Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My rant about blu-ray

My rant about blu-ray


There are things about blu ray's that annoys me. I'm disappointed that you can't choose between wide or full screen with blu ray's. I had a DVD copy of National Security where you can choose between wide or full screen as one of the features, why didn't they give that feature to all the DVD's and blu ray's? I mean it would save a lot of money, resources, man power and time, it doesn't make sense to release a fullscreen and a widescreen version of the movie on DVD if you can do that. With blu ray's you only get widescreen what's up with that? I wouldn't mind this if they set up the format where you don't see those annoying bars, some blu ray's don't have the bars. The problem I have with blu ray's are the same with DVD's as far as double dipping, George Lucas is notorious for doing this with his Star Wars films. here are some examples when Total Recall first came out on blu ray there where no special features on the disc, when the remake of that movie was released they release Total Recall again on blu ray with the special features. Another example I saw a copy of the Terminator on blu ray then I saw another copy of the terminator on blu ray but with a book inside the case, last year I saw a box set or all the Terminator films. Do you see what I mean by double dipping, there is no reason to keep releasing these movies over and over again regardless if it's the movies anniversary, the director's cut or another movie in that franchise is coming out. 

The things I like about blu rays is that it has more features then DVD's like the pop up menus. I also like that the cases are smaller. That's another problem I have with blu ray's, I mean they advertise that you can watch the special features while watching the movie. You can't do that with all of the blu ray's, plus the features are on the second disc anyway. Also some of the blu ray features are the same as DVD's, and not all blu rays have an interactive menu. I like that blu ray's don't sell the single disc and the double dics they just sell double if the features can fit in one disc, I don't get why they do that with DVD's. On a side note since 2009 or 2010 I have notice that they stop making double disc for the DVD's why? I also have a problem with blu ray live, as far as you have to create all these different accounts to chat with people online and create your on commentary on  movies. 

I want to comment on the grain, I hear people complain about that saying that some blu ray's are not good because the movie has grain in it. To the people that complain about the grain where do you think the grain came from, do y'all know what the grain is for? Blu ray's are not suppose to take away the grain so that we can get a clear image, they suppose to transfer the original footage as it was meant to be seem. If you take away the grain you take away the quality of the picture.This is a problem I had with the Dragon Ball Z orange box set, they took away the grain and it made the colors look bleached, which made my eyes sore. It's the same thing with blu ray's, your not adding better picture quality by removing the grain. I can't be mad at people for there ignores because this is something we became accustom to, just like kids thinking black and white movies are bad because there not accustom to those films. On a side note whenever I go to best buys or Target I notice that the blu ray picture quality on the TVs are better then mines. I only have a 32 inch flat screen that has 720p it can't go up to 1080p, I don't know if it's that or if those are plasma TVs. So that's all I have to say about blu ray's what do you think of them? 

P.S. I want to correct something I said earlier about the widescreen format. In the dark knight blu ray there are scenes in the movie where there were no bars. I guess that has something to do with the I Max camera, those scene where shoot by that camera. Then again The Avengers blu ray didn't have the widescreen bars either, I don't know if that movie was filmed on a I Max camera. I wish blu ray's would have more director's commentary, I mean why do I have to go on blu ray live to hear what they have to say about there movie?        

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