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My rant about Morality

My rant about Morality

This rant is inspired by the movie called the Purge I’m sorry if this rant is long it’s just that there is a lot to say about this subject.
Like I said I was inspired by the movie called the Purge, this movie was about the US Government having a stupid idea of how to lower crime and unemployment rates and that idea is the Purge. The purge is a twelve hour period where crime is legal you can do whatever you what except for threat the Government and have accuse to class 4 weapons. Also you can’t get any help from law enforcement and emergency service, like I say this idea is stupid because this can back fire. Let’s say that I work as a security guard at a bank when the Purge happens I rob the bank, the next day the owner wants to fire me or have me arrested but can’t because what I did was legal, Then next year he decides to get his revenge on me the next time the Purge happens, see the Purge is making things worst. Despite my problems with this idea the premise sounds interesting the writers can make a good film out of this premise, I mean this movie could have been a survival movie about the people showing the Government that we strive to do better. Sadly that didn’t happen this movie is basically a generic slasher movie. I’m tired of seeing potential go to waste and that’s what this movie was. They really wasted the main character; I mean our main character name James Sandin is making money off the Purge by sell high tech security systems. The writes could have wrote him as someone who use to work for the Government knew that they were planning on doing the Purge, so he decide to sell high tech security system to help people survive the Purge. I wish they would have done this in prison, I mean have the Government release the inmates from there Ceil's and see if they stay in their Ceil's. That would tell if they are rehabilitated or not. 
This movie scared me because I can’t say that our Government wouldn’t pull a stunt like this. This movie represents the problem we are having today, I mean we are living in a time where it’s OK to be a failure and have people accepted your failure instead of raising the bar. Don’t believe me then why do we have TV programs about teenage mothers? I mean why do we treat that like it’s a culture phenomenon? There was a time where we use to shame them for having kids out of wedlock why did we stop doing that? Also why are people who are on Welfare complaining about the rules that the Government is putting on the Welfare money, last I checked nothing in life is free. If someone is giving you something for free they have the right to put whatever boundaries they want on it, like if I let you drive my car and you don’t have to pay for gas you have to drive my car in circles in a parking lot wearing a pink bunny suit you better do it. I get persecuted for what I want in a woman, like I want a woman that doesn’t have a foul mouth, tattoos, daddy issues and kids, I shouldn’t be shamed for my standers and I shouldn’t have to lower them just to make women feel better. If a woman says she doesn’t date Black men we shouldn't call her a racist for that she has the right to pick and choice who she wants to date. Also our prospective of Marriage has changed over the years; marriage is outdated because people can’t be faithful. By that logic people shouldn’t be in jail because there not perfect, kids shouldn't be ground it because there not perfect, kids shouldn’t get D’s and F’s on their report cards because there not perfect and people shouldn’t get fired from there job because there not perfect.
These videos are examples of what I’m talking about.

Do y’all see what I mean by lowering the bar?

