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My Power Rangers Series Review

My Power Rangers Series Review

Prologue: Before I get started I want to apologies for not reviewing these seasons in order. For those of you who don’t know Power Rangers is base or loosely based on a Japanese TV program called Super Sentai, and this franchise became a Pop culture phenomenon. I was skeptical about doing this because this is a kid’s show I can’t hold it to the same standers as adult shows, however just because it was made for children that doesn't mean it can't be sophisticated. There was a time where Pixer has master making films that both kids and adults can watch to a T. Plus we have shows and movies that parents can enjoy with their kids like Batman The Animated Series, Gargoyles, Antz and The Iron Giant. Since this is the 20th anniversary of this franchise I wanted to give my thoughts on this series because there are somethings about it that bother me. 

Intro: Man! I thought Turbo was bad but this really takes the cake.

Power Rangers Overdrive: The plot is this a famous explorer name Audrew Hartford found a crown called the Corona Aurora. Do to this discovery he frees Flurious and Moltor who wants the crown because it has power and they want to abuse that power. However the crown is unless without the jewels that goes with it. So Mr.Hartford recruits four young people to become power rangers and find the jewels to the crown before Flurious and Moltor.  

I can see why fans despise this series, it makes Power Rangers Turbo look like an Emmy award winning season. This series might not exist if it wasn’t for the Sentinel Knight, I’ll talk about him later. The theme song for this season is a rap song and it’s horrible, part of the reason why is because the song repeat the title of this season over and over and over again. The rangers get there civilian powers by having there DNA scrambled, isn’t that dangerous?

I didn't enjoy any of the episodes, however there are things in some of them that made the episodes salvageable just barely. Speaking of episodes the team up episodes are the worst of the crossover episodes so far. What hurt these episodes for me is that the past rangers makes the new rangers look bad, to be fair the Overdrive rangers made themselves look bad. Also the two groups of rangers barely interact with each other and we have a villain that’s related to villains from the Zordon era. I’m not going to bother asking how and why this person exist?     

This wouldn’t bug me so much if this wasn’t the 15th anniversary season! The only good thing about the crossover is the past rangers are from different series however they’re mostly for Disney seasons. This team of rangers are a disgrace to this franchise! Whenever they face a challenge or screw up they want to throw in the towel. WOW! Our heroes ladies and gentleman.

Mack Hartford/the red ranger is Mr.Hartford’s son, he’s adventurous and has some good leadership qualities. My beef with him is the plot twist with him, it feels kind of wasted. Also he's under qualified to be a part of this team. 

Ronny Robinson/the yellow ranger is a professor race car driver who's energetic. Sadly her cuteness wasn't enough to get me through this season. The writers could have used her character flaw better and that flaw is her being competitive. The writers could have her be competitive with getting the jewels that would make her hard to work with and would explain why she’s a race car driver. her relationship with two of the rangers could have been flushed out more.        

Dax Lo/the blue ranger is a stuntman who’s suppose to be the comic relief but instead he’s aggravating. I say that because he let things get in the way of his ranger duties. Also what's so funny about him saying this or that would make a great movie, stating and pointing out tropes? The writers should have made Dax like Deadpool as far as breaking the fourth wall, that can work since he feels like he’s in a movie. He says he wants to do and be more but he acts like a clown.     

Will Aston/the black ranger likes to work alone and wants to be in the spot light. I’m having a hard time buying that because he doesn’t separate himself from the rangers. Also it makes no sense for him to want to be the center of attention because he's a professional thief, I wish the writers would give that trait to Dax. That’s my gripe with this character he’s a Black man who’s the black ranger and a professional thief. Do I need to say more?

Rose Ortiz/the pink ranger is the smart one of the team, that’s saying a lot considering that she say some dumb things in this series. I appreciate that she pointed out what's wrong with this series, however I'm surprised that she didn't address that having the ranger's morphers on there arm is a bad ideal. ( Heck I'm shocked that the villains didn't take the morphers from the rangers considering how open and expose they are.) The episode centered on her learning to have fun was pointless, she isn’t uptight the way Jen was in Time Force.

Tyzonn/the mercury ranger is honorable and curious about new things. His back story is similar to Commander Cruger’s from S.P.D. Is it me or is his ranger suit a bit much? 

Mr.Hartford is a shady mentor, he makes plans without keeping the rangers in the loop. Operating like that did end up biting him in the butt. My issue with him is that he doesn’t trust the rangers, I say that because he test there ability to work together and there loyalty to him. What’s the point of him recruiting these people to be power rangers if he doesn’t trust them? Also you'll have a hard time buying that he can build the ranger's tech on his own. I'm surprised that he and Will are not close because they have things in common.     

Spencer is the Hartford’s Butler he’s the voice of reason and good at disguising himself as different people. That ability becomes useful to the rangers. 

Now to the villains

Moltor is a hand’s on villain. He can come up with plans for time to time however he jumps first without thinking.

Flurious is Moltor brother, he watch the rangers and wait for the right moment to strike. That strategy paid off towards the end.

Kamdor is smart and ruthless. 

Miratrix is a servant to Kamdor, she’s selfish and manipulative.

The Fearcats are the most dangerous villains in this series, I say that because they're willing to cause death and destruction to find the Jewels and crown.

Sentinel Knight is the biggest problem with this season due to the inconsistencies and plot holes around this character. I don’t have much to say about him because he’s barely in this series. He’s the guarding of the Corona Aurora but he’s lazy about guarding the crown, you’ll see what I mean when you watch this season.

I was letdown by the villains alliances, we haven’t seen that since Ninja Storm. Part of the reason why the alliances is short lived is because Flurious and Moltor have a sibling rivalry over a broken toy, are these two seven year old's in adults bodies? I wish the villains have different motivation for wanting the Corona Aurora, plus they’re not much of a challenge to the rangers.

Another complaint I have with this series is that it makes no sense for Mr.Hartford to pick these rangers to find the jewels, despite the fact that some of them can do this task. He should have pick better candidates. The rangers can be jerks to each other, the clip note episode makes them look stupid and they barely develop. This season doesn’t feel like an anniversary season, it made one reference to the previous season. We don’t have much of a back story on the Corona Aurora.

I like the adventure aspect of this season, as far as the rangers traveling around the world and to non fictional places to search for the jewels. Also I’m fond of the mythology from different areas on earth, it’s refreshing that kids can learn something from this franchise beyond use martial arts for defense or keep the earth clean. However this series doesn’t do much with these locations or mythologies.

Overall this season is a waste of potential. It would have been better if the team dynamic improved and have this series be a space theme season. Because the villains are from space, the jewels will be harder to find in space and going into space will make this season feel like an anniversary season. We can visit plants that we've seen and plants that we heard of but haven’t seen. Despite all the problems with this series it could have been better.

Intro: If I had a list of Power Rangers series that can work as a movie this would be one of them.     
Power Rangers LightSpeed Rescue: The plot is this three men are lost in the desert, they find a tomb and open a casket. Surprise! Surprise! They freed demon's who want to regain what they lost, that involves the destruction of the city of Mariner Bay. A Government organizations called Light speed under the command of Captain Mitchell. When someone informs him of the demon's release he chosen five people to become power rangers to protect the city from the demons. 

This series is mixed for me, it has some good ideas and some of the episodes I do like. There are some similarities between this and Mighty Morphing, like the yellow ranger is being played by a woman even thaw the sentai counterpart is a man. appreciate what this franchise has done, as far as give one or a group of people who don't fit the criteria a chance to become power rangers. However it makes no sense when you look at it from hindsight, this is a military organizations why didn’t they train soldiers to become rangers instead of recruiting civilians? 

In some episodes we see the rangers training, it would make sense if these people had something to offer this operation like one was teaching self defense and another was building the rangers weapons and zords just like Billy did in ZeoThe rangers that stood out for me was the red ranger Carter and the green ranger Joel, because Joel is the comic relief of the team. The subplot of Joel trying to woo Ms. Fairweather ( she design the rangers weapons and zords.) reminds me of Zack trying to get with Angela in season one of Mighty Morphing. That's the problem I have with him this subplot it makes him look pathetic, word to the wise if you show interest in someone and that person doesn't reciprocate don't waste your time on him or her move on to someone else.  

