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My top 10 movies that are good but I don’t want to see again

My top 10 movies that are good but I don’t want to see again

Intro: Now keep in mind I say that these films are good, however these films are not a most see for me. I guess that has something to do with the action/adventure being my favorite genre. The better term I should have used is films that are good but I wouldn’t consider my favorite, I wouldn't mind watching some of these films if it was on TV. Some of these films I like, some has fundamental problems that kept me from liking these films.

No 10 Boyz in the hood: This is the only film so far that has an all black cast that I think is good, beside the films based on true people and events. This film centers on a boy name Tre tries to make something of himself and survive the ghetto of LA with the help of his father, basically this is an underdog story. I feel Tre’s father’s pain as far as him trying to keep his son on the right path. I feel sorry with one character in this movie because of how his mother treats him different from his brother. How Black Americans are being portrayed in this movie doesn't bother me because it work in the context of the film. This movie is also about hope not just for Black Americans but for anyone who lives in a bad environment. I wish there was another character that wasn’t affected by their surrounding beside Tre’s father. I feel almost a shame that this is not one of my favorite movies, because this movie deals with legacy, protecting what’s yours and overcoming your obstacles. 

No 9 The Muppets: Who doesn’t love the Muppets; if I didn’t know better I would say that In living color was inspired by the Muppets. The plot is this a fan of the Muppets name Walter wants to go see the Muppets theater, meanwhile someone wants to destroy the Muppets theater some he can expand his business. So he tries to find Kermit so that he and the other Muppets can save their theater. This movie is about the Muppets finding their relevance in the world; I mean they are the underdogs when it comes to entertainment. The underdog story is what I like about this movie; I mean our perceptive of entertainment has change since the Muppets show. The problems I have with this film are minor, like the human characters they served no purpose in this film. It’s nice that we have a family film with on CGI characters and no jokes that adults can pick up on. 

 No 8 Distract 9: this is different from any other alien film I have seen, in the other alien films they invade us or we welcome them with open arms. In this movie it’s the other way around the aliens come to earth and the humans put them in a hostile situation, this film also show how certain class of citizens are begin treated. I sympathized with the main character and the aliens, because the aliens haven’t done anything to provoke this type of treatment. The reason I sympathized with the main character because he was involved in the Division that deals with this aliens, something happened to him that made him a fugitive. The way other people treat him was mess up. I was surprised how little money they use to make this movie because it looks good, I wonder why other films don’t look as good or as better than this because they have more money. The problems I had with this movie that is there are some nasty and disturbing scenes, also how the aliens look may bug you if you don’t like bugs. I also have a problem with the main character I wish he has better dialogue; I mean he keeps dropping f bombs in this movie.      

No 7 Good Will Hunting: This film centers on a young man name Will who is a genius that works as a janitor at MIT, One of the MIT professors sees his potential and decides to help him with the help of a old friend name Shaw who is a therapist. Robin Williams did a excellent job play the character Shaw, he would make a good Dr. Hugo Strange. The theme of this movie is letting go of the past and move forward to the future. This is a problem that we have today, I mean we let our fears rob us of our blessing or happiness. I know the world is awful sometimes we have to take a leap of faith. I like that Shaw didn't just help, both men helped each other. I also like the humor in this movie. The only problem I had with this movie is that it's kind of predictable.  

No 6 Total Recall: The plot centers on our main character name Douglas Quaid who wants to go to mars but can’t afford to go, so he decide to go to a place called recall where you get memory implants. When he gets to recall things turn up side down for Quaid, after the movie ends you start to question the events in this movie. That’s the good thing about this movie; the movie leaves it to use to interpret what happen in the film. This could have been one of my favorite movies if it wasn’t for the strong images and gory violent, I don’t like a lot of gory in violent. This movie would have been better if it wasn’t so over the top. Also I think it’s funny that this movie advertises the nes game that is based on the movie in the ending credited

No 5 Million Dollar Baby: This movie is like Rocky but with a main female character, it more emotional and the trainer is more lovable. This film centers on an amateur boxer name Maggie who want to be a professional boxers so she can get out of her dilemma, this movie also focus on the trainer Frankie who is having problems of his own. Like I said this movie is similar to Rocky but what makes this film different from Rocky is that Maggie doesn’t chase a chicken as training. Another thing that made this movie different is spoiler alert spoiler alert this movie didn’t have a happy ending, that is the problem I had with this movie. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against film having a sad ending I wish it wasn’t so depressing. Another problem I have with this film is Maggie I don’t feel sorry for her well I did to a point, because she would be in the situation that she’s no if she stood up for herself.

No 4 Back to the future: The plot is this a boy name Marty Mcfly fly helps a scientist name Doc brown with his time travel machine, meanwhile something happens where Marty is sent to the year 1955 and he’s stick there. So Marty Mcfly has to find Doc so he can get back to his own time plus fix another dilemma. It’s hard to consider this a time travel movies, because this movie had other elements to it like action, comedy and romance. The problems I had with this movie is that I didn’t buy that the two main characters can be friends and this movie would have ended differently if certain things happened or didn’t happen. This movie didn’t made me care about the Doc Brown character like in the third movie did.

No 3 The Hunger Games: I think it’s stupid that they are using the hunger games to keep the districts from rebellion, because they are killing their kids how do y’all think they are going to react to that? Like I said before I was uncomfortable with the idea of kids having to fight each other to the death. I think the director is uncomfortable with that to because the movie doesn’t show the kids killing each other brutally it was shoot by shake cam, you can’t have it both ways you can’t make a movie about kids killing each other and not show it. I also think its ridicules that the people in this movie find this entertaining, however they don't treat it like good thing. I wish they were scene in the movie were people was talk about the hunger games as far as the idea of having kids kill each other. I wish it was the adults doing this instead of the kids.
No 2 West side Story: This is a good example of telling the same story but in a different way. This film is about two rivaled gangs fighting for control over the streets of Manhattan, things get worst when a member from both gangs fall in love. The movie is similar to Romeo and Juliet, what this movie offer that Romeo and Juliet don’t is that this movie address issues that the time that this movie takes place like gang violent. The problem I had with this movie is that I wish they didn’t make it a love at first site thing. I was also surprised that how this movie ended. I would recommend this if you love Romeo and Juliet and musicals.

No 1 Shawshank Redemption: This movie is about a character name Andy who spend almost  20 years in prison for murder, during that time he made friends and impact the prison. I was surprise to find out that someone in real life did the same thing that Andy did torres the end of the film. The first thirty of forty minutes was hard for me to watch, because of how the inmate harassed Andy. I know that this happens in prison but I don’t need a visual reminder, I will give this movie credit for not shying away for that. Women would consider this movie bad if this was an all women’s prison and they are being harassed constantly by the guards. Another thing that bothers me about this movie is that it gave a mixed message about prison, I mean the director can’t show that prison is and awful place to be and then show the inmate being happy. The good thing I can say about this movie is that it makes you question the prison system, like it bothers me that whenever I watch a crimes show or movie that the people in this shows or movies joke about how awful prison is. I’m not saying that prison should be like Disneyland however the inmate should at lease feel safe. Kids feel safe when they come home after their parents ground them, well kind of.


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