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Superman films review

Superman films review

Superman the Movie: This is the film that broth Comic book characters to the big screen. There isn’t much to say about this movie, because that how good the movie was. The first act is about superman’s back story, the second act is about Clerk Kent/Superman’s introduction and the last act is about Superman stopping the villain’s plan. The late Christopher Reeve embodied the Clark Kent/Superman Character and the supporting characters were also good. I really like the Lois Lane character because Hollywood seems to have a hard time writing strong female characters, without them coming off as men in a women’s body. 

                               No offends ladies.

The problem I had with her is how she treats Clerk. I like how much a Protagonist Superman’s father Jor-El was, I wish there was a spinoff  movie center on him instead of Supergirl. The problem I had with the movie is the ending; this movie would have ended differently if superman acted faster when he learn about the villain’s plan. Also I didn’t buy that the villain Lex Luthor would figure out how to make a dilemma for Superman. A minor problem I had is Superman isn’t being challenge plus the movie's tune is uneven sometimes. Despite my problems this is a good film, and it deceives to be called a classic.
Rating = Worth Seeing 

 Superman 2: Despite the productions problems with this film it was a worthy sequel. What I mean by that is original this and the first film was suppose to be one movie, the first film was suppose to end in a cliffhanger and the way the first film ended was the way this film was suppose to end. The director Richard Donner was replaced by Richard Lester because Mr. Donner when over budget and Mr. Lester was hired to make the film more light hearted. I don’t get it I mean I have seen Mr. Donner’s version of Superman 2 I don’t see why they want to make it light hearted, it didn’t have dark themes and it wasn’t heavy handed. Picking Mr. Lester as the director will hunt them in the next film but we will get to that later. The plot is this another alien name General Zod has come to earth to conquer it, meanwhile Clerk/Superman is struggling with his duties as Superman and his happiness. That is the theme of this movie sacrifice I wish this movie was more affective about that theme. I like how they did two villains in this movie. I like General Zod because he does and say things that are funny, but his not trying to be funny and his serious about it. The problem I have with this film is how things got resolve. Also I have a problem with how much comedy they put in this film. Like I said this is a worth sequel and the footage that was shoot by Mr. Donner is what made this movie a hit. P.S I prefer Donner’s version of Superman 2, because that one is more connected to the first film.
Rating = Worth Seeing    

Superman 3: Before I review this movie let's look at how this movie was advertise.  


The best time of all really really, Hollywood stop treating us like idiots. This is what Superman 2 would have been if Mr. Lester directed the whole film. This film is center on a character name Gus who is robbing the company that he works for though computers, meanwhile Ross Webster the main villain of this movie uses Gus computer skills to help him with his master plan, his master plan is extortion I am not kidding about that. Basically nothing is really at steak in this movie, and the comedic elements ruin this movie for me. It's hard to consider this a Superman movie because Superman is being treated as a supporting characters, and the supporting characters are barely in this movie. I have two question what did y'all mean by the best time of all, second Why would Ross want to do this? I mean the movie establish him as a weathly man. I can't believe they screw up the concept of evil Superman, there is a differents between being evil and being a butthead. I can forgive that because we got that from General Zod in the previous film. This movie would have ended differently if one character didn't do that thing he or she did. The good thing I can say about this movie is that I did get a few laughs, and I like the subplot with Clark in Smallville. This movie could have been better if what happen in the last act happen in the beginning of the film. 

Rating = Trash      

Superman 4 Quest for peace:  Before I give my review I want to ask y’all something, what does Rocky 4 and this movie have in common? Beside it's the forth movie in the franchise and the villian in both films have blonde hair and barely speak. Is it
a)      Both films came out in the same year

