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My 2013 Movie reviews

My 2013 Movie reviews

Oblivion: This is the third time where Mr. Cruise played a character name Jack. This film center on our main character name Jack Herper who repairers drones in this future earth, one day he finds a woman in a pod and he's life turns upside down. This movie kind of remind me of Total Recall and Wall E to a point. Jack’s ship bugs me, because it looks like a body part. The problem I have with this film is the pacing, the pacing is kind of slow. Another problem I have with this movie is I'm confused about this movies world. I'm sorry I don't have much to say about this movie, I wasn't impressed with this movie. I like how this movie's world got from point a to point b and the visual effects. Also the trailers for this movie gave away too much information, if you like sci-fi then I would recommend this movie.      

 Rating = Rental

Star Trek into Darkness: Before I get started I want to let y’all know that I’m not a Trekkie; I haven’t seen any of the shows or movies besides the movie that this film is a sequel to. What I know about this series is the Captain Kirk and Spock are friends and Captain Kirk is a good fighter. I think the first movie was OK; it did a good job of restarting this series. The problems I had with that film is some of the characters are generic, the villain has a bad motivation and Kirk gets beat up in this movie. Sadly this film was a miss step, it's a shame because they withhold from releasing this movie sooner because they want this movie to be the best film they can make. The plot is this a former Starfleet member name John Harrison is terrorizing Starfleet, so Captain Kirk and his crew has to find him. I like the first hour of this film, in that hour it was dealing with the theme of friendship, and figuring out how to stop John Harrison. Also the actor that played Captain Kirk feels like a captain other than a frat boy like he did in the first film. Sadly the movie goes downhill when we learn who John Harrison really is. I think that Trekkie’s are going to be mad about learning who John Harrison really is, because he is such a generic villain. He reminds me of Bane all he does is beat people up and make speeches, I’m also annoyed with the actor playing the villain because he always has the same look on he's face. Also I didn’t buy what Spock did in the last act. This movie kind of reminds me of Safe House, this movie could have been better if they when in the same direction as that movie well kind of. Also the movie would be better if the villian was  sympathetic villian.

Rating = Rental

After Earth: Mr. Smith if your reading this I would rather watch Wild Wild West then watch this again, because that movie was entertaining well kind of. The only reason I watch this movie is because it looked like you were playing a serious character compare to your other roles, I mean in most of your films your were playing the same character. This film is about our main character name Kitai and his father Cypher going on a mission, meanwhile they crash landed on a plant that is inhabited by creatures. Since Cypher is injured during the crash Kitai has to go out and get help while keeping himself alive, basically if you seen 10,000 B.C. then you seen this movie. This movie is a waste of time; I know what I was walking into however I didn’t expect this movie to be so boring. I didn’t care about father and son bonding because the father is so uptight, I understand why he is like this but lighting up a bit let us know you care about your son. This movie could have been better if this wasn’t a military family, because Cypher sees his son Kitai as a soldier first and a son second. Mr. Smith played Cypher and Jaden Smith played Kitai both of them are stiff and doula with these roles, I don’t know who’s worst Mr. Smith in this role or Samuel L Jackson as Mace Windu in the Star Wars prequels. There are two plot points that add nothing to the story. I would recommend this if you like survival movie. I wish I can show this movie to my father so he can understand why we are not close; it’s hard to be close to someone that’s high maintenance 24/7.

Rating = Trash

The Wolverine: 20th Century Fox I want to thank y’all for wasting everyone’s time and money