Carter/the red ranger is the type of leader you want to follow, he reminds me of Captain American without the cheesy lines and speeches. he's also fearless, he tried to run over a monster, he attack two giant monsters with just his hand guns and he's willing to sacrifice himself to save the city. I wish the writers would come up with a better story with his character flaw and that's him being all work and no play. 

The other rangers are just flat! This season hasn't done much with them. 

The only thing we learn about the pink ranger Dana is she wants to be a doctor or nurse and she’s the Captain’s daughter. I'm surprised that she's not close to Chad because they're in the same profession.  

Speaking of Chad the Blue ranger he's a Dolphin trainer/life guard and we learn that he has a martial arts background. We see that he has a relationship with the yellow ranger Kelsey and a mermaid, do ask just don't ask. 

Kelsey the yellow ranger is a sports person that it, that’s all we know about her. 

I didn't like Captain Mitchell at first ( He's the rangers mentor.) because he came off as manipulative at first, but he cut's that out later on. The only thing we learn about him (besides that he use to be a fire fighter.) is that he did something that he's not proud of. I'm surprised that this didn't cause the rangers to second guess his motivation for starting this operation. Also he did something else that you may or may not find creepy.       

I can’t comment on Ryan the Titanium Ranger because he's barely in this show, speaking of the Titanium ranger I was surprise to find out that he's a made up ranger that would explain why there's no sentai footage of him, the sentai that this series is base on don't have six rangers. I'm fond of the story the writers told with this character, the episode’s centered around him reminds me of the green ranger episodes in MMPR. Also I like how the writers handle he’s absence better then they did Tommy's in MMPR. 

Queen Bansheera (the main villain.) is ruthless, there's nothing she won't do to reclaim what was once hers. 

Diabolico ( Queen Bansheera's lieutenant.) is a loyal follower, plus he's kind of complex. My beef with him is the plot holes around his trump card. 

I don't have much to say about the rest of the villains, one summons the demons, another does the grunt work and the other one is in the background.     

The villains are one of the problems I have with this series, there kind of bland. They didn’t become interesting until the last few episodes, plus they didn’t score any victories over the rangers until towards the end. The villains weakness is water, do I really have to make fun of this? This season wouldn't exist if every citizen in Mariner Bay armed themselves with Supersoaker's. In Zeo the machine Empire fix this dilemma by replacing water with cog oil.  

The team up episodes between the Rescue rangers and the Galaxy rangers is disappointing, the beef I had with those episodes is that they're focus on an little girl. Saban Entertainment did you learn anything from Power Rangers Turbo? The writers could have told a better story of the rangers being replaced by robots. Besides the plot holes other issues I have are minor like the rangers costumes look like umbrellas. Bottom line is that this is an okay show. It's sad to say that because this season had some interesting things going on, however the writers don't do much with them so it made this series feel plain. If you wonder what a power rangers version of the Avengers would be like I would recommend this.    

P.S. I don’t like this trend that Saban Entertainment started in 1998, the trend of having the red ranger getting a battlelizer. Besides it being another way of selling toys it seems like a cheap way to make the red ranger popular.        

Power Rangers Ninja Storm: This series is centered on three teenagers that are students at the wind ninja academy and there not doing well. One day Lothor invade the academy and kidnaps most of the students expect for the three under performed students, they're chosen to be power rangers. So they have to protect earth from Lothor and figure out how to free the other students. 

This is the Batman and Robin of the series. I'm not kidding about that that's the problem I have with this show it's too campy. For example when the rangers first get there Morphers they screw up the morphing sequences. I don’t mind that this series has comedy in it, however if we can't take the rangers, villains or scenes seriously then it’s a issue. 

What makes this series different from the previous seasons is that were introduce to three rangers instead of five, the other two are evil and there's no team up episodes. The villains are terrible, the main villain Lothor reminds me of Divatox from Power Rangers Turbo. Yes! Lord Zedd has his moments of humor but his humor comes from his rage despite that he keeps his eyes on the prize

There was one episode where he was mad that he wasn’t invited to a peace conference what, why would he be mad about that if he want to conquer the earth!?! Also it seems that he's annoyed that he has to babysit his nieces then being a world conqueror. How did Lothor become a villain, there was an episode where we see a younger version of him but it doesn’t explain why he turn into a villain. 

Another complain I had with Lothor is his lack of logic he said the best way to beat the rangers is in there ranger form, okay last I checked villains don’t fight fair unless they have honor. Also half way thought the show his man power increase and towers the end it decreases, what's up with that?   

One of his Generals Zurgane should have been the main villain because he was serious minded and his plans would have worked if it wasn’t for his peers undermining him. The episodes center on the Thunder rangers could have been better if it played out differently. Besides Cam The green rangers the other rangers didn’t impress me, Cam reminds me of Billy as far as building weapons and Zords for the rangers. Also he resent the rangers because he wasn’t a ranger at the time, they're incompetent and he doesn’t feel respected by them. I wish he would stand up to them instead of being a jerk. 

Shane the red rangers is serious minded, we learn why he's like that in one episode.  

Dustin the yellow rangers is friendly. 

Tori the blue ranger is the responsible one. 

Hunter the crimson rangers is the reserved one and Blake's brother. 

Blake the Navy Ranger is just like Dustin. 

Sensei is not a good mentor, he tries to sound smart but he doesn't. Whenever he offers the rangers wisdom it's at the wrong time. What bugs me about him is that he's ability to train the rangers despite two of them are from a different academy, what's the point of that if the sensei can train them regardless?      

Also this group of rangers are suppose to be in high school, but there are no episodes of them in school. Blake and Tori are arguably the best ranger couple in the Disney era. I say that because we see them spend time together, if only they showed affection to each other. What's the point of having a couple on a show if they don't do things that couple's do minus the R rated activates.     

Just like Time Force I'm turn off by the idea of ninjas as rangers, I mean I thought ninjas are assassins. It bugs me that the Thunder rangers have gotten weak later on in the season, this is also a trend with the evil rangers. This is Disney’s first Ranger series and it didn’t make the best first impressing on me, Yes! There are some episodes I like but the campiness of this show ruins it for me. 

Intro: I'm surprise that this isn't a Disney season I mean Power Rangers protecting a Princess? What is this a Power Rangers version of Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty or Legend of Zelda

Power Rangers Wild Force: This season is about Princess Shayla choosing five people to become Power Rangers to protect her and the earth from monsters called Orgs being lead by Master Org. I didn’t like this series it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either, something about this season feels off I can't put my figure on it. I'm not crazy about this group of rangers because I don't get the sense that they're a team. Despite being friendly with each other kind of they don't seem to connect with each other.   

Taylor the yellow ranger is like Jen from Time Force but worst as far as being aggressive. This made her look less feminine. (That's saying a lot because she didn't come off as feminine.) If I was one of the rangers her aggressiveness would rub me the wrong way. I wish the other rangers stand up to her besides Cole the red ranger especially Danny the Black ranger. 

Speaking of Danny he is a plant lover. My Gripe with him is that he needs to man up, I mean I was rolling on the floor laughing when I saw him sleeping with a teddy bear in one episode. I'm surprise he didn't speak up to Taylor because he's the biggest ranger on the team, seriously he can break her in half.    

Max the blue ranger is suppose to be cool but he isn't.

Cole the red ranger is Tarzan with a heart of gold, the subplot with Cole was wasted. my issue with him is that he's rough around the edges as a leader, he need to do more then boost the rangers morale. plus he only does that when the rangers fight a monster. 

Alyssa the white ranger is the peacekeeper and a smart character in her on right. That's my beef with her what's the point of making her smart if it serves no purpose? 

Merrick the lunar wolf ranger is the longer of the group, the way he goes about that persona feels force.  

