Monday, March 31, 2014

My rant about Wonder Woman

My rant about Wonder Woman

I have one question how is Wonder Woman such an iconic character? Saying that this character got the short end of the stick is an understatement, DC has done nothing with this character. I can’t think of any good Wonder Woman stories, she has no TV shows, no movies, no video games and no good villains. Three years ago a network tried to make a Wonder Woman show, If you saw the unaired pilot then you know why the show didn’t happen. I don’t like what DC is doing with her in the new 52, in the new 52 she’s a killing machine. Again why is this character so iconic? 

It’s sad that she is iconic but she doesn’t have what I just  mentioned.  I heard the CW is going to make a Wonder Woman show centered on her origin.   I’m sorry Wonder Woman does have one movie but that’s it. Basically writers don’t know what to do with this character, they keep changing her attire and personality. I can understand that characters can be hard to write, that’s the one thing she has in common with Batman and Superman. Batman is hard to write because everyone intrepid him differently, Superman is hard to write because people don’t know what they want this character to be. Speaking of Superman and batman I didn’t like the idea of her being there love interest. What I don’t like about Wonder Woman in the Justice League cartoon is that they made her a feminist, that turned me off to her character. I didn’t mind that in the Wonder Woman animated movie because that was part of her arc. I wasn’t happy to hear that Wonder woman is going to be in the World’s Finest movie or what they are doing with her. Come on do I really have to explain why?

I think Wonder Woman should be a balance between what Batman is and what Superman is. The thing I like about her is she’s not gullible with villains, I mean she knows that some villains can’t be changed you have to kill them. Another problem I have with Wonder woman is I don’t know what she stands for, what is her foundation, what does she what to achieve? Hawk girl is more of a complex character then Wonder Woman. Well she was a poster Woman on feminism at one point in time, writers could make a story out of that. Like I said I can understand that Wonder woman can be hard to write because it seem that writes are having a hard time writing strong female characters without making the men look stupid, or have to woman be a man in a woman’s body. Just because it's hard to write female characters doesn't mean it's not possible I liked how Black Widow portrayed in The Avengers, Black Widow didn't come off as a man in that movie. Bottom line DC or somebody need to do something to make this character relevant, it's sad that she lasted this long and no one is doing anything interesting with her.

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