I realize that marriage is for broke people, I mean I’m tired of hearing about men getting screw over in divorces. This happened to Michael Jordan, Tiger Wood and Kobe Bryan. So men what incentives do we have to get married? I mean we don’t need to get married to have kids, get our freak on and  have companionship; well companionship and kids are arguable. Ladies if y'all are reading this can y’all explain why we have to pay y’all alimony or spousal support, don’t give me the laws says you have to do it excuse what’s the moral behind us doing this? I thought women want to be treated as equals; if you’re a strong independent women then you don’t need our help. Men if you make six hundred thousand dollars a year and want to get married marry a woman that makes a quarter of what you make. I'm not against marriage I'm against men not being compensated during a divorce and women do get compensated. 
We have lost our sense of Morality over the years; watch the show What would you do? And you’ll see what I mean.
My Agent: What are you talking about this had been going on for centuries, look at what we have done over the centuries like slavery, sex trafficking and killings. To quote the comedian from Watchman “Mankind has been trying to kill each other off for a while, now we have the fire power to finish the job.” As far as lowering the bar goes that also has be going on for a while, there was a time where whatever you do something wrong weather it’s stealing, mugging, lying or cheating you get the death penalty.
Me: First of all who’s doing this rant me or you, second your missing my point and finale who asked you?
Now let’s look at how society was in the 1930’s or 1940’s, look pass slavery and look at how things use to be during that time and look at how things are today. Do y’all see a different especially with the kids as far as how they conduct themselves in that time compared to now. Since we are on the subject with kids do y’all want to know why they are acting out of control and shooting up places it’s because of us, we are the reason why kids and people in general are doing these things so stop blaming what they watch, hear and eat. We tell kids that there special and they are just as good as everyone else then they realize that there not, I mean you’re not going to get straight A’s just because Billy got straight A’s, you’re not going to be a billionaire just because Donald Trump is a billionaire and you’re not going to invent and I Pad just because the late Steve Jobs did. It’s hard for me to feel sorry for parents that are having problems with their kids if they broth these problems on themselves, like we tell kids it’s wrong to lie then why do we lie to them about Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairly? Also why didn’t we tell them that they will be put in a position to lie, like if you end up in prison you’re going to have to lie to keep yourselves safe.
Here is an example
The guard: Do you know who attack my partner?
Me: No I didn’t see anything.
The guard: did your ceil mate do it?
Me: No sir he was a sleep.
Also we put them in a position to lie, I mean if they do something wrong and we tell them to apologies for it but there not sincere about the apology.  American Idol is another example I mean  the contested wouldn’t be angry and crying that they didn’t win if they didn't think that they can win, if the parents didn’t tell them that they can sing then someone did. This creates a trust issues we can’t tell them that they can sing or do whatever then have someone tell them that they can’t do the thing they want to do then you say life not fair and expect things to be OK. Like I said before we tell kids that there special so they act like there special, if that’s not true then why can’t people handle their short comings well without getting angry, crying and do things out of aggravation? How offend do we tell them that life isn’t fair? My cousins asked me why I don’t go to their football games and I told them it's because I’m tired of y’all getting mad every time y’all lose, that is what y'all sign up for when you play the sport. Y’all have two choices either you practice or you quite stop expecting people to make you feel better about your short comings. Another reason why I don’t go to my cousin's games is because they don’t keep score because we don’t want to hurt the kids feeling, so were going to stop giving D’s and F’s to spare the kids feelings? That's another thing when someone breaks the law I'm tired of people who do that think they can get a pass or the judge will go easy on them because of there sob story. This is my problem with feminism, I mean I'm tired of women acting like they have nothing to proof and not answer for there mistakes. Yes! Men make excuses for there mistakes however we still have to answer for our mistakes. Have y'all notice whenever a woman kills her husband they say he was abusive, then we find out that they are cheating on there husbands and killed him just to get his insurance money.

My Agent: You watch too much Lifetime.

Me: Shut up and get me my coffee.

My Agent: I'm your agent not your assistant.

Like I said people making excuses or give there sob story for breaking the law bothers me, because that's not showing that we are taking responsibility for our actions. That not how life works or should work there is no excuse for what you did or done, there are consequences for your actions. I stopped making excuses for my actions because I realized the mistakes I made I wanted to do, that's what we need to do start beginning honest with ourselves. 

Here are some examples.

The Father: Why did you call your mother mean?

The Son: Because she doesn't want to buy me the Superman action figure.

The Principle: Why did you give your science teacher attitude?

The Student: Because he was rude to me, I respect those that respect me.

Your Boss: why did you come to work late?

You: Because I felt like it.

The Wife: Why did you cheat on me with my sister?

The Husband: Because your sister is sexy, every time I see her I'm ready to rock her world. I didn't cheat on you because you made me angry or didn't cook for me, it's because I'm a dog and I like to sleep with women. 

