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Arrow Season one review

Arrow Season one review

Intro: For those of you who don't know Arrow is a show that is base on a comic book character name Green Arrow. I was surprised and a little disappointed that this show isn't a spin off to the Green Arrow in the TV show Smallville. There was a lot riding on this show, I mean beside Batman DC is having problems making there characters successful outside the comics. 

Here are some examples

The last three Superman films are bad. 

Despite Smallville lasting ten seasons I wasn't crazy about that show.

None of the Superman video games are good especially Superman 64, how that game got made is beyond me.

Brids of prey got cancelled because of low rating, it lasted one season 13 episodes.

The Green Lantern movie wasn't successful. There was a Green Lantern animated series but it got cancelled due to low toy sells. 

There was suppose to be a Wonder Woman TV show two years ago, if you saw the unaired pilot then you understand why it was cancelled. 

Enough of the history lessons lets get into what I think of this show.

Arrow: This show is centered Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow who was shipwrecked on an island for five years, after he gets rescued he goes on a crusade to clean his city of crime with the help of a hit list from his deceased father. That becomes difficult when another archer gets in his way and learn about a conspiracy to level an area of the city. So The Hood has to figure out what it is before it's too late. 

This show made me mad, No! I didn’t think it was bad but that's the reason why I’m mad. Why wasn’t Green Arrow popular or a well known figure to the general public like Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman? I mean it seems that people want relatable heroes that’s what made Batman popular. Also why didn’t this character get his own show ten years ago instead of Birds of prey

I have an issue with the show’s title, because it's creating confusing people think that this show is a different take on Robin Hood. To make this worse he isn’t called Green Arrow in this show, I understand why he isn’t called Green Arrow but give him one name and stick with it. I mean they called him Robin Hood, the Archer, the vigilante, the hood guy, the hood, green hood, green goblin and green ranger. I’m glad that this was addressed in one episode. I’m sorry I had to get that off my chest.

The themes of this show are family and redemption, almost everyone in this show had done something they want to redeem themselves of or dealing with family problems. I like how the story progress. The pilot episode was OK it would have been better if it was a two parter, because they tried to establish a lot in the pilot. At first I thought this show was going to be routine, I mean each episode is going to be about him killing off someone from his list. That wasn’t the case after I saw episode 5 which is one of my favorite episodes of this season, that episode got me interested in this show. 

People compare this show to Mr. Nolan’s Batman films and  the TV show Lost, to be fair there are some scenes and lines from those films being put in this show. Also there are some similarities between Batman and Green Arrow, plus there are other batman references besides Mr. Nolan’s films. 

The reason why this show is compared to Lost is because this show has flashbacks, the flashbacks deals with what Oliver when thought on the island. The flashbacks are the best part of the show for me, because some of them tie in with the episode. Also I like seeing how Oliver slowly go from typical spoiled rich kid to what he is now with the help of allies. The problem I have with the flashbacks is that there is one character that keeps appearing and we don’t know who's side he or she is on. 

I like the characters in this show except for Oliver's mom, you have to watch the show to see why. 

Thea (Oliver's sister.) is annoying, it's understandable why she's like that however it doesn't make sense in some episode. 

Laurel is suppose to be a strong female character but she ends up being a damsel in distress. 

Tommy is Oliver's best friend. We think he's the typical goofball best friend, later on we see that there's more to him. 

Diggle is Oliver's bodyguard and his voice of reason. He also aid Oliver in his crusade. 

Felicity Also aid Oliver in his crusade, she provides tech support and humor. 

Dark Archer (The main villain) is OK he pose as a physical threat. The problem I have with him is that he didn't become interesting until towers the end of the season. 

The problems I have with this show is the inconsistencies with the characters and what was establish in previous episodes. Another gripe I have with this show is episode 21, I mean something happened in that episode that undermined the father and son story that this show had. Also it created plot holes around the main villain's plan and Oliver's hit list. I have mix feelings about Green Arrow killing people. On one hand he talks about justice you can't do that if your committing mass murder, plus he reminds me of the Punisher. On the other hand I like that he doesn't pull his punches. Law Enforcement don't do that why should you? 

Also if there going to have him work with the Detective in this show that needs to get fixed. Bottom line this is a good show I would recommend this to both fans and non fans alike. The changes they made from the comics didn't bother me that much, with the exception of making this green Arrow a surrogate Batman. In fact if this was the New 52 Green Arrow I would read it. 

P.S I’m surprise that this show is going to get a second season because things happened in this season that I thought was going to happen later on, plus it wouldn't have gotten a second season if this was on any other network. I can forgive them for how this season played out, however it's going to take time for me to forgive them for what they did in the final episode. Now that this show is getting a second season hopefully it's more flute and fixes some of the problems from this season. The real question is how long will this show last?   

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