b)      Both films had the same writers

c)       Both films deal with the USA and the SU not being on good terms 

d)      None of the above

If the answer is c no kidding, well it wasn’t heavy handed in this movie like in Rocky 4. The nickname for this movie should be you’ll forget that a man can fly. The plot is this Clerk Kent/ Superman is having a hard time deciding if he should get involved with a political issue. Meanwhile Lex Luther gets out of prison again and he wants to kill Superman again, yes he’s such a crime mastermind that it worked before. The problem with this film is the plot, I mean we know where Superman stands or where we thought he stood when it comes to political issues in the first film. This movie looked like it was made on a cheaper budget, there are plot points that when nowhere. There are intelligent insulting moments in the movie and the fights between Superman and another villain called Nuclear Man I wish I was being funny are lame, I mean the fight in Superman 3 was better than these fights. Also Nuclear Man reminds me of one of Zod's minions. Just like Superman Returns and Superman 3 there are retreads for the first two Superman films, Also Lex’s new minion is more annoying than the previous one. The good thing I can say about this movie is Superman reevaluate his purpose to humanity. Also I feel bad for trashing this movie knowing that there was production problems.
Rating = Trash 

Superman Returns: After nineteen years this is what we get what a joke. I have two questions how did this movie get made and who is the target audiences? When I saw the trailers for this movie I thought this was going to be a remake, Then I find out that this is a sequel. after watching the movie The reason I ask the first question is because this movie is suppose to be a sequel to the first two superman film but not the last two. The reason I ask the second question is because this movie is a remake/reboot to the first Superman film but with a few changes, if this is supposed to be a sequel there a continuity issues. Basically this movie is Mr. Singer’s love letter to Mr. Donner. Like I said before this movie is a rehash of the first movie but with a few changes, like Superman came back to earth after five years why sorry you have to watch the movie to find out. Speaking of Superman he is a jerk in this movie, I mean he did questionable things like did he learn anything from the previous films? Another think that bother me about this movie is the casting of Lois Lane, I mean look at this look at how young she is compare to the original. 

 The Lois in the original films
The Lois in this film          


Also this Lois has a personality of cocaine compare to the original. The actor the played Clerk/Supermen did a good job mimicking the late Mr. Reeve, The villain Lex Luther plan is the same from the first film but worst. Lex either come up with a different plan or find a hobby, because your starting to wear out your welcome. Also the big reveal in this movie made me walk out the theater. This movie isn’t terrible it has some good idea but there not explored. Bryan Singer ruin two films he ruin X-men the last stand by leaving it and he ruined this movie, thanks alot. P.S Mr. Singer if Man of Steel is good there will be blood to pay. As for you Mr. Nolan if Man of Steel is bad not only will I revoke your probation, you have my permission to die.
Rating = Trash         

Man of Steel: The nickname for this movie should be the wrath of Zod. No! That's not a Star Trek references This film is about Clerk/ Kal- El/ Superman trying to figure out his identity, meanwhile General Zod the main villain has come to earth looking for Kal-El/ Superman why you have to watch the movie to find out. I really didn't enjoyed this movie; however it could have been better. This movie focuses on the fact that Clerk/ Kal-El is an alien, I wish that was flush out more. Superman’s origin story is told almost the same way as Batman Begins but worse. Also like Batman Begins his origin plays a role in the plot. Henry Cavill the actor that played Clerk/ Superman did a good job playing this role, don’t you dare ask me if he’s better or worst then the late Mr. Reeve. We need to stop comparing apples to oranges. The problem I had with Mr. Cavill is that I didn’t get the sense of this is Superman, that’s not the actor’s fault like I said this movie is focus on Clerk finding out who he is. That’s one of the themes in this movie another theme is legacy. I also like Amy Adams as Lois Lane; I thought this movie was going to go a different direction with her. I was worry about her playing this role because I heard she audition for this role two or three times that was a red flag. Also I wish the actress would dye her hair black she looks more like Lana Lane then Lois Lane. General Zod is not a good villain Also I like the direction the writers went with him, it made me feel sympathy for him. The other cast did a good job playing there roles. A minor problem I had with this movie is Superman’s suit I wish it would look like the New 52 suit. Other problems are the changes they made to one character, I wish what was establish in this movie was flush out more. Also Superman fans may have a problem with what Superman did in the last act, after everything that happened in this movie I don’t see how they can make a sequel. P.S I’m glad that we finally got reed of the red underwear. I take back what I said about Jor-El in my Superman the movie review, because the Jor-El in this movie is more heroic. Again why didn't this character get his own movie? Also Han Zimmerman’s score for this movie is awesome; it has a triumphed feeling to it. 

Rating = Trash         

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