about he’s family financial future, in order for him to secure it he decides to sell crystal meth. Walter get’s this idea after seeing what his step brother name Hank Schrader does for a living. In order for Walter to sell meth he gets help for his former student name Jesse Pinkman and he goes by the alias Heisenberg.

I don’t get how this show is so popular.

The fans of this show: Boo,boo,boo,boo,boo.

Don’t get me wrong I'm not saying this show is bad, it just so predictable. I mean if you lived this lifestyle then you know what going to happen. This could have been pasted as a true story. OK to be fair this show wasn’t that predictable, I was surprised with how things turned out in this show. I liked this shows humor because the humor doesn’t effect the tune of this show. I also like the arc Walter goes thought in this show, he was just and insecure chemistry teacher who wanted more out of life I like how Walter gets himself and others out of there dilemma. With that being said I thought he was kind of stupid, I mean he gets himself in trouble with the right and wrong kind of people and he still sells meth. Either he’s stupid or likes to live dangerously. I also thought Walter’s wife was stupid as well because she had a chance to get out of her dilemma but she didn’t take it. I guess she likes to live dangerously as well. The problem I have with this show is that it’s too centered on the Walter White, I know this show is about him but I wish the show would focus on other characters. This show got me invested in the other characters especially Jesses. Season two was centered on Jesse and Hank, the theme of that season was obsession. Another problem I have with this show is that the last three episodes of season 5 seems depressing to me. I thought this show was OK, if you like crime dramas then I would recommend this.




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