Princess Shayla is useless in this series, she doesn’t serve the mentor role and we learn something about her in the last few episodes that makes you want to strangle her.  

Master Orgs ( the main villain) is a poor excuse for a villain, his motivations makes no sense. I'm shocked that he didn't get Merrick to turn on the rangers because they have the same backstory.  

This series is heavy handed about keeping the environment clean messages, Yes! This was done in Mighty Morphing however the writers don’t make a story arc out of it. The other reason why this doesn't work is because we don't know the ranger's or the people's prospective on pollution. You know Trini from MMPR would fit right in this season. 

This makes me want to cheer for the Orgs because we learn that pollution created the Orgs, If no one cares about this why should I !?! Forget what I said earlier about this series reminding me of Disney movies this reminds me of Captain Plant. The episodes involving the six ranger was repetitive and it made no sense. 

I have issues with the dynamic between Cole and Taylor I mean that could have been done better. Another problem I have with this series is the morphers. I mean cell phones really? Why didn’t the villains use a cell phone jammer? ( I know there was an episode where a Org is a walking jammer however that doesn't mean that you can't use that more then once, but I digress.) I wish this season would focus on the statue among the Orgs, I mean we learn that they don't have hearts yet they act like they do.

Also this series has some connection with Lost Galaxy. I enjoyed the team up episodes between Wild Force and Time Force rangers, because the episodes continue the story for both series and the rangers bond. Also there was another team up episode between all the red rangers from previous seasons; the purpose of this is to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the franchise. Like I said before this episode is connected to another muilt parter in Zeo that was never air called Scorpion Rain. I'm fond of how this season end for the most part. That’s all I have to say about this series this was a OK series. 

Intro: If you wonder what a show centered on Superman's kids would be like, then this is for you.

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers season one: The plot of this series is this two astronaut unintentionally free's Rita and her minions from an unknown plant. Then she decides to conquer to first plant she see's and that plant is Earth. Zordon becomes aware of this so he recruits five teenagers to become a team of superheroes called the Power Rangers to protect earth from her forces. 
This is one of those monster of the week shows with little to no story, despite that I have a soft spot for this series. I can see why this show was popular in the 90's because there was no other kids show like this before. The thing I like about this series is that it has good massages about friendship, teamwork and being the best person you can be. However this season failed to address that you need bounces in relationships. A lot of power rangers fans put this series on a high pedestal. I think there blinded by nostalgia. Seriously there are other seasons that did certain things better, like character development, stories and the villains having motivations for what they do. These rangers are cool! 
Jason the red ranger is the alpha man who's into martial arts. Jason is fine as a leader, whenever things get rough for the rangers he booty there morale. He also  takes responsibility whenever things go wrong despite the fact that it's not his fault. My beef with him is we learn that he has a temper but the writers don't do anything with that character flaw.      
Zack the black ranger is the fun one, he's also a dancer. it's hard for me to say that he's into magic tricks because he used it in two episodes. The only complaint I have with Zack is that he waste his time pursuing a girl who's clearly not into him, to be fair she does send him mix signals.    
Billy the blue ranger is the smart one. It's a shame that he wasn't popular instead of you know who, because he was the hero in this series and future seasons. He invents devices to help the rangers get out of trouble and solve problems. This series should have been center on him because he's the ranger with the most character growth. Considering what the actor that played Billy went through working on this show I'm happy that he got a warm welcome at the 2012 Power Morphicon, but I digress 
Trini the yellow ranger is the voice of reason, who's an environmentalist and she's bright enough to understand Billy. the issue I have with her is she's under developed.   
Kimberly the pink ranger is the pretty girl who can be sarcastic at times. She likes to shop and practice gymnastics. We learn later on that she has family problems.    
Zordon is the ranger's mentor, he doesn't serve much of a purpose beyond helping the rangers defeat the monsters. The only problem I have with him is his lack of backstory. 
Alpha 5 (Zordon's  robot assistant.) is aggravating, part of the reason why is because he says his famous line whenever he freaks out and that's most of the time. 
Bulk and Skull are the comic relief there suppose to be bullies but there terrible at it. These two got over looked because they got the most progression in this franchise, I'll get into that another time.  
Rita (the main villain.) is a pitiful excuse for a villain. Despite her victories over the rangers she feels more like a bully then a villain, she sends putties to ruined the rangers day. Like Zordon we have no backstory on her or her minions.   
I wish I can say that Goldar (Golder is one of Rita's underlings.) is a fears warrior but he isn't. Don't get me wrong he can be threatening however whenever he's about to loss he turns tail. 
I don't have much to say about the rest of Rita's subordinates, one of them creates the monsters, two of them are like Bulk and Skull and the last one is a warrior but she's barely in this show.  
I was enjoying this show until the green ranger Tommy / the pretty boy showed up. No! I don’t like Tommy for four reasons. First of all he stole Jason’s popularity, second he made my childhood difficult. Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to find a green ranger action figure, have you seen the movie Jungle all the way that's how hard it was to get a green ranger toy. 
Kids didn’t want to talk or play with me because I didn’t have anything of the green ranger. Third there are so many episodes centered on him. This wouldn't bother me so much if these episodes help him grow as a character, but they didn't for the most part. Finally he stole Kimberly from Jason. I know I know Kimberly wasn’t into Jason but why not? I thought women want the top guy that's what Jason is, his bigger than Tommy. 
Despite my grievances with Tommy things did get better when he showed up just barely, like I said this show is basically about the rangers fighting monsters. Bulk and Skull’s subplots are better than that for time to time. One of the many problems I have with this series is I don’t buy that this group of rangers can be friends, because of their different personalities. 
Would you be annoyed by Billy’s big words or Trini preaching about keeping the environment clean? Heck if I was Billy I would be irritated with the rangers being lazy with expanding there vocabulary. Sidenote I'm surprised that the writers didn't make Zack popular in school for his dancing ability. Kim popular because she’s the girl that other girls want to be around and the girl that guys wants to... want to... play twister with. Yeah!  
Mixing Japanese and American footage is problematic on it own, however the writers and directors are getting better at doing that in later seasons. It bugs me that these kids haven't earn the right to become rangers, I mean Zordon just gave them there morphers. ( The morphers are devices that transform the teens into Power Rangers.) I wish they would go through a trial like facing their fears or test their ability to work as a team. There was an episode where they did face their fears but some of their fears makes no sense, like Kimberly is afraid of Bulk and Skull being nice. I don’t get it is she afraid that she'll like them if they’re nice? ( Well it's possible there are hints that she could like one of them.)
What this show did with Tommy annoyed me because it sends the wrong message about friendship. Plus they didn’t do that with Billy later on. Also this season is too one sided about if you do the right thing everything will be OK message. I know this is a kids show however that can cause more damage then good and kids who have a rough upbringing might be insulted by this. Other gripes with this season involves the repetitiveness of this show, the jokes are cheesy even for it's time, megazord fighting a monster in the city (that's a common issue with this franchise.) and continuity errors.
Despite that this is one of those kids shows that didn't hold up well this was a good start to this franchise. I wish that Saban Entertainment would borrow story elements from Zyuranger. (Zyuranger is the sentia that this series is based on.) For example in Zyuranger the red and green ranger are brothers, that would have been interesting if the creators come up with a story out of that. 
P.S. I don't buy that Saban Entertainment didn't realize that they made Zack the black ranger and Trini the yellow ranger, because we learn that the red ranger in Zeo is Native American. Oops! if you're reading this I want a death battle between Tommy and Jason.

Intro: Is anyone else bothered by how far fetch high school life is in this show? When I was in high school I didn’t do the following things teach my own classes, run charity events, dirt biking and go to peace conferences. How can they do all these things in their high school years, have time to do there chores, homework and hangout at the juice bar!?! OK may I'm nitpicking, however this is a hard pill to swallow.   

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Season Two: The premise is this Lord Zedd ( Rita's superior.) shows up because he's tired of Rita failing to conquer earth, so he takes over and kick Rita off the moon. He's a bigger threat than Rita to the point that the ranger's zords are not strong enough to stop his monsters, so the rangers have to get new zords and a new ranger to battle Lord Zedd. 

