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My rant about Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory

My rant about Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory

Before I talk about this character I want to give my quick thoughts about this show in general.

Wait is it me or does Sheldon Look like Pee Wee Herman?




This show is basically the three stooges with geeks and without the slip stick comedy. I check this show out because people tell me that I remind them of the character Sheldon on the show, they must be joking because I’m nothing like him. In fact this character kept me from enjoying the show. The problem I have with this character is that he’s arrogant; I mean if you look up the word in a dictionary his face should be on it. Another reason why I compare this show to the three stooges is because Sheldon reminds me of Moe, instead of hitting people he verbally attacks them. I’m surprised that the Penny character is friends with him, I mean he disrespect her more them once.
Here are some examples


I’m surprised that he is a popular character on the show. Can some explain to me what’s so funny about a man making fun of people because they are not as smart as him? I mean that can be funny however it wasn't done well in this show. The actor that is playing this character is surprised that people like this character. He also does annoying things like knocking on the door and saying the person’s name, why is that suppose to be funny? If I was on this show I would give Sheldon a tease of his own medicine. 
Here are some examples
Me: Sheldon what are you doing?
Sheldon: I’m trying to figure out how the last two Matrix movies connected to the first one.
Me: they don’t because there bad and they contradict what was established in the first film.
Sheldon: Travis could you help move this box in my room?
Me: why can’t you do it?
Sheldon: Because I don’t have the muscle mass to lift it.
Me: OK if you can’t lift it what else can you do to move it?
Sheldon: push it?
Me: Bingo!
Me: Sheldon if you’re so smart why do you have us as friends, I mean you make fun of us and other people for not being as smart as you but were your friends so what does that make you? Why are you living in an apartment instead of a mansion if you're so smart?  
Sheldon: Travis how do you expect me to beat this guy in a fight, he’s twice my size.
Me: In the words of Yoda size matters not. Remember it’s the smartest one who win not the strongest isn’t that what you said?
(We cut to a scene where Sheldon is in the hospital in the trauma room. His face is busted up and there are bandage's on his rids and head. Then I walked in.)
Sheldon: Thanks for your help.
Me: First off all if you're better then me you don’t need my help, second be grateful that I made sure he didn’t kill you. Why didn’t you hit him in his weak spots?
Sheldon: It’s hard to hit him in the eyes or testacies.
Me: I’m talking about pressure points. You need to learn that now that you have a girlfriend, or at least stand up for yourself, Steve Urkel has more of a back bone then you.  

See you don’t have to be smartest person to make them feel stupid. Also I can’t believe that he has a girlfriend a girlfriend! I mean ladies I thought arrogance was a turn out for you. I can understand why I remind people of Sheldon kind of, I mean I have some of his character trades. Like I said I’m not completely like him. This show made me question what do people consider funny? P.S did I mention that he likes cross dressing.  


Ladies is this what y’all want in a man? Also what is up with comedic men dressing up as women?  

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