on Origins, and have us wait longer to get this movie. There was no need to make X-Men Origins: Wolverine, ever heard of the term or phrase less is more? This is one of those films that I wasn’t crazy about seeing, because the trailers gave away what this movie is going to be about. I want this movie to be a hit because I don’t want Fox Studio’s to think that they can’t make a good X-Men movie or a movie center on an X-Men character without Bryan Singer. I was surprised by this movie because things didn’t play out the way I thought it would. The plot of this film takes place after X-Men the last stand and Logan/Wolverine is living in the woods, also he is dealing with what he did in the previous film. Meanwhile a mysteries woman has come to take him to Japan to see a man that he saved decades ago, and of course he is in the middle of trouble. I did like this movie however when you really think about what happened in this movie it feel’s kind of wasted. What I like about this movie is that it got me to care about Logan/Wolverine, the movie makes you think is he going to survive this situation or not? I also like to arc’s that he goes thought, however I had mix feeling about the Lost subplot. The villain Viper reminds me of Poison Ivy you’ll see what I mean when you watch the movie. I didn’t care for the love interest in this movie; writers could have done something with her. Another reason why I’m not crazy about the love interest because between Wolverine and Batman they have multiple love interest in the comics, I’m surprised that no one made a parody about this heck why didn’t I do that? Warning this is a minor spoiler I don’t like that Logan has bone claws because that hurt what William Striker said in X2, he said and I quote " You were an animal then you’re an animal now I just give you claws." I have a problem with Logan being able to remember the man he saved, because he was just starting to remember weapon X. Another problem I have with Logan is the inconsistent with his abilities, and there are times where he’s not thinking. I also have a problem with what Viper wanted to achieve, I mean there were smarter ways to achieve her goal and the movie showed how towers the end of the film. What reality bothered me about this film is the last act, if you like the Japanese saga you might be bothered with the last act. Something happened in the last act ruined the emotional weight this film had for me. I wish Mr. Ebert was still alive to see this movie because he didn’t like the Wolverine character after he saw Origins, I wound if this movie would change his mind about him.

Rating = Average  

Thor the dark world: Before I get started I want to say my attitude towers this movie has  changed after learning that Thanos is not going to be the main villain in the next Avengers movie. Thank you for trolling the fans Marvel Studios, I mean what’s the point of showing him if your not going to use him anytime so? I thought this movie was going to set Thanos up to be main villain just like the previous Thor movie set up Loki to be the main villain. The plot is this two years has pass since the Avengers and Thor has been battling other realms. Meanwhile something happens to Jane that attracts the villain malekith and he's followers, so Thor has o protect her and stop his plan with the help of Loki.
This movie was OK, I was just a little let down with a few things. I did like that we got to see more of Asgar and Thor's arc. One of the many problems I have with this movie is the villain he’s just not threaten, his right hand man is more threaten then him. Also what’s the deal with Odin Thor’s father, he seems like a jerk to me. Another problem I have with this movie is the last act, I mean it was ridicules. Also Loki does something that gets annoying after time, you will see what I'm talking about. I was also let down that the relationship between Thor and Jane hasn't develop. The thing that really bothered me about this movie was the comedy, it wasn't bad it just there is a double stander with it. Marvel Studios phase two is not looking good so far. 

Rating = Rental 

The Hunger Games catching fire: Wow I'm so impressed with this movie that I might want to read the books, then again that would take away the surprise of knowing what will happened. This film center on our main character Katniss Everdeen, we see how what she did in the Hunger Games affect her, her family and the people around her, mean while president snow the man in charge isn't happy with what she did in the hunger games so he put her in a difficult positions in order to keep her family safe. Like I said before I wasn't impressed with previous film, but this movie made me glad I saw it and want to see more of this movies universe. The thing I like about this movie is the politics in this movie, and how it ended. One of the many problems I have with this movie is I'm confused about the relationship between the two main characters. Also the second act has sequelitis, you will see what I mean when you watch the movie. I wish that the raise the danger for our main characters, I mean the movie did but I wanted it under different circumstances. 
Rating = Worth Seeing



Sunday, December 15, 2013

My rant about Superhero/comic book movies

My rant about Superhero/Comic book movies


This year marks the 35th anniversary of Superhero/Comic book films. I'm surprised that Superhero/Comic book films got it's own genre or sub genre, because most of these films fit into one genre and that's action/ adventure. Fans of this material are notorious for being critical about these films. These films restarts or starts actors and actresses careers and gives them roles that they're well known for, like Mr. Stallone is known for his roles as Rocky and Rambo. These movies also made comic book characters more popular especially the ones people don't know that well, OK that only happen with Iron man as far as I know. 

