Monday, December 2, 2013

My thoughts on The Amazing Spider-man 2

My thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 

Before I give my thoughts on this movie I want to give my thoughts on the previous one, warning if you haven't seen the previous film then don't read this article.


I did like The Amazing Spider-Man at first but after watching it a few times I started to like it less and less. Amazing is the last word I would use to describe this movie. What really bother me about this movie is that it had potential to be better than it was. I thought this movie was going to be like Batman Begins and Iron Man as far as having this movie be more of Peter Parker's story than Spider-Man's and have his origin play a role in the over all plot. the problem with this movie is that it has three writers and it shows, I mean the last act was a comic book. Like I said in my review of this movie the way this movie was advertise affect my enjoyment of this film, they advertise this as the untold story where is it? I mean this movie is the same as the Mr. Raimi's first film, but with a few changes, certain characters aren't in this film and Peter's parents was talked about but the movie forget about them. Also there was a voice in one of the trailers that said did you really think what happened to you was and accident? That let me believe the Peter was going to get his abilities in a different way but no he got them the same way. Also they change some of the scenes that was in the trailers like the scene where peter was having dinner with Capt. Stacy's family, Peter meets Dr. Connors as himself and how he get biting by a spider. This movie ruined the small knives gag, I mean how it was done in the trailers was funny. Peter Paker/Spider-Man is another problem I have with this movie I just don't like him, I thought this character had (MPD). I'm not being funny one minute he's a skate boarder, a genius, a trouble teen, a jerk, a photographer, someone with a hidden past, a liar, he's relatable, he's kind, I mean writers make up your minds who is he? I also didn't get the sense that he is a genius, because he didn't invent the web shooters for goodness sake. Speaking of the web shooters Sony don't seem to get why fan love the web shooters, they love them because the web shooters shows how intelligent Peter is. In this movie they just threw them in because that's what the fans want, if they are going to be that lazy with the web shooter they should have stuck with organic webs.When he's Spider-man he cracking jokes but he's not funny. The way this movie ended made me not liking him because of the way he treated Gwen Stacey. 

Peter: I made a promise to your dad that I would leave you alone that's why I wasn't by your side at his funeral, then dumped you when you ask me why I wasn't at the funeral but don't worry we will get back together. 

See what I mean? I know he made a promise to her father but he could at less been there for her at her father's funeral and dumped her another day, this is our hero ladies and gentlemen this is our hero. Since we are on the subject of Peter and Gwen I don't like the romance between these two, I mean they didn't go on a date, they don't know much about each other all they want to do is liplock. I hear that these two are a couple in real life if that's true then this is kind of sad. Also what's the deal with Flash, I mean one minute he's bullying Peter, then he feels sorry for Peter when his uncle die, now he's friendly towers him what was that about? Another problem I have with this movie is Dr. Connor's/ the Lizard, the Lizard's plan to turn everyone into lizards is lame. Shut up! I know that's what he did in the comics but it's still lame. This plan came out of nowhere with no build up, just like Dr.Connors becoming the villain. Bottom line this movie suffers from originitis, the writers tried to do alot with the screenplay that it ends up doing nothing. This movie was a missed opportunity. P.S. I wish Uncle Ben would have said his famous line at the end of the film when Peter was listing to his voice mail. Also I wish Capt Stacy have more screen time. Another thing the scene where Spider-man saved the boy would have been better if he had to choose between saving the boy or getting his uncle's killer instead of stopping the lizard.

Now to the topic at hand the only way I'm going to watch this movie is that Sony release a director's cut of the previous film. Because Sony hasn't learn from there mistakes from Spider-man 3. The only reason why Sony rebooted this series is because they wanted more creative control over these films, Also they would have lost there Rights to this character if they didn't make another movie at a certain time. I hear that originally the first film had more stuff about Peter's parents, there relationship with Dr.Connors and there's more to Spider-man's origin then we think, that would explain the editing problems in this film. I hear that Sony delete those parts of the movie, I don't get it if they wanted this movie to be different from Mr. Raimi's film then why would they delete the parts that made it different? It bugs me they deleted the scene with Dr. Connor's family, I mean those scene could have humanise the character. So yeah I'm tried of being con by Hollywood, if there's no director's cut I not watch anymore of these Spider-man films. Why make me wait to see the untold story in the next film if y'all advertise it for the previous film? This is the same problem I had with Iron man 2, I didn't want to watch a set up movie to The Avengers I wanted to see sequel to Iron man. Another reason why I'm not watch this movie is because it has too many characters, let take a look we have Harry and Norman Osborn, Max Dillon/ electro, Aleksei Mikhailovich sytsevich/ Rhino, Mary Jane and more. ( I'm on the phone with my agent) 

Me: I'm sorry what was that, MJ is not going to be in this movie? She's not OK thanks for the correction. 

Well that's one less character to worry about. When I first hear that she was going to be in this movie I thought they are doing a love triangle, that would have worked if Peter dumped Gwen like he was suppose to do. Then again I don't like love triangles so yes I'm glad she's not in this movie. I'm also glad that Spider-man gets his signature suit in this movie, I hope the writers can justify it in the movie. I don't understand why he didn't get this suit in the first film, I mean it looks different from Mr. Raimi's Spider-man suit.  Like I said I'm not going to watch this movie, besides Spider-man 2 I wasn't satisfy with Mr. Raimi's Spider-man films and I wasn't satisfy with the previous film. P.S Mr. Foxx better not get an Oscar for playing the villain.



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