I wish I can say that this season is better then the previous one, instead it's awkward. I say that because the creators tried to use two different sentia footage, this created editing problems. ( the reason why this season use two different sentia footage is because the creator still had footage from last season and they use new footage for the zords.) This season had a good start in the beginning until things start to change I'll get into that later. Also this season ruined the evil Billy episode. It should have been as good as the green with evil episodes, heck even better then that and last longer then one episode.   

I like the new villain Lord Zedd, like I said he's a step up from Rita. He try's to get the rangers to turn on each other. Plus some of his monsters are made out of something that has sentimental value to the rangers. Also he has his own Zord that is powerful enough to destroy a plant, however the zord run’s out of power too fast.  

My issue with him is his putties, they're worse than Rita’s putties. All you have to do is hit the Z on their chest to beat them I am not kidding about that. I was disappointed that Lord Zedd turn into Rita later on in the series, beside getting rid of one of the rangers he didn’t do much to hurt the rangers. 

Speaking of Rita she returns to the series, at first I thought this was a popular demand but the real reason she came back is to make Lord Zedd light hearted because parents complain that Lord Zedd is too scary. Is this a joke? Lord Zedd is the villain he’s suppose to be scary, to quote Will Smith parent's just don’t understand. 

Wait! Parent's complain about this 

but not this                                                                                                     or this


or this

I small a PR nightmare I mean contradiction. The dynamic between Rita and Lord Zedd is amusing at times. The beginning of this season is centered on Tommy's dilemma. I have a problem with the white ranger being the new leader of the rangers, because the way it was done feels odd. Also I didn’t have much to say about Aisha, Adam and Rocky the replacement of Trini, Zack and Jason, because they don't have much personalities. 

Aisha the yellow ranger is a gossip girl who also likes to shop. 

Rocky the red ranger seem to be the laid-back one of the bunch. I feel sorry for this character because of all the hate he gets from the fans. The reason why he gets so much hate is because people don't think he's a good replacement for Jason. First of all he's not the leader in this series, second we don't get a lot of episodes centered on him.     

Adam the black ranger is someone that keeps to himself and unsure of himself, it a shame that the writers didn't flush that out more. Also he's kind of into romance stories.    

Sadly Goldar is a joke in this season, he use to take on all the rangers on his own now he can't hold his own against one ranger.   

The actors and actress that played Trini, Zack and Jason left the show because they wanted more money and the studios refuse to pay them. The mystery of who is the White ranger was handle well kind of. Bulk and Skull character development starts here, after the rangers saved them they decide to figure out who they are. It’s funny that they don’t like goody goodie but they love the rangers. This subplot shows how smart they can be if they apply themselves. 

They could have figured out who the rangers are if it wasn’t for the rangers screwing up their plans, that’s right the rangers the ones that are doing humanitarian things are bullies to Bulk and Skull. WOW! Sadan what are you telling us about bullying? Well you can look at this as Karma. Also in one episode they saved the rangers, that’s right Bulk and Skull don’t have powers or martial arts skills but they saved the rangers. If that doesn’t make them cool I don’t know what will. 

You know what this anger's me because this could have been and underdog story for this two, the rangers should show Bulk and Skull who they are and help them realist how much of a joke they are. After realizing that they decide to change there image, be the rangers eyes and ears and have them become rangers, but that didn't happen I'll get into this more in Power Rangers Turbo. Despite my grievances with this season I still find it enjoyable, I gave this show credit for trying to do something different.  

P.S. Kimberly had a Oscar moment in this season. 

Here is the clip of what I am taking about. 


Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Season Three: The plot is this one of Rita's family members shows up on the moon to give her and Lord Zedd a late wedding present, with his help Rita and Lord Zedd are able to launch an ambush attack on the rangers. The ambush worked they defeat the rangers to the point where they lost there powers and the zords are destroyed. So the rangers go on a quest to find new powers, they have to reach there destination before Rita and Lord Zedd.  

This season is the best one out of the three! What make this season better is the writing, using less sentia footage and breaking away from the monster of the week formula for the most part. We learn about the rangers powers in this season, however that raise more question then answers. This season has more multi parters. I would have rate this season higher if Master Vile was the main villain in the beginning of this season, he’s plans are more effective than Rita’s and Lord Zedd’s plans. 

Speak of Master Vile ( Rita's father.) I don't have much to say about him because he's barely in this season. 

Rito ( Rita's brother.) Is an idiot. He makes the three stooges look like College Professors.  

Fan’s complain that Lord Zedd turn into a joke when he married Rita, I disagree like I said before the only thing he did was draining Tommy’s green ranger powers. In fact he's a bigger menace with Rite despite him being more sarcastic

Zordon feels like a surrogate father to the rangers in this series. ( that's an odd thing to say because a loving father wouldn't put there child in a life or death situation, but I digress.) 

Ninjor is the ranger's ally and his voice cracks me up. It's hard for me to take him seriously because of that voice, he sounds like dudley do right

Another thing I liked about this season is when the rangers travel to get there new powers and they have to be tested to prove that they're worthy of getting the new powers. A minor gripe I have with this series is when the rangers get there new powers their costumes are the same as before what gives? I can forgive this in the previous season but not here I don’t know if this was a budget thing or not. 

Another issue I have is in the last few episodes the rangers get new armor that looks like there costumes but with glitter, Oh come on! You can't tell if they have it on or not because there costumes are already bright so what's the point? The first three episodes gave us a backstory for Alpha 5 and it set up another Saban Entertainment show called Masked Rider. The problem I have with those episodes is that they were retcon. Sadly one of the characters left the show, however this character had a good sendoff. The reason why the actor or actress left is because he or she wants to do other things. 

Kat is Rita's ally, I can’t describe her personality. We learn that she’s a swimmer and a ballet girl but that’s it. My issue with her is that Rita under use her.  

Bulk and Skull’s character development continues, after they stop trying to figure out who are the power rangers they decide to join the Police Academy. Wait! Angel Grove (That's the name of the city where they and the rangers live.) has Police, where were they in the last two seasons!?! Anyway despite the fact they're doing this to get girls it makes them responsible, also they're not as much as jerks to the rangers as they use to be. 

I don't have much to say about Lt.Stone. ( Bulk and Skull's superior.) He's strict and gives Bulk and Skull a hard time when they screw up. 

I don't know about you but I don't like that the new villains are related to Rita for obvious reasons. There is a miniseries called Alien Rangers but I consider it a part of season three, because it continues the story for season three. It's about Zordon asking rangers from another plant to help them stop Master Vile since the earth rangers can't do to there dilemma. The only compliant I have with it is (besides that it makes the foot soldiers, Rito and Goldar look worse.) is the way time travel works in this series. Also this series created a plot hole for one of the rangers. Bottom line is this is a good ending to Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.   

Power Rangers Zeo: This series is about the rangers facing a new threat called the machine empire with the help of a new power source called the Zeo Crystal. This is an OK series there isn’t much going on in this season as far as story goes. That's sad considering all the set up to this season. 

We learn that the more they use the Zeo crystal the stronger they become, wow a power rangers version of the Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z. There new Commander Center called the Power Chamber reminds me of the Bat Cave. Before I continue there is something I need to address in this series, one episode did something that will rub fans the wrong way, I'll give you a clue to what it is it involves Tommy/the red ranger. Whoever came up with this idea handover your brain you don’t deserve it, despite my dislike for Tommy he didn’t deserve that. 

This was my reaction to it. 

If you think that this is bad wait until I review Power Rangers Turbo. Also I was happy to see a former ranger return to the series. 

Bulk and Skull didn’t develop much this season. There are some fun bites of them treating Goldar and Rito like slaves, this happened because Goldar and Rito lost their memories after trying to steal the Zeo crystal. I find it's funny to see them have power over monsters that they feared, However they come off as jerks about it. There is one episode that put there friendship to the test.  