 On a side note I'm tried of people using no one is perfect excuse and the excuse of people got away with doing this before, by that logic we shouldn't be angry at Mr. Zimmerman, the man that kidnapping those three girls ten years ago and the late Bin laden for what they did because there not perfect. On another side note I think it's funny that women's excuse for cheating is we don't cheat because we want sex, we cheat because we want companionship. Also we tell kids that they shouldn’t take crap from no one, but we don’t tell them with the exceptions of a judge, a drill instructor or anyone that has authority over you. We tell kids that there are no short cuts in life if that's true then women wouldn't need hair hats and men wouldn’t need steroids and take blue pill’s, I’m just saying. So yes I understand why people are acting like this, they feel like we set them up for failure because we didn’t warn them about how ugly life can get. They also feel like they have been robbed of there childhood because we act worse then the kids, they feel like they have to be the adult because y'all are not being adults. 

This video is an example of what I'm talking about.

 Y’all want to know how I know this, I know this because this happened to me. Y’all have no idea how stupid I felt when I learn that racism still exist, I mean the teachers had me convinced that Dr. King and Malcolm X fixed this problem. My mother didn’t tell me this and she didn’t warn me about how the world would treat me because of this, I had to figure this out on my own. When I was trying out for sports I didn’t realize that you had to practice before hand, I mean I thought you just tryout then you practice for the sport. No one told me that you will have a better change if you practice. My family let me to believe that I’m an angle now I reality that I’m not, in fact no one is when you think about it. Man of steel addresses this issue.
            Lines from them movie
Po Kent: You have to keep this side of yourself a secret.
Clerk Kent: What was I suppose to do let them die?
Po Kent: Maybe.
See Po Kent couldn’t give Clerk a straight answer because he knows it's wrong for him to let the other kids die, however he is being a father protecting his child. This is another reasons why kids have problems with there family because we didn’t tell them that they might be put in a situation like I just mentioned. Like if you want to change something that's going on in the world you have make moral compromises, look at the airline security for example look at how far they are willing to go to prevent another 911 incident. We can’t miss lead kids by having them think they are angel then they realize that there not. Bottom line is we are create our own demons, you can’t expect people to show your compassion or sympathy if you are not willing to do the same. I’m tired of hearing women complaining about not finding a good man, because y’all created that problem. I mean y’all can’t date a bum and expect prince charm the second time around and make him work for your affection if you’re not willing to do the same. Single Mother y’all play a role in why your sons are not picking the right women, I mean if you work at a strip club and have a reputation of being promiscuous don’t be surprised that your son brings home a woman that is like that because you or society said get a woman that is like your mother. Also I’m tired of hearing black people blaming racism for all their problems, because we broth these problems on ourselves. We can’t get mad at Caucasians for calling us the n word, monkeys and coons if we call each other that, we can’t expect other people to respect us if we don’t respect each other. Also we are not protecting what’s ours, like Homosexuals are comparing fighting for same sex marriage to civil rights, how can they compare there sexuality to our race? Civil rights are for Black Americans there cause is not the same as ours. I can’t tell if you’re a homosexual unless your kissing a man, you can tell I’m black because of my skin color. Also how can we expect the world to take Black Americans seriously if we let them treat us like a joke, I mean look at how we act in public and how we are being portrayed in the media. Also there are black men in prison for years for a crime they didn’t commit and they gets out of prison years later,
These videos are examples.

 Black men what are we going to doing about this? So yeah we need to stop settling for less. I don’t have a problem with Homosexuals I have a problem with how the world treats them, the world treats them the same way they treat women as far as they can do no wrong. I take back my previous statement the world treats them better than women, they don’t have to deal with persecution. This bothers me because they didn’t make a big deal out of bulling until homosexuals commits suicide over bulling, I'm sorry I don't know who came first them or mentally ill kids. You mean it’s a big deal for them and not of a kid that gets straight A’s and gets bullied for it? I also don’t like it when they force their life style on you, I mean I think it’s nasty to see two men or women kissing I shouldn’t be persecuted for that. This is why I posted a picture of both batman and Superman, the fact that Batman is more popular then Superman is a sign that we are losing our morals. The thing I like about Superman is that despite having all this power he choice to help people with it instead of killing us. I also like that he is different for the people, I mean we are living in a cynical world and Superman isn’t like that. I would like to see a Superman story where he inspired the Government to do better things with their money and man power, that’s our problem we are coming up with new ways to kill ourselves then helping each other. Before I close when I found out the Bin Laden die two years ago I wasn’t happy to hear about that, and of course I got persecuted for that. Why should I be happy his die, despite everything he’s done he is still a human being. Don’t get me wrong I’m not making excuses for what he has done; it just this could have happen to anyone just like anyone could lose a love one. Here is an example a group of black men killing white men, at first we think it’s a hate crime but we later learn that they want compensation for their time during slavery and everything else white men has done to them. I would have mixed feeling about this, because we can't say kids need stability and when they don't have that we expect them to still be good citizens with no way to cope with not having stability. That’s all I have to say about this subject what do y’all think?

