Friday, February 14, 2014

My rant about Valentines day

My rant about Valentines day 

This is one of the two days of the year I don’t like, the other day is Halloween if you were wondering. Also I think it’s funny that we treat Valentine day like it’s a holiday. If Valentine day had a nickname it would be make your girlfriend or Wife happy Day. You can say that’s sexist all you want but it’s true. When you go to a retail store what do you see when they advertise Valentine’s day? You see flowers cards and candy, how many men do you know want those things? Who’s spend the most money men do, We spend money on a woman buying her gifts and for her to wire and dine. What do men get from women?

A man: Sex!

Whoop pee stinking do. I thought this day was about celebrating love, if it’s true then ladies why don’t y’all buy your man gifts on Valentine Day? Why don’t I hear men talk about their women buying them Power tools, PS4, Flat screen TV and season tickets to the all star games? If y’all love you man then this shouldn’t be a problem. What about the single people, why are there single people if Valentine day is about love? Bottom line is men save your money or spend it on yourself. We don’t need Valentine day to celebrate the fact that you are in a relationship, if you do then something is wrong.   

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