Monday, April 1, 2013

Rant about Comedy in the media

Rant about Comedy in the media 


Comedy films or TV shows are hard for me to review because it so subjective. If you don’t find them funny is it still consider comedy? Also everyone has a different prospective of what’s funny or not, for example slapstick comedy may be hilarious to me but not to everyone else. The real question is should we consider movies and TV shows a part of that genre even if they don't do a good job at fitting in that genre? I can say that Dumb and Dumber isn’t funny to me but I can’t justify why it’s not funny to everyone else. There are comedy films that has good reviews but I don’t find funny like 40 year old virgin

the only part I laugh at in that movie was this. 


The problem I have with R rated comedies is nudity and sex jokes. I’m not against sex jokes I think the sex jokes in sitcoms and the Austin Powers films are funnier, it just there's a different between sex jokes and describing how you want to get freaky with someone.  

Here are some examples.

Me: Let’s go to our first caller hi.

The caller: Hi what’s your take on improvements?

Me: what do you mean?

The caller: I mean if a man wants to attract the ladies he has to improve himself by enlarging his Bank account, his muscles and his package.

Me: OK next caller good afternoon.

Caller 2: Good afternoon how are you?

Me: Fine go head.

Caller 2: I just want to say that I’m glad this war is coming to an end; I mean we keep getting held over and held over. We haven’t seen our family in years; I don’t remember what my wife looks like when she's get mad at me for not lasting long enough for a quickie.

Me: Come on! People this is a family radio show, keep the conversation family friendly please and thank you! Let’s go to our next caller good afternoon.

Caller 3: Good afternoon. I hope this doesn’t bother you but I’ve been wondering if you're into Dominatrix.

Me: Alright! That’s it I need a break! I need a freaking break!   
The propose of comedy is to make light of your problems, a bad situation or make fun of yourself. In order for the jokes to work there has to be victims. Don't believe me name a comedian that doesn't joke about him, herself or anyone. I view comedy like technology, how many people still use walkman or CD after the Ipad was invented?

However just like free speech there should be limits when it comes to comedy. I mean I noticed a contradiction, for example people didn't like Dane Cook joked about shooting in Aurora why? Was it because it was too soon to joke about that, was the joke unfunny or people didn't understand the joke? That's an issue with comedy some people don't get the joke. Also it seems that people have grips with being the butt of the joke, people don't like it when someone jokes about races, religion, politics etc. May I ask why that's not OK?  

In crime shows and movies they joke about an ordeal that happens to women and children. This bothers me because first of all that's not funny under the circumstance, if they know this is happening to men and women in prison then why are they not doing a good job at preventing it for happening? If it’s not funny that this happens to women and children then why is it funny when it happen to men? People shouldn't have problems with Dark comedy unless we don't have solutions or ways of coping with bad situations. 

I would look like a hypocrite if I said I don’t find dark comedy funny, because I did laugh in The dark knight when the Joker killed that guy with a pencil, and when he blow up the hospital. However it wouldn’t be amusing if people were in the building. Like I said before there should be limits when it comes to comedy with the exceptions of stand up comedy, if we can’t say certain things to certain people how is this any different?

P.S here is a example of how to joke about a serious issue. 

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