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My rant about Bane

My rant about Bane 

In this rant I’m going to readdress some of the things I said in my spoiler review of the dark knight rises, also I’m going to talk about other Batman villains.

This character has been around in comics for twenty years now, so far he's known as the man who broke the bat. Outside the comics writes seen to keep missing the boat with this character, they keep forgetting that he's a smart character he's not just a muscle guy. In the No Man's Land story he stops using venom because that was his strength and also his weakness. Also I don’t like some of the new looks for him outside the comics, 

Here are some examples.



Well to be fair in the comics the writers don’t know what to do with him after the Knightfall storyline. I don’t like what they're doing with Bane in the New 52. One of the many things that bother me about the Knightfall story is that Bruce/Batman didn’t beat Bane, and I wish that Bane was proactive. What I mean by that is when Bane learns that Bruce is Batman I wish he would study Bruce Wayne as well so it can be a personally conflict, Bane would not only break the Bat but break the man as well. I was surprised that Bruce/Batman didn't suffer from PTSD after what he when thought in that story. 

When I found out that Mr. Nolan picked him to be the main villain in the dark knight rises I was pumped, because I thought he was going to get this character right. Mr. Nolan said that the reason why he picked Bane as the villains is because he wants a villain that will challenge Batman both physically and mentally, he also described him as a monster movie villain with a terrific brain. Sadly he didn’t fit that description in this movie, he has some smart lines but talking like your smart and being smart are two different things. He also had some bad lines.

Here are some examples

The CIA agent: What’s the next step of your master plan?

Bane: Crashing this plane with no survivors.

Bane: your precious armory.

Bane: So you came back to die with your city.

Basically this Bane is the same Bane from Batman and Robin however he looks different, he talks and doesn’t have venom. I’m starting to think that Mr. Nolan made this movie bad on purpose so that we can put the Joker on a pedestal, besides Catwoman the batman villains in the previous two films look like there comic book counterpart well almost. Let's look at how the villains in these films are a threat. 

Ra's al ghul was a threat because he trained Bruce/Batman so he known’s his tactics.

The Scarecrow was a threat because he uses fear just like Batman.

The Joker was a threat because he's unpredictable.

Bane is a threat because he's big wow.

 It seems that people who are writing Batman stories can't moving forward without the joker. Take Batman Arkham Origins for example the story in that game takes place before the first Arkham game. Since we are on the subject I'm not going to play that game for that reason only, well maybe it looks like the joker is not going to be in that game. I'm going to be mad if this game can be passed as the sequel to Arkham City. The first Arkham game made me made because it reminded me of Knightfall. I’m starting to dislike the joker because of this. There are other Batman villains that can create personally conflict with Batman, Dr. Hugo Strange is one of those villains. Dr. Strange is a therapist that figured out that Bruce Wayne is Batman, writers could have wrote better stories for him. Just like the Joker he can play mind games with Bruce/ Batman, I liked how he was portrayed in Batman Arkham City.  

The Penguin is another villain that can do that by trying to ruin Bruce’s family image with the rivalry between his family and Bruce’s, if he teamed up with Black Mask it would be a good story. I would like to see Ra's al Ghul on the big screen again. Don't get me wrong I'm fine with what Batman Begins has done with this character, however he didn't feel like a treat in that movie. Ra's al Ghul is a villain that lived for over half a century with an army of assassins, he should have Batman on his knees. It bugs me that this guy doesn't make Batman wet himself he's called the Demon's head for a reason.

Also Bane gets shafted for being a sympathetic villain, I mean this is a character that was born and raised in a prison for a crime he didn't commit. I thought the writers was going to make him sympathetic in the dark knight rises by using that backstory, if would fit in with his motivation to why he's holding Gotham hostage to show the people of Gotham how it feels to live in fear, to have nothing, nobody to help you and be trap and torture every day. 

This is what I think should have happened in that movie, Bane show the people of Gotham that Batman is a man not a symbol, then have him take everything away for Bruce/Batman his wealth, alias, friends, home and his will to live. Then have Bane break Batman's back. When Bruce/ Batman recovers he faces Bane again and Bane still beats him, that will create suspense for us the viewer we would ask ourselves can Batman beat Bane? After that he destroys Gotham from the inside out by bankrupting the city, create an EMP and release the inmate from Blackgate prison. We finally get a villain that mirrors Batman, both men wears a mask and train there bodies and minds to there peeks and the writers don't develop him. This just breaks my heart, either the writers don’t know what to do with this character or there just being lazy. How long do I have to wait to see Bane done right on screen?

 P.S I like the Bane of the Demon story, in that story Bane rivals Batman as Ra's al Ghul's air and Talia's affections. That story could have been done better, also I would like to see a story of Bane and Batman working together or Bane working with Deathstroke. I wish Bane would have killed Alfred in the dark knight rises, because the character was barely in that movie and it would have made things personal between him and Bruce.              


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