 P.S. If we had morals we wouldn’t be celebrating Halloween, I’m going to rant about that another time. Also I wonder how many people will be outraged if someone in congress decides to pass a bill that says if you lie you will spend 72 hours in jail or doing community service. Have y'all notice that no one taught us how to be bad we just do it, think about how your where brought up people tried to tells us the right thing to do not the wrong thing.               

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My review of the Plant of the Apes films

My review of the Plant of the Apes films 

Plant of the Apes:  I remember seeing this film on TV it was during the time when Tim Burton's awful remake was coming out. Despite the fact that this series lost it’s popularity after Star Wars was released I’m surprised that no one talk about this movie, I mean it had four sequels, two shows and tons of merchandise. It’s a shame that this happened because this series is kind of a forgotten gem; also this movie is remembered for its campiness. This movie is about three astronauts who crash landed on a plant that is ruled by intelligent apes. This movie reminds me of an episode of the Twilight Zone. I like that this movie does a role reversal, I mean the apes treat the humans the way humans treat animals. This movie has a good twist, I think this movie holds up well because of the mystery surrounding that twist and the apes. This movie deals with discrimination, prejudice and more, these were big issues at that time and there still are. I like the changes they made from the novel because the hi-tech future is a little for fetch to me. The problem I have with this movie is there are things in this movie that are mature for the movies rating.   
Rating = Treasure Chest

Beneath the plant of the Apes: The plot is this another astronaut crash landed on the plant of the apes, seriously who is training these astronaut Mr. Magoo? This is what happens when you make a sequel without planning it ahead, this was a rehash. Well that was the first half of the movie; the second half is about is about the gorilla army going to war in the forbidding zone why I don’t know. The plot is contrived why would they go to the forbidding zone, I mean it’s called that for a reason. I like that we see more of the forbidding zone, however this was a case of less is more. You can argue that this ending is more shocking then the previous one I wouldn’t have mind that this movie explores the plant of the apes if we had gotten more back story on how we got from point a to point b.  
Rating = Rental
Escape from the plant of the Apes: This is a worthy sequel to this series. This film is centered on the two main chimpanzees characters from the previous films name Zira and Cornelius, they traveled back in time to the year 1973 why sorry I don’t want to spoil the pervious film for y’all. This movie reminds me of Crocodile Dundee, as far as the main characters trying to fit in with society. This movie latterly borrows elements for the first film, if you watch this film and the first one you will see the similarities. However the writers did something different with those elements. I like the villain Dr. Otto Hasslein, because he reminds me of Dr. Zaius from the first film as far as him working against the main characters. I understand why he is doing what he’s doing however I don’t sympathize with him; also he was mentioned in the last two films that was a nice nod to continuity. The problem I have with this film is the premise is forced, you will see what I mean when you watch the movie. Another problem I had is the story of how the apes became intelligent; I mean it doesn’t match with what we learned in the first film. The fans compliant about how goofy this movie was that only lasted until half way thought the movie and things get ugly. I give the writers credit for coming up with a clever way to continue the story.
Rating = Worth Seeing 