Hollywood didn't take movies like this seriously at first, I mean check out the interviews for the earlier Batman films if you have them on DVD or find them on the Internet. That was until Mr. Nolan made his own Batman films which is a bad and good thing. The good thing is that his films changed people's prospective about Superhero/Comic book movies, they can expect more from these kind of films then just getting the hero's backstory and have the hero and villain fighting, he added depth to his Batman films. Besides Iron man there are other films that has done this like the X-men films, Superman 2, Spider-man 2, Batman forever, Ang Lee's Hulk, Unbreakable and The Incredibles. The thing I appreciate about Mr.Nolan's Batman movies is that they don't feel like they're made for Batman fans, this is a problem I have with these movies in general they feel like they are made for that demographic that reads comic books. 

Another issue I have with these films is that they change a characters race or nationality. The thing that bother me about Mr.Nolan's Batman films is that they are marketed to kids, his Batman films are not for kids. They didn't do this with Daredevil, I mean they didn't market that film towers kids. They also did that with Watchman and that's not a kids movie. I have a gripe with these films targeting kids, I'm not saying Superhero/Comic book films shouldn't be for kids it's just that it handicaps these films from telling a mature story. Hollywood did you learn anything from the earlier Batman films? 

The bad thing about Mr.Nolan's Batman films is that for some crazy reason people expect these films to be dark and serious. Have you forgot that Mr. Burton's batman films were dark and the first two X-men films had a serious tone to them. People stop giving Mr. Nolan more credit then he deserve, just because the film has a dark and serious tone doesn't mean they're coping him.

 There are four things I want to see happen more with these films. 

The first thing is I want to see a good trilogy. None of the third movies are good, I can forgive Superman 3 and Spider-man 3 for being bad. 

Second I want them to embracing the source material more. Now I'm not one of those people who's mad that these films are not like the comics when really none of these films are completely like the comic, well Watchman came close. I don't mind changes from the source material if it's justify and is an improvement over the original work, Men in Black and The Mask are good examples. It's safe to say that Hollywood is making a lot of profit off Superhero/Comic book films, if they want these films to last then they need to start doing that. The Avenger movie reminds me of the first issue of the avengers comic. 

I can understand how adapting a story from the comics can be hard, because of copy rights and sometimes the story is either too long or too short to turn into a movie. I was rolling on the floor laughing when I learn that Hollywood made a movie out of How the Grinch stole Christmas are you kidding me? How they were able to make a hour and a half movie on a short kids book is beyond me. I would like to see a trilogy where all three films adapted a story from the comic like the No man's land story, because the dark knight rises shoehorn that story.

The third thing is I want these films to be more of a period piece, I would like to see a Spider-man film take place in the 1960's, or a Flash movie take place in the 1950's so far we had that with Captain American the first avenger, X-Men First Class and Batman 1989. By doing that your giving us something different. 

 Now the finale thing I want to see happen more with these films is I want the villains to be memorable, I'm not saying that the villains in these films are bad they just don't stand out like the Joker or Loki. This makes me mad because they wasted some good villains like Venom, Bane and the Mandarin. I also want to see the villains have more victories over the heroes, it's not exciting to watch these films if you know the hero is going to win how exciting is that?

That's all I have to say what do you what to see happen more with this films? 

 P.S. I also want to see these films be nominated or win Oscars not just for visual effects, despite the directing problems in the dark knight had I still think it was rodded of best picture.

Monday, December 9, 2013

My review of the Pirates of the Caribbean films

My review of the Pirates of the Caribbean films

Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl: Wow I’m impressed that they made a movie based on a lame Disney ride. The plot is this a group of pirates are looking for pieces of gold to help them get out of there dilemma, then the pirates kidnaps a character name Elizabeth who has what they are looking for. Meanwhile another character name Will Tuner goes out of sea to rescue her from the pirates while the help of another pirate name Jack Sparrow.
I’m sorry Captain Jack Sparrow. This film is a good piece of entertainment, I don’t understand why this was released in December this looks like a summer movie. I like the Elizabeth character because she isn’t a damsel in distress. I also like the Jack Sparrow character he is a fun character. The problems I have with this movie are the editing and who is the main character, I mean I can’t tell if Jack or Will is the main because this film centers on both characters. If you are looking for a fun movie this is it.
Rating = Worth Seeing