They're loyal and respect their superior Lt. Stone despite the fact they keep giving him grief. It makes you wonder why Lt. Stone keeps putting up with them after they got him in so much trouble. You can argue that he has a love hate relationship with them, considering that he doesn't bash their chops as much as he use to. 

Tanya the yellow ( Aisha was replaced by Tanya, I don’t know why the actress that plays Aisha left the series.) is a mature character, we learn that she likes to sing and she helps me get over Kimberly not being in this series anymore. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that Kat the pink ranger and the other female rangers aren’t pretty however besides Kat they don't float my boat.

Speaking of Kat the pink ranger she's the heart of the group. 

Billy is no longer a ranger in this series but he sticks around to build the rangers weapons and Zords. 

Is it me or has Rocky gotten soft this season? He didn't trained Tanya heck I didn't see him practice martial art that much. Rocky now has something in common with Yamcha from DBZ, as far as being alienated by the creators.  

I don't have much to say about the Gold ranger, he only shows up when the rangers are in trouble. I like how they handle the mystery around the gold ranger’s identity, however it had no pay off at the end. 

I'm disappointed with the new villain King Mondo of the Machine Empire, I mean he did the same thing Rita and Zedd did instead of launch an invasion on earth, Also Mondo and the other villains are just bland, that's sad considering that they chased Rita and Zedd off the moon. Plus we have no backstory on the Machine Empire.  

Speaking of Lord Zedd and Rita there still in this series but they have been reduce to comic relief, I wish they would stand up against the machine empire before hand. 

I have a gripe with the writers because they told three different stories centered on Tommy the red ranger. They should focus on other characters that need development, heck the Tommy stories didn't develop him we just learn things about him. Also I was letdown with Adam the green rangers. I thought this season was going to set him up to be more tech savvy since there are episodes where Billy is not around, but that didn't happen. 

I wish this season would focus on the relationship between Adam and Tanya, they spend a lot of time together in this series. The sentai footage seems to be limited, I mean there isn't a lot of it of the villains, the gold ranger and they reuse the monsters. I don't like the way this season ends because it left things unresolved. Like I said this is a fine series it continues the story and the rangers are more powerful. 

P.S. One of the characters left the series. There where rumors why the actor or actress left, if there true then the people who worked on this show should be a shame of themselves.      

Intro: What can I say about this series that’s already been said? Before I rip this show to pieces I want to talk about something, there was suppose to be another mulit parter in Zeo called Scorpion Rain. That mulit parter would explain the continuity issues in this series like what happened to the rangers Zeo powers, why Lord Zedd and Rita are not the main villains, why Bulk and Skull didn’t go to Francs and so on and so forth. However it turns out to be a prank, it wouldn’t have bothered me if it wasn’t referenced in one episode in Power Rangers Wild ForceI can’t talk about this season without talking about the movie, because it was a launch for this series. 

Turbo A Power Rangers movie : The plot of the movie is this a new villain name Divatox a space pirate who's hunting a wizard name Lerigot. She's doing this because he has a key that will help her free a monster name Maligore who she wants to marry. WOW! That’s her plan marry a monster you never meet? Wait! That’s no different from real life. So the rangers have to protect Lerigot and stop Divatox with their new turbo powers because Maligore is too powerful for there Zeo powers.   

What in Haven's name did I just watch!?! Why are the rangers getting Turbo powers? I mean they still have their Zeo powers we saw Kat morph into a Zeo ranger in the movie, so why do they need the Turbo powers if they're not better than the Zeo powers? It's hard for me to think that Lerigot is a wizard because he has done some dumb things in this movie. 

Also there new Zords are just Cars I'm not being funny, how did we go from Dinosaurs to Animals to Cars? Did NASCAR perform Inception on Saban Entertainment? Speaking of NASCAR I was surprised that this series didn’t air on Speed Network, it seems that this series is promoting that type of sport. 

Do you know what really bother me about this movie/series? No! It’s not Justin the new Blue ranger, it’s all the changes that they made in this series I'll get into that later. Now to Justin the actor that played Rocky left the series because of injuries. I was surprise to find out that the rating for Power Rangers were dropping at the time. ( Please don't ask why this happen because there are so many factors to consider.) That’s why Justin is in this series to attract more viewers, (Thank you Big bad beetleborgs!) however it backfired the fans find him annoying. 

What was Zordon’s logic behind picking a twelve year old to be a ranger? Why didn’t he pick Tommy’s brother, we learned in Zeo that Tommy has a brother, his good at martial artist, he knows the rangers identities and he isn’t twelve! Justin as a character isn’t bad, he's like Billy as far as not being incompetent and being proactive. My issues with him is I'm unclear of his living situation, I'm surprise fans don't feel sorry for him because of that. Two former rangers are in this movie but they're wasted, they're just in the movie for fan service. I was disappointed that this movie didn't address the thing that rubbed fans the wrong way in Zeo

Overall this movie is awful! The movie has filler to extended the movie's run time. The megazord fight is lackluster, I might as well watch two people play rock em sock em robots. and Maligore is a joke, seriously he could have passed as a monster of the week. How can Divatox have a relationship with him if he can't talk!?! The only thing I like about the movie is the Rita and Zedd cameo. 

P.S. I know the white and Gold ranger Sentai counterparts are boys, but Justin is a pervert like the white ranger or obnoxious as the gold ranger.

Power Rangers Turbo: This season is about Divatox wanting revenge on the rangers for ruing her wedding. Really? Is this Power Rangers or Young and the Restless? Divatox is a terrible villain, she's almost as bad as Rita. Also her minions ( accept for Porto who is the brains of her crew.) are comic relief. In the first half of this series she uses bombs but she set them for an hour enough time for the rangers to defuse them. Why does Divatox want to conquer the world? I mean I thought she was a space Pirate how do you go from thief to wanting revenge to conquer the earth, that’s a big leap. 

The only thing we learn about her is that she use to be engage before, plus her family tree. The one good thing about her is that she change her tactics. She would make a good villain for the Alien rangers. General Havoc should have been the main villain because he was serious minded and scored victories over the rangers. Unfortunately he was under used.  

Elgar ( One of Divatox's minions.) is like Rito but worse.

The rangers graduated in this series sadly the show doesn’t do anywhere with that. I mean the other four rangers are replace by teens, that’s right were back to teenagers. This brothers me because I thought this series was going to continue the story of the rangers facing new challenges and threats as adults, Doing this give us a sense that the viewers are growing with the characters. We see Tommy being a race car driver, Tanya working at a radio station, Kat audition for a Dancing school and Adam doing random things. Sidenote I don't like Tommy being a race car driver because A he showed no interest in cars and B this feel like the creators are promoting the car theme.  

The reason why this was done is because the actor that played Tommy wants to leave the series, so Saban decides to replace the other three rangers. I didn’t like their replacements at first for two reasons, first of all the rangers don’t know them as people. Second I didn’t get a good first impression of Carlos (Adam's replacement) and Cassie (Kat's replacement), their replacements seem selfish. It seems that Tommy pick his replacement because he did something noble. Ashley (Tanya's replacement) is an ordinary girl who likes to try new things. We also learn that TJ (Tommy's replacement.) wants to be a baseball player, Cassie want to go to Stone Canyon ( that's Angle Grove's rival city.) to be a singer and Carlos is a soccer player.     

What about Bulk and Skull they saved the rangers more than once, and there were times where they shown to be noble individuals and there not chosen to be rangers. Don’t give me that they're not trained in martial arts, neither was Billy, Kat and Tanya and they were still chosen to be rangers. 

Speak of Bulk and Skull in the first half of this season they're turned into Monkeys, I got nothing to say about this. ( The reason why the creators did this is because they were trying to produce a Bulk and Skull spin off show.) My beef with this is no one ask where they are or wonder what happened to them? Really? Were they that annoying that people don't care what happens to them? In the second half they turn back to normal and they work different jobs. 

Also in the beginning of the series Zordon and Alpha 5 have been replace by Alpha 6 and Dimitria. They're more annoying than Justin, because Alpha 6 is trying to be hip and Dimitria ask questions instead of helping the rangers. 

