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Rant about how brown and dark skin people are being treated in Hollywood

Rant about how brown and dark skin people are being treated in Hollywood

Worst part about being black 

Before I get started I want to apologies to the other groups of people I know Hollywood has done this to them as will, I should let someone from that group speak on there behalf.

Hollywood is proof that racism is not dead, because I'm tired of seeing light and dark skin people getting miss treated. Here are a few examples on the show Gray’s Anatomy Isaiah Washington was fired for calling one of his cast members the F word and he got fired for it after he apologies. So far Bradley Cooper use that word in The Hangover, Jennifer Aniston use that word in Horrible Bosses and Adam Sandler use that word in I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry and they didn’t get in trouble for it. Another example is The Oscars; Denzel Washington didn’t win an Oscar for playing Malcolm X, Remember the Titans or in the Great Debaters however he did win an Oscar for play a dirty cop in Training Day. Also Halle Barry won an Oscar for playing I don’t know in Monster’s Ball and Octavia Spencer won an Oscar for playing a maid in The Help, do you see a pattern?                            

  I mean look at how they react how can they be proud of this?

The Oscars might as well give an Oscar to a Brown skin kid for being disrespectful to his or her parents. I am glad that Hollywood made a movie of The Hunger Games because that movie broth out racism or ignorance's. This movie was based on a book and the fans were mad that a character name Rue was brown skin even thaw the book describes her having brown skin and eyes on page 45. Then they post twits on twitter about this and they use the N word more than ones, plus they say things like when I found out that Rue was black her death wasn’t as sad and she should have been blond hair girl with blue eyes. The reason this bothers me is because for years we see mostly Caucasians playing the hero or a good leading character, but we have a problem with a brown skin people playing these roles. Why didn’t they do this with The Avengers, I mean no one complain that Nick Fury was black despite the fact that he was originally white. We had movies were brown or dark skin people played superheroes like Meteor Man, Steel, Blank Man and Hancock, the problems with those films was the writing and production. Spider-man fans were outrage that the new Spider-man is brown skin in the Ultimate Spider-man comic book series. Why can’t brown skin writers write about things other than slavery, family problems, crime and relationship problems, Yes! They are issues in our community but learn a new tune. I was surprised that a brown skin person didn’t write or star in The Hangover. The only good film with an all black cast that I can think of is Boyz in the Hood, because that movie was about hope not just for people who are brown skin but anyone who grew up in a bad environment. Another thing that brother me is that in Horror films brown skin people are the first ones to get killed or don’t survive despite the fact they run from danger. This also happens in films that are not in the horror genre regardless if the movie was good or not with films like Transformers, I am Legend, X-Men First Class, Jurassic Park, Terminator 2 and The Dark Knight, also stereo cast brown skin people for cheap laughs. This is the one of the many reasons why I don’t like Tyler Perry; I mean what is so funny about him dressing up as a grandmother acting like a fool and shooting people? What makes this worse is he gives bad advices an jokes about relationship issues, you can’t have it both ways either you are the voice of reason or juvenile, you act juvenile so you don’t get to say it wrong to do such and such. Then again is that not far from the truth, I mean I have seen a lot of brown skin Americans act like stereotypes outside home and on the news, now I am starting to wonder if Hollywood is being racist or is this how they really see us if this is how they see us then we have a problem. I wonder why brown and dark skin celebrities are taking these roles and I didn’t know what to think of them, Samuel L Jackson was in a movie where he was territories a couple because they are an interracial couple and his character’s wife cheated on him with a Caucasian man. Also in an interview he was egging the interviewer on to say the N word. 
This is the interview

 Why would he do that? Also Tasha Smith why is she okay with being portray as unlady like, I mean she is like that in Boyz in the hood, ATL and Why did I get married. Another thing that brother me is why is it OK to show a brown skin woman with a Caucasian man but not a brown skin man with a Caucasian woman? This is another problem in our community I am getting tired of brown skin woman calling brown skin man sell out for dating outside their race for two reason. The first reason is they date outside their race the same reason we do and second is President Obama, I mean women love President Obama despite the fact he is mix and was raised by his Caucasian mother and grandmother. They consider him black despite the fact his mix, if that’s the case if you paint you house green you should say it blue because it took blue and yellow to create that color. It bugs me that they protest against brown skin male for having a non brown skin woman on TV or in real life, why aren’t they protesting the network VH1 or Tyler Perry they are making brown skin women look bad. Disney had made two movies were there is a black princess with an non black prince, Don’t get me wrong I’m not against interracial dating however the down side of it is if we are casual with it we will be extinct. Why are we doing this to ourselves? I mean you can't say that the characters in Transformers and The Phantom Menaces

 or videos like these offend people and have them be popular and make a lot of money.

 Why aren’t we going on strike against Hollywood, I mean the schools and septa when on strike why can we? We deserve better portrayals, Oscar worthy roles, survive in Horror films, see both ganders dating in or outside their race and write for other genres. We need to start thinking about our legacy, I mean Dr. King, Harriet Tubman, Nina Simone, Malcolm X and other famous Black people didn’t fought and die for us to settle for less why are we settling of less? P.S don't gave me that Hollywood is a money making business excuse there are films that didn't make a lot of money and still have gotten sequels, like the terminator, the karate kid, RoboCop, Ace Ventura and Friday. Also if Hollywood isn't racist than why did they stereo cast Europe Americans as Terrorist or have Americans view them as terrorist and why didn't they cast and Asian man to play the villain in Iron Man 3? I mean the director said that he didn't want the Mandarin in the movie because he did want to offend Asians. OK what made him think that casting someone that isn't Asian is going to make it better, and if you didn't want to offend Asian than why did you pick the Mandarin to be the villain?

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