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest: The plot is this Will and Elizabeth are arrested for what they did in the previous film, if they want the charges to drop Will has to find Captain Jack Sparrow the reason why makes no sense. Meanwhile Captain Jack Sparrow is trying to get out of a dilemma with Davy Jones/ squid face; he does this by finding the dead man’s chest. What in the chest why does Jack need it, sorry you have to watch the movie to find out. I didn’t think this movie was as bad as people claim to be, I mean there are things in this movie that made it salvageable just barely. The problem with this film is the plot is complex, like there was one plot point where jack and his crew where on an island that felt like time filler. I didn’t think this film has a dark tone; there is a different between having a dark tone and dark atmosphere. The secondary villain in this film is lame he comes off as a spoiled brat; I wish we had more back story about him. So yeah this is a lame sequel however it’s not unwatchable, it has some of the entertainment value that the first film had.   
Rating = Rental 

Pirates of the Caribbean at world’s end: What is this, what did I just watch? This isn’t a movie about Pirates this is a stab a thon. I’m sorry I’m getting ahead of myself. This film is about Will, Elizabeth and Jack’s crew tried to get Captain Jack Sparrow back from Squid face’s locker for reasons that are contrived. That it that’s all I have to say about this movie because nothing much happen after that. This movie suffered from what a lot of third movies suffered from that is too much stuff going on. I rather watch a montage of someone playing Halo 3 and betraying other players. That’s all that happened after they rescued Jack until the last act. The only thing at stake in this film affects the pirates in a bad way. OK what bothered me about that is that the movie tried to make the pirates victims. Why? I mean there Pirates whatever happens to them they deserve it, just because we find the Pirates entertain that doesn’t mean we should be rooting from them. What really bothered me about this movie is they bring back a character that die in the first film what gives? Hollywood this is a movie not a Soap Opera. Also Hollywood I’m tired of y’all pulling the getting famous actor or actress in the movie to sell it, but doesn’t sever much of a purpose in the film trick. I’m talking about Mr. Fat and Mr. Richard’s roles in this movie they have none. The only good thing I can say about this movie is got a few laughs. If you’re going to watch this movie you need to be drunk or high or on meth, because that is the only way you’re going to make sense out of this movie because there are some brain dead moments in this film. This was one of the worst films I have seen in 2007.

Rating = Trash

Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides: This film centers on Captain Jack Sparrow who goes on a journey to find the fountain of young, meanwhile there are others looking for the fountain of young including Blackbeard the villain of this movie. Basically this is Rat Race and the Goonies rolled into one movie, however the adventure aspect of the film was not as good as the Goonies. I will give this movie credit for going back to the first film as far as giving us a simple plot, the problem is that it's dumb the fountain of young is not what you think it is. There was a subplot in this movie that I didn't care for, it's there to replace the two characters that's not in this movie. I have mixed feelings about mermaids being in this movie, because there were reference in the first film but we haven't seen them til now. The villain Blackbeard is kind of a stiff, the actor playing him might as well be sleep walking. There are some dark moments in the film that might scare kids, like there is a scary scene that looks like it was made for 3D. Then again this films aren't for kids anyway. This movie wasn't terrible it's just lame, I don't think it's unwatchable there are some entertainment value in this film.

Rating = Rental


Monday, December 2, 2013

My thoughts on The Amazing Spider-man 2

My thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 

Before I give my thoughts on this movie I want to give my thoughts on the previous one, warning if you haven't seen the previous film then don't read this article.


I did like The Amazing Spider-Man at first but after watching it a few times I started to like it less and less. Amazing is the last word I would use to describe this movie. What really bother me about this movie is that it had potential to be better than it was. I thought this movie was going to be like Batman Begins and Iron Man as far as having this movie be more of Peter Parker's story than Spider-Man's and have his origin play a role in the over all plot. the problem with this movie is that it has three writers and it shows, I mean the last act was a comic book. Like I said in my review of this movie the way this movie was advertise affect my enjoyment of this film, they advertise this as the untold story where is it? I mean this movie is the same as the Mr. Raimi's first film, but with a few changes, certain characters aren't in this film and Peter's parents was talked about but the movie forget about them. Also there was a voice in one of the trailers that said did you really think what happened to you was and accident? That let me believe the Peter was going to get his abilities in a different way but no he got them the same way. Also they change some of the scenes that was in the trailers like the scene where peter was having dinner with Capt. Stacy's family, Peter meets Dr. Connors as himself and how he get biting by a spider. This movie ruined the small knives gag, I mean how it was done in the trailers was funny. Peter Paker/Spider-Man is another problem I have with this movie I just don't like him, I thought this character had (MPD). I'm not being funny one minute he's a skate boarder, a genius, a trouble teen, a jerk, a photographer, someone with a hidden past, a liar, he's relatable, he's kind, I mean writers make up your minds who is he? I also didn't get the sense that he is a genius, because he didn't invent the web shooters for goodness sake. Speaking of the web shooters Sony don't seem to get why fan love the web shooters, they love them because the web shooters shows how intelligent Peter is. In this movie they just threw them in because that's what the fans want, if they are going to be that lazy with the web shooter they should have stuck with organic webs.When he's Spider-man he cracking jokes but he's not funny. The way this movie ended made me not liking him because of the way he treated Gwen Stacey. 