Alpha 6 acting like that reminds me of this.


 I'm not completely frustrated by Dimitria asking questions because it gives the rangers a sense of doing things on their own, however doing that defeat her purpose of being a mentor plus what if they come to the wrong conclusion? Thankfully she stop doing that. 

It hard for me to consider the Phantom Ranger a ranger because he doesn’t look like a ranger, and the Blue Senturion is in more episodes than him I thought he was filling in the six ranger spot. Also we don’t learn anything about him and the pink ranger seems to be attracted to him but nothing comes of it.

The Blue Senturion is an Intergalactic Robocop. What bugs me about him is that he does Police work on earth, how can he do that without no one noticing? Back to Justin he doesn't add anything to the team dynamic, why have a younger ranger if the writers don't do anything with that? I like that he screws up his ranger duties as far as breaking the rules and him hanging out with a boy his own age however the show doesn't focus on those things.    

The only good thing about this season besides some good episodes is the soundtrack. Also this season did get better after all the changes and I'm fond of the way it ended. Bottom line is that this series was a miss step. The santai that this season is based on called Car Rangers is a slapstick comedy. The sentai footage ruins some of the episodes for me. ( This is the same problem that hurt the first two seasons of MMPR.) For example in one episode the rangers are baked into a giant pizza, you know what screw this series! 

Intro: So this is the kind of Power Rangers series we would get if the creators didn't have to worry about studio restriction and idiot parents, impressive.  

Rangers in Space:  Here's the plot after Divatox defeat the Turbo rangers (Unbelievable!) She joins the alliances of evil who have captured Zordon, this alliances is being lead by Dark Specter. Four of the turbo rangers follow Divatox in space. During there pursuit the rangers meets a red ranger name Andros he gives the rangers new powers and together they go searching in space to find Zordon. Dark Specter becomes aware of this so he sends Astronema to intercept there search.  

This season saved this franchise, that's saying a lot considering that this is a follow up to a bad season that almost ended this franchise and the actor that played Tommy left. What helps this series is the changes from the past seasons, like the rangers not being in high school, not having a mentor to help them, ( kind of.) telling a story beyond the rangers fighting a monster and this season being a space opera. The Sentai that this series is based on wasn’t a space opera, so that explains why the space footage looks like it was shoot by blue or green screen. 

I like Andros/the red ranger because he was the most develop ranger in this series. I say that because he has to learn how to work with a team. He also plays a mentor role for the rangers because of their lack of knowledge of spaces. My beef with him is the writers didn't take advance of the fish out of water jokes with him and we don't know his history with Zordon. 

Also we learn that tragic things happen in his past however I don't think he should beat himself up over one of them. I like the relationship between Andros and Ashley the yellow ranger, because it helps him be more open. I'm annoyed that they never kissed because Ashley kissed one of the rangers. 

Speaking of Ashley/the yellow ranger she's cheerful and kind hearted. My problem with her is she seem kind of promiscuous in this series. 

Despite Cassie the pink ranger being a tomboy she's caring in her own right. 

I don't have much to say about Carlos the black ranger because this season hasn't done much with him. He has a short temper as far as beating himself up when he screw up or having a hard time getting better at something.  

This is the first team of rangers so far where I didn’t find the red ranger as the leader, I mean there are moments where TJ/the blue ranger takes charge sometimes. I'm fond that he manage to keep a clear head when things are hard and come up with a solution. 

Zhane/the Sliver ranger is the fun one of the group. My issue with him is that he did something that I'm surprised that the other rangers didn't beat the crap out of him for it. 

Alpha 6 is more useful in this series and he turned into Alpha 5 for some reason. 

I have issues with Bulk and Skull's subplot, it feels separate from the rangers. They aid a science Professor to prove that Aliens are real. Wait! What!?! That shouldn't be hard to believe considering how much Angle Grove has been attacked by monsters and robots. You can argue that last season had this problem too however they were still involved with the story or the rangers. Plus they don't serve much of a purpose until the last episode, that episode highlight how far they come as characters. It still bugs me that they're not choosing to be rangers.

Let's get into the villains 

Astronema ( the main villain) is the best villain in the Zordon era. ( Sorry Lord Zedd.) She doesn't send a monster to earth for the heck of it she does it to distract the rangers from finding Zordon. I'm surprised that this didn't create conflict amount the rangers, instead of them fighting over  who should clean the ship? Also there are moments where she's conflicted about what she's doing and you'll feel sorry for her. 

Ecliptor ( Astronema's right hand man.) is a well rounded character, it's sad that he couldn't be an ally to the rangers, because he's not pure evil his relationship with Astronema almost humanist him. my gripe with him is I don't know how many lives he has, I mean we saw the rangers defeat him in one episode then he came back later on.  

Darkonda is a backstabber.         

There was bad crossover episode between the rangers and the Ninja Turtles; during the time this series aired there was a live action ninja turtle’s series that was running the same time as this series. I didn’t like it. I'm fond of the episodes where past characters return. This season gave me something I've wanted to see for a while and that's evil rangers, there called the Psycho Rangers. We had evil rangers before however they didn't give the rangers a run for their money. 

The only issue I have with them is they have no backstory, also there are time where they let there obsession get the best of them. The theme of this series is good vs evil, are we born good or evil or can we choose to be good or evil? My beef with this season is the plot holes surrounding Andros, the ranger's powers and Dark Spector. The plot twist was foreshadowed too early. I was letdown that all of the rangers allies didn't help them in the last two episodes. Elgar is in this series why I don't know. This is a good season and a good finally to the Zordon era. Plus it had potential to be better.   

P.S. I like the gags between the villains in this seasons.                      

Intro: I have mix feeling about this franchise continuing after In space. On one hand it gives the creators a chance to take this series in a different direction. On the other hand doing this undermines how In space ended, plus we all know how much Hollywood loves to milk something to death. With all that said what do I think of this season let's find out...    

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: This series is about a City size group of people from earth who wants to explore space in a space colony called Terra Venture. Meanwhile a stole away gets on Terra Venture and he gets caught up in the middle of a small group of colonize trying to help a woman from another plant. This result into them getting the Quasar Sabers, becoming Power Rangers and Terra Venture being stalked by insect looking aliens being lead by scorpius, so the Galaxy rangers has to protect the colony from him.       

This is a season that teens and adults can watch, the reason why is because there are some dark and mature episodes. Relax parents there's no blooded violence, profanity, drugs or sex if you’re wondering. Just like In Space this is a space opera, but the sentia that this series is based on wasn’t a space opera it was a jungle theme series. The theme of this season is sacrifice, that applied with almost everyone in this series. I know I said that In Space ended the Zordon era however I consider this season a part of that era, because it tie up some loose ends. 

I'm happy that the creators brought back a character from last season because the writers gave this person a redemption story. I wish the writers could have done more with that story. The team up episodes between the galaxy rangers and the space rangers are excellent, it wasn’t contrived unlike some of the other team ups were going to get later on. My beef with it is that I wish the silver ranger was in these episodes. The Galaxy rangers are a fine team of rangers. 

I like the Magna Defender because he has a tragic past and history with one of the villains. If there was a power ranger’s version of The Punisher you would get this guy. My grievance with him is that I don't know what he suppose to be. 

Maya the yellow ranger is nice to look at, I mean kind of a wasted character. I say that because she could have filled in the mentor role for the ranger, because she's from space then again we don't know if she's been on other plants. Plus she's a female version of the Jungle book, this allows her to communicate with the zords since there animals. Also she's the most sympathetic character in the series, you'll see what I mean when you watch this series. my issue with her is something tragic happens to her and she acts like that didn’t happen. 

I don't have much to say about Demon the green ranger, he's a wisecracking mechanic. The only compliant I have with him is that I'm not sure if he knows Andros from the previous season.  

Leo ( the stole away.) the red rangers acts like a teenager as far as being head strong and jumping into a situation without thinking. We later learn that he's clever and smart enough to help run the Colony but he lack discipline.  

