Friday, October 4, 2013

My review of the Jurassic Park Trilogy

My review of the Jurassic Park Trilogy

 Jurassic Park: The plot is this a man name John Hammond who wants to open a theme park that has Dinosaurs, in order for him to do that he need a small group of people to come and check out the park. Once they get there of course things go wrong. This movie wasn't just about showing us stunning, CGI Dinosaurs or the Dinosaurs attacking everything in site it about questioning wither or not we should bring Dinosaurs to the 21th century, and are we ready to be expose to them? That was the theme of this movie playing GOD just because we can do some does it mean we should? You know what the 90's was a good year for Dinosaurs, I mean we had this movie, the show Dinosaurs and Power Rangers. Wait I'm sorry the show Dinosaurs came out in 1991. I like that the John Hammond character wasn't painted as the villain in this movie, I also like how this movie advertise itself. the problems I have with this movie are minor like the editing, and why some characters are in this movie. If you love Dinosaurs then I would recommend this.

Rating = Treasure Chest


The Lost World: Jurassic Park is one of those movies that didn’t need a sequel. The plot is this there is another Island inhabited by Dinosaurs; John Hammond revealed this to Ian Malcolm so that he and a group of people can go on the island to study the Dinosaurs. Meanwhile another group of people not sent by Hammond are sent on the island with a different agenda for the Dinosaurs, so the two groups have to work together to survive. I have mixed feeling about this movie; I mean I didn’t think this movie was terrible however this movie did things that would hurt Jurassic Park from being a good film. The Ian Malcolm character was good in the previous film but as the main character I think his annoying. I like that he pointed out some of the problems I have with this film. Basically this is a monster attack movie with no themes or massages, they tried to make a massage about capturing animals for captivate but the movie didn’t follow thought with it. Also I was annoyed with what they did in the last act; they parody another movie in the last act. This movie is OK I would recommend this if you like monster movies.

Rating = Rental

Jurassic Park 3: Hollywood should have left Jurassic Park alone; I can kind of forgive The Lost World for being the movie that it was I can’t do the same for this movie. The plot is this a family wants to go on the island that is full of Dinosaurs so they can find their son with the help of Alan Grant a character from the first film. This movie was contrived this could have been passed as a spin off. The problem with this movie is it focus too much on the human characters, I mean the last two films the human characters wasn’t the main focus the Dinosaurs where. Why was Alan Grant in this movie I mean he did serve a purpose in the film, he doesn’t go thought an arc and how he became part of the plot was forced. I’m sorry about I can’t think of anything good to say about this movie, that’s all I have to say I won’t give this movie any more attention than I have to.

Rating = Trash

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  1. I remember when this joint came out. I think it was the first gift I ever received that was actually a movie. Definitely a classic. RIP Michael Crighton.