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My rant about Feminism

My rant about Feminism

Before I contradict myself I don’t have a problem with women having ambitions, and I don’t think a wife should always cook, care for the kids and keep the house clean. What I say might anger women, but this is an issue and it can’t get fix if it’s not addressed.  

 I have a problem with feminism for many reasons, first of all it causes confusing. I was playing Halo Reach online and I meet a woman and I asked her are your trying to find a boyfriend and she got mad at me for asking that. I wasn’t being sexes or anything it just I rarely meet women or girls that plays videos games like this, especially mothers that complain that these types of games are making kids violent. Women are not seeing things though a male’s prospective, if a man said something that you find sexes don’t y’all stop and think that we rarely meet women that want to do guy things? Like I am surprised that women are joining the police force and the army because I haven’t met a woman so far that didn’t complain about body odor and sweat, that’s what happens when you exercise that’s why I am surprise. Ladies if a man wants to do things that mostly women would do like throw tea parties, join book clues and knitting would you ask him is he a homosexually, or wounder if he is a homosexually? Another reason why this causes confusing is that I don’t know how to treat women, I mean when I treat women like men they have a problem with it. I didn’t have this problem with tomboys, when I treat them like ladies they are offended by it, ladies make up your minds.   
Second there is a big contradiction with feminism. I mean we are suppose to treat women as equals, but we still have to hold the door, give up our parking spot, our seats and not hit her in self defense is this a joke? Ladies do y’all want to be treated like equals are not? As far as men not being able to defend himself against women that is ridicules. Do y’all have any idea of how many men are die or in a abusive relationship because of this non sense? 
Ladies y’all can’t act like this and expect nothing to happen. 

Bottom line is this if you don’t want to get hit keep your hands to yourself, and act like ladies. It’s hard for me to take feminism seriously because society doesn’t take it seriously; I mean if women are serious about equal rights then why aren’t they mad at society for doing the following.
Women not doing the same time for the same crime that a man does
Women not sharing a jail cell with a man
Not going to jail for not being able to take care of your kids
 Men can’t hit a woman in self defense or for saying something he didn’t like
Not paying men spousal support or getting half of the marital assets
Not having support groups for men that has been in a abusive relationship, and women lie about being abuse when they are the abusers.  
Getting in trouble in the work place for calling a man cute or handsome
That men pay for women on dates
That husband’s stay home and care for the kids and keep the house clean
 Women still have custody of their kids even when they abuse or neglect them
I can go on forever.
 People don’t realize that feminism is making things easy for women and hard for men. Here are some scenarios  
A feminist: don’t forget to raise money for breast cancer
Me: what about Prostate cancer, I mean men are dying from that.
A feminist: shut up
A feminist: don’t forget to buy your wife or girlfriend jewelry on valentine day
Me: what about the men, why don’t y’all buy use power tools, Xbox 360 or a flat screen on valentine day?
A feminist: Those things are expensive.
Me: So is jewelry y’all buy y’all son these things why not you man?
A feminist: shut up
 Do y’all see what I mean were screwed either way. They want equality when it’s convenient for them.
 here is another example of contradiction, I laugh every time I see this. 

The reason I find this funny is because she set herself up for that. She had paint I mean makeup on, wearing tight clothes and the top of her chest was showing, and she didn’t like his comment no wonder why we have Homosexuality. I understand why women have problems with comments like that however the purpose of perfume, makeup and tight or revealing clothes is to attract men. If you didn’t want to attract men then why are y’all wearing these things? If it was the other way around it wouldn't be a big deal.         

Bottom line is feminism is turning women into our enemy, I am not kidding they are just like the villain in Lethal weapon 2 walk around saying diplomatic immunity. That’s what women want the freedom to do whatever they want and have power over men. They use it to emasculate men I have a problem with that, because y’all can’t expect anything from a man if you are going to emasculate men. Also I have seen this in TV shows and movies, watch Everybody loves Raymond or Black romance or romance comedy movies and you’ll see what I mean. This is why I don’t like Beyonce because most of her songs are making men look bad like irresistible, If I were a boy and put a ring on it, Plus those songs and other songs like that won Grammies and we hear them on the radio constantly, but the songs that does the same thing to women are offensive is this a joke? Women need to stop saying that they can do everything a man can do because they can’t, if they can why aren’t they doing the following.
Building houses, cars, electronic devices, furniture, writing TV shows or movie, invent the internet, playing sports against men, be firefighter and fighting wars. Also y’all need to stop saying that you had to be a mother and father to your kids, because it’s not physically possible and y’all can’t teach you son how to be a man because y’all are not men. If you don’t know a man purpose in a Child’s life then how can you teach you son how to be a man? No wonder men don’t know how to treat women. Also if you are going to be a man towers your kids than don’t expect them to treat you like a lady and you shouldn’t have a problem with them condemning you for not picking the right man to be there father. Kids need their father just as much as the mother, I mean do y’all wonder why boys from single mother household are being rebellions and act feminine? What happen to it takes a village to raise a child? I hear someone say that women can do everything a man can in high heels, I would love to see women play sports, build houses, cars, be firefighter and fight wars in high heels. If I didn’t know better I would say that feminism is the reason why men are not crazy about getting married. P.S society says men are from Mars and women are from Venus, if you are a science person you would know that Mars is more stable then Venus. How can I treat women as equals if there plant doesn’t have the same value as ours, that’s like saying a car that’s been used has the same value as the new one? 

Like I said before if women had a National Anthem it would be this.          

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