Kendrix the pink ranger is the smart one and the glue that holds this team together.

Kai the blue ranger is a by the book guy. 

Let's talk about the villains 

Scorpius ( the main villain.) is a space mobster. 

Trakeena ( Scorpius daughter.) is a daddies girls. Besides getting in the way of her father's general's She doesn't serve much of a purpose in the beginning, however she plays a bigger role later on in the series. 

Villamax is the Honorable one. 

Deviot is manipulative and know how to cheat death or he has more then one life.  

Captain Mutiny is a space pirate, it's a shame that he couldn't work with the other villains since his monsters are hard to beat.  

The problems I have with this series is that there are some intelligent insulting moments in this series. Another gripe I have is the lack of back story, I mean we don’t know the history of the Quasar sabers, the Galaxy Book etc. Why is this series called the lost galaxy if we don't spend most or the whole season in the lost galaxy? I wish the Galaxy ranger would travel in space in a different space ship instead of using the space ship from last season. The writers could have develop the lights of Orion subplot better and the writers did something that undermine the crossover episodes. 

Overall this is a good stand alone series after in space, This series also deals with the themes of honor with the villains.   

Intro: I'm I the only one turned off by the premise of this series, I mean power rangers as police really? 

Power Rangers Time Force:  This series takes place on earth in the year 3000. The police force in this time period are called Time Force they arrest mutants who are committing crimes. One mutant name Ransik escape there custody and travel back in time to the year 2001. So four time force officers travel back in time to catch Ransik and his minions with the help of a civilian from this time. 

This series took me by surprise, what makes this series different is that it's more dramatic then the past seasons and it has time travel. I appreciate that this season doesn't feel like a cop show. The acting in this series was spot on. This season has the same theme as In Space as far as predetermination verse free will. This series has a few episodes about prejudices but that wasn’t the main theme of this season. I like this group of rangers.

Wes the red ranger is joyful, that helps boost camaraderie with the team. The subplot with his father would have worked if we knew what there relationship was like before the conflict between them started.  

Lucas the blue ranger is the pretty boy that's into race cars. The issue I have with him is that he's a flat character, he might have been interesting if we learn why he's a Time Force officer and not a race car driver.  

Trip the green ranger is the brains of the team. My beef with him is that he's an alien with the ability to read minds and see the future, but he rarely use those abilities. I know it's an abuse of his power however it would have save them alot of trouble.   

Eric the quantum ranger is like Vegeta from DBZ. I'm impress that this series didn't make him a villain considering his back story.  

Katie the yellow ranger is the lovable one. The only gripe I have with her is that I don't know if she's human, I mean she has super strength. 

Jen the pink ranger is the leading lady, she a no nonsense kind of leader. I want to know who wrote her character, because Hollywood is having a hard time writing strong female characters without them being men in a woman's body. That wasn’t the case here the writers did a good job making her a good character. My beef with her is that she's rarely friendly with her team.  

I'm Also fond of the relationship between Jen and Wes it's better then Tommy and Kimberly. The problem I have with Tommy and Kim’s relationship is that it was lust I mean love at first site thing, plus they never fight unless they're under a spell. That wasn’t the case here Jen and Wes are annoyed with each other because there opposites of each other, but there relationship developed over time. Also I like it when Wes stands up to her and doesn’t take her crap I wish the other rangers would do this too. 

I was let down by Ransik the main villain, don't get me wrong I don't think his a bad villain however the writers could have done more with him. He could have been sympathetic if he didn't carry himself as a monster. I like that Ransik has a good reason why he frees one mutant at a time, because the mutants are also fugitives if he frees them all they would rebel against him.    

Frax ( another villain.) is manipulative, he's also sympathetic. My issue with him is that it's hard for me to consider him a villain because he doesn't have a vendetta against the rangers.  

The team up episode between the time force rangers and lightspeed rangers was OK.
Besides the plot holes and lack of backstory the problems I have with this season is the climax, however I appreciate the writers for doing something different with the climax. This show did something that undermines Jen's motivation to capture Ransik. The drama in this series can feel like a soap opera at times. I'm surprised that having two red rangers didn't create issues with the morphing grid ( The morphing grip is what gives the rangers there powers, it like the force but more technology based.) Jen, Wes and Eric overshadowed the other rangers. Overall this is one of the best power rangers season!     

Intro: Why wasn't this the tenth anniversary season?          
Power Rangers Dino Thunder: This series is about Tommy Oliver (Not him again.) who works at a school in Reefside, one day he takes three students to a museum to help him search from something. During there search the teens find mysterious stones that gives them superpowers, After they reveal this discovery to Tommy mutated Dinosaurs show up being lead by Mesogog, they want to bring earth back to the prehistoric age so these teens have to stop them.     

This is how you tell a story of mixing the old and new. I'm fond that this season acknowledge that this franchise is based on Super Sentia in one episode and another episode recaps all the past seasons. I like the story of one of the rangers, I wish the idea around these episodes was flushed out more. plus I don't like how that story got resolved. I enjoyed the team up episodes between Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder; these episodes did something I wanted to see when they first started doing these crossovers that is having the rangers fight each other. 

The problem I had with these episodes when you are doing a team up one team or person shouldn’t overshadow the other that what they did, the Ninja Storm Rangers make the Dino Rangers look incompetent. Before I talk about the rangers I want to say I'm glad that the Dino rangers are real teenagers, I mean they Don’t like school, practicing martial arts and they're annoyed with each other because of there different character traits. That was the issue I had with Mighty Morphing, the rangers in that season were ideal teenagers. 
Connor the red ranger is a goofball that's into Soccer. 

Ethan the blue ranger is the geek but he’s not a stereotype.

Kira the yellow ranger is the level headed one, the only thing we know about her is she want to be a singer.  

Tommy the black ranger ( I should have saw that coming, as far as Tommy being a ranger.) is a teacher, No! He’s not teaching martial arts he’s a paleontologist. Really? I can see Billy in this role but Tommy. OK I do appreciate that the writers are reinventing this character, however this is a big leap. Also he serve his role as a mentor, but I think it’s funny that he tries to related to these teens because his nothing like them when he was their age. 

I'm fond of one of his focus episodes because that episode deals with Tommy having an identity crisis. The writers kind of did this in season two of MMPR however it wasn't done as good as this. This episode made me feel sorry for Tommy when you think about his life as a ranger from MMPR to now. Despite not being happy with Tommy coming back to this franchise it was a smart move, this will bring back the older viewers and the new viewers will be interested in learning more about him. The only complaint I have with him is that I don't know his history with Hayley.
Speak of Hayley she's a supporting character who provides tech support, she also runs the cafe where the rangers hangout at.   

Trent the white ranger is the torture character you’ll see why when you watch this series. We learn that he's into art. Plus he has trouble asking for help.   

Cassidy is a shallow school news report that wants to be a real reporter. 

Devin is Cassidy friend and his a wimp, I mean he put up with way too much crap from her. Come on man grow a spin!  

I like the main villain Mesogog because he's scary. Yes! He wants world domination however he has a motivation, he believes the dinosaurs are superior to humans. 

The problem I have with this series is that this should have celebrated the tenth anniversary of power rangers instead of Wildforce, this series has some subtle references to MMPR. the rangers have civilian powers is another gripe I have with this season, this undermines the purpose of the ranger's powers. This is why It bugs me that Katie has super strength in Time Force. Also the subplot between Tommy and one of Mesogog's henchmen went nowhere, Speaking of Tommy he played a role in why these Dinosaurs creatures exist and no one is making a big deal about it. There is an attraction between Kira and Trent but that had no pay off. 

Side note I've been trying to find out why other ranger couples are not as affectionate as Tommy and Kim, and the only explanation I could find is that they're trying to attract younger viewers. OK how young? I’m shore kids have seen their parents kiss. Did the parents complain about Tommy and Kim kissing, it not like they were lip locking. I think it funny that they treat the white ranger as the six ranger even thaw there are five rangers. This is one of Disney’s best ranger series, I would recommend this if you like Mighty Morphing

P.S. the red rangers Battlizer looks goofy.   