Conquest of the plant of the Apes: The plot of the movie takes place almost twenty years after the events of the previous film, a disease killed all the dogs and cats on earth. So the humans uses Apes as pets what’s wrong with having birds as pets, meanwhile a chimpanzee name Caesar don’t like how the apes are being treated so he and the apes fight back. Basically this movie is kind of like Gladiator but with chimpanzees and not as good. This movie is ridicules; I mean who in their right minds would want go into restaurants, stores and solons that are run by apes? That is naughty, the humans don’t real want the chimpanzees as pet they want them as slaves. Also how can Caesar communicate with the apes, I mean he is the only one that can talk. I wish this movie would develop the relationship between Caesar and the other apes. Another problem I had with this movie is the main character Caesar; I mean he created continuity issues. The way this movie ended is weird original the ending for this movie was suppose to be violent but the studios wanted a happy ending, the way this movie ended is going to hurt the next film.          
Rating = Rental
Battle for the plant of the Apes: This movie was a waste of space, I mean they could have made this film a prequel to the first film. This film takes place over ten after the events of the pervious film, Caesar and the apes are living a peaceful life. Meanwhile the humans want to start trouble for the apes and Caesar has to deal with the gorilla army. The problem I had with this movie is that the apes can talk how did that happen? I mean Caesar is the only chimpanzee that can talk. I hear in production the explanations for that have to do with the ape’s brains starting to grow over time, I wish we got that explanation. Also where did the orangutans come from, I don’t remember seeing them in the previous films. The continuity issues in this movie are driving me nuts. This movie feels like a TV show then a movie. Despite my problems I did enjoy this film even thaw this movie adds nothing to this series and it raise more question then answers. I also like the orangutan characters in this movie, because they are Caesar's voice of reason. Plus I also like the action scenes. I will give them credited for trying to connect to the first two films.   
Rating = Rental

2001 Plant of the Apes: This movie should have been called Humans vs Apes or humans rising against Apes, I know those titles are lame but I’m trying to cope here. This film is about an astronaut name Leo who crash landed on a plant that is inhabited by talking Apes, the Apes use the human as slaves with Leo’s help and the help of other Apes the humans start to fight back. You call this a remake or reimagining, I mean Mark Wahlberg is playing the main character, the humans can speak and y’all ruined some of the classic lines from the original film. Escape from the plant of the apes was a better remake then this. It’s a good thing I didn’t see this movie in theaters. I knew this movie was going to be bad because this movie was directed by Tim Burton; Most of Mr. Burton's films are bizarre to me. There are moments in the film where the movie try's to make the apes seem sexy, Mr. Burton you are a sick man. The actors and addresses that portrayed the Apes did a good job well for the most part, the human actor and actresses I can’t say the same. The plot in this movie may some sound simple but it’s not and the twist in this movie is a joke. A minor problem I have with this movie is the Apes helmets makes them look like coneheads, also one ape looks like the late Michael Jackson. This movie don’t look like it was made on a 100 million dollar budget, did they spend half the budget on the cameo appearances of the star’s from the original films? The good thing I can say about this movie is the prosthetic makeup and I did get a few laughs not because I thought the movie was funny.  
Rating = Trash      

Rise of the planet of the Apes: This is another good example of how to restart a film series, however the trailers for this movie gave away most of the plot of the film. This film is about a chimpanzee name Caesar who became intelligent after being tested with a drug that can cure Alzheimer's disease. I like the character Caesar because he is more human than any of the human characters, the reason I said that because the way he cares for his owner and his fellow species. The relationship Caesar has with his owner reminds me of the Curious George story. I was really impressed by Andy Serkis performance as Caesar, because he used facial expressions to act. There were some references to Plant of the apes and elements from the fourth film, in fact this was a remake of the fouth movie. This is another film that can generate interesting conversions, like how should we treat animals if they are just as intelligent as humans? Caesar shouldn’t be that anger at humans because animals get more justice than humans do. The problems I have with this movie are the plot holes and I wish I understood what was going on between Caesar and the other apes. This is good reboot or prequel to this franchise.   
 Rating = Treasure Chest