Peter: I made a promise to your dad that I would leave you alone that's why I wasn't by your side at his funeral, then dumped you when you ask me why I wasn't at the funeral but don't worry we will get back together. 

See what I mean? I know he made a promise to her father but he could at less been there for her at her father's funeral and dumped her another day, this is our hero ladies and gentlemen this is our hero. Since we are on the subject of Peter and Gwen I don't like the romance between these two, I mean they didn't go on a date, they don't know much about each other all they want to do is liplock. I hear that these two are a couple in real life if that's true then this is kind of sad. Also what's the deal with Flash, I mean one minute he's bullying Peter, then he feels sorry for Peter when his uncle die, now he's friendly towers him what was that about? Another problem I have with this movie is Dr. Connor's/ the Lizard, the Lizard's plan to turn everyone into lizards is lame. Shut up! I know that's what he did in the comics but it's still lame. This plan came out of nowhere with no build up, just like Dr.Connors becoming the villain. Bottom line this movie suffers from originitis, the writers tried to do alot with the screenplay that it ends up doing nothing. This movie was a missed opportunity. P.S. I wish Uncle Ben would have said his famous line at the end of the film when Peter was listing to his voice mail. Also I wish Capt Stacy have more screen time. Another thing the scene where Spider-man saved the boy would have been better if he had to choose between saving the boy or getting his uncle's killer instead of stopping the lizard.

Now to the topic at hand the only way I'm going to watch this movie is that Sony release a director's cut of the previous film. Because Sony hasn't learn from there mistakes from Spider-man 3. The only reason why Sony rebooted this series is because they wanted more creative control over these films, Also they would have lost there Rights to this character if they didn't make another movie at a certain time. I hear that originally the first film had more stuff about Peter's parents, there relationship with Dr.Connors and there's more to Spider-man's origin then we think, that would explain the editing problems in this film. I hear that Sony delete those parts of the movie, I don't get it if they wanted this movie to be different from Mr. Raimi's film then why would they delete the parts that made it different? It bugs me they deleted the scene with Dr. Connor's family, I mean those scene could have humanise the character. So yeah I'm tried of being con by Hollywood, if there's no director's cut I not watch anymore of these Spider-man films. Why make me wait to see the untold story in the next film if y'all advertise it for the previous film? This is the same problem I had with Iron man 2, I didn't want to watch a set up movie to The Avengers I wanted to see sequel to Iron man. Another reason why I'm not watch this movie is because it has too many characters, let take a look we have Harry and Norman Osborn, Max Dillon/ electro, Aleksei Mikhailovich sytsevich/ Rhino, Mary Jane and more. ( I'm on the phone with my agent) 

Me: I'm sorry what was that, MJ is not going to be in this movie? She's not OK thanks for the correction. 

Well that's one less character to worry about. When I first hear that she was going to be in this movie I thought they are doing a love triangle, that would have worked if Peter dumped Gwen like he was suppose to do. Then again I don't like love triangles so yes I'm glad she's not in this movie. I'm also glad that Spider-man gets his signature suit in this movie, I hope the writers can justify it in the movie. I don't understand why he didn't get this suit in the first film, I mean it looks different from Mr. Raimi's Spider-man suit.  Like I said I'm not going to watch this movie, besides Spider-man 2 I wasn't satisfy with Mr. Raimi's Spider-man films and I wasn't satisfy with the previous film. P.S Mr. Foxx better not get an Oscar for playing the villain.