Intro: If I had a list of Power Rangers series that both kids and adults can watch this would be on it. That's not saying a lot because there are a hand full of these seasons.

Power Rangers S.P.D: This series takes place on earth in the year 2025 where humans and aliens can co exist, this time period of earth is protected by Space Patrol Delta aka S.P.D run by Commander Cruger. One day Commander Cruger is informed that Emperor Grum ( the main villain) is draining plants of it resources and earth is his next target, So he send the A-squad ( S.P.D's top officers) to investigate. The A-squad is MIA during the investigating, so it's up to B-squad ( S.P.D's cadet officers) to protect earth, find out what's Grum's endgame and find the A-squad. 

Basically this is an underdog story, I enjoy watching B-squad getting out of A-squad's shadow. I'm fond of how this show handles the theme of don't judge a book by it's cover. I don't mind the civilian powers in this season because they reflect the ranger's personalities for the most part. This series has less filler episodes then the previous seasons this helps make this season feel like a continuing story. This season has some connection to Time Force. The team up episodes between Dino Thunder and S.P.D was contrived. I like these rangers because they don't always get along, however the conflict among them seems forces at times.  

Syd the Pink ranger is the pretty girl/ spoiled brat. That makes me wonder why she's at S.P.D?  

Z the yellow ranger is kind hearted. 

Bridge the green rangers is the bright one and has the most personalty among the rangers. He might have a mental disability, you'll see what I mean when you watch this season. My gripe I have with him is that he talks too much.

Sky the Blue ranger HA! HA! HA! I see what the creators did there. He's a crybaby, I mean the strict/narrow minded one. The reason I called him a crybaby earlier is because he's upset that he didn't get what he want in this series. OK I'm being unfair If I was in his shoes I would be upset too, however you either deal with it or move on to something else.     

Jack the red ranger is not the best red ranger because his lazy. That's understandable consider that he doesn't want to be at S.P.D, however that's not a word I should use to describe a leader. 

Commander Cruger is the mentor of the rangers and a fine one. he doesn't just give orders and train the rangers he teach them. The issue I have with him is that it's hard for me to care about the relationships he has with the rangers because of his hard demeanor. Also he has done some questionable things where the rangers should resent him just like Robin resent Batman in Batman TAS. The only thing we learn about him is that he was part of the first S.P.D. 

Sam the Omage ranger is arrogance in a confident way. What bugs me about him is that he's just a ball of light I am not kidding. When we do learn who he is it's going to frustrate you. He doesn't serve much of a purpose in this series. 

Boom works at S.P.D and he test the rangers tech. Plus he's the reason why Jack joins S.P.D. I wish there relationship was explored.    

Kat invent the rangers tech and she helps Commander Cruger keep a level head. 

I like the villain Emperor Grum because he's menacing and funny at the expects of his underlings. Unlike the previous villains he's the only one being proactive, he didn't just send a monster ( sometimes the monster is a smoke scream.) he has a vendetta against one of the rangers so he wants to beat him or her on a personal level. What bugs me about him is that we don't see his empire, what's the point of being an Emperor if you don't have an empire? 

I like the rivalry between Sky and Jack because it push them to be better, this is different for the Tommy and Jason rivalry in Mighty Morphing. One of the many Grievances I have with this show is I wasn't surprised by the plot twist towards the end, because it was foreshadowed. It would have work if it was setup better. Also Some of the character don't develop. 

I'm confused as to why the B-Squad are cadets, I mean there out of the academy why are they cadets? It bugs me that one of the ranger's megazords is there base, do I really have to explain why that's a problem? This show would have been better if we knew how the public feels about the Power Rangers, I mean they can't be happy with the fact that there homes are getting destroy by the rangers fighting monsters. Well we do get that with one of the side characters called Piggy but he's a typical weasel informant that plays both sides against the middle. Bottom line this is an excellent series I would recommend this if you like cop shows. 

Intro: I don't understand why fans say this is the Harry Potter of Power Rangers, this series reminds me of Lord of the Rings.

Power Rangers Mystic Force: The premise is this years ago a war between the forces of good and evil took place in a parallel dimension in the city of Briar Wood. The side of good won by imprisoning there enemy's, in the present day an earth quick set them free and the warriors that in sealed them are gone. A sorceress name Udonna recruits five young adults to fight the evil forces.       

This is an odd season because this doesn't feel like a Power Rangers series, it feels like a fairy tales show with Power Rangers in it. This season has Disney written all over it! I like that the rangers have to earn there upgrades in this season. Sadly these no team up episodes, it would be interesting to see magic and technology work together. I'm fond of the theme song despite that it doesn't match this season or tell us anything about this series. ( Then again the theme song for Turbo didn't do the same thing for that series.) This series has an Easter egg for MMPR fans. Let's talk about the characters. 

Vida/the Pink Ranger is a hot head, she's also the DJ of the record store that she works at. My beef with her is that she can lose her cool over little things.

Chip/the Yellow Ranger is the heroic one of the group, his into fantasy and fiction.

Xander/the Green Ranger is the laid back one of the bunch and his the most develop character in this series. My issue with him is that his character growth had no pay off. Also he would fit right in the MMPR series. I say that because he try's to resolve conflict by reasoning with the monster or anyone, however it make him look stupid because it doesn't seem to work in his favor whenever he does that.

Madison/the Blue Ranger is the nurturing one and Vida's sister. She the type of girl that father's would smother with hugs and kisses. She should have been the pink ranger instead of Vida. My problem with her (besides the fact that she doesn't tell Vida that she's a bad DJ) is that she seem to be into Nick the red ranger but she doesn't try to build a relationship with him. What's the point of encourage him to stay with the group if you're not going to use your feminine wiles on him!?! In an episode where Nick is accused of stealing money she didn't give him the benefit of the doubt. Also it's hard to tell that Vida and Madison are sister because they don't do anything together.    

Nick/the Red Ranger is an lazy idiot! I mean when he sees magic he deny's it what!?! Whenever things get rough he wants to quit some leader. Also the actor who plays Nick belongs in this series, I say that because he looks like he's from the Twilight movies.  

Udonna is the rangers mentor she's kind of a female version of Zordon as far as being knowledgeable. Also she's pretty in a elementary school teacher way. The only compliant I have with her is that she did something that you might consider selfish.   

I don't have much to say about Daggeron/ the Solaris Knight, he fills in the six ranger spot and he mentors the rangers as well. 

Toby is the rangers boss at the record store they work at, he also the comic relief. He does help the ranger without him knowing. My grievance with him is that he's way too lenient with the rangers whenever they leave him. I know he consider them his friends however you have a business to run, you either put your foot down or fire them!     

The villains are nothing to brag about. The only villain worth talking about is Koragg. (besides Necrolai, she's a trouble maker and cold to her daughter.) He's the only one being proactive. One of the many complaints with him is that he fights the rangers too often to the point where you lose interest. Also he claims to be honorable but he isn't. 

One of my many problems with this series is the family ties, they serve no purpose in this show. That's a shame because family is the theme of this season, this feels like it just there as a reference to the sentia this series is based on. Another gripe with this series is the magic in this season, I'm not clear on the limits of their magic as far as what their magic can or can't do. Also it bugs me that the rangers can handle magic with ease, I say that because Claire ( She's Udonna's apprentice.) studies magic for years and she has trouble controlling it. How in the world can a parallel dimension exist without no one noticing it? I wish that the writers would have the rangers hangout somewhere else then their job. The climax for this season is lame. 

Bottom line this isn't a bad season however the all the problems with this series holds it from being good. P.S. a character from S.P.D appeared in this series. 

Intro: OK am I the only one tired of the villains in the franchise exist because someone release them from there prison? The next time you imprison a monster have someone guard the prison, have someone know how to seal them back and figure out a way to defeat them once and for all! 

Power Rangers Jungle Fury: This series is about three students from a Kung Fu temple who are chosen to guard a chest that holds the spirit of the evil Dai Shi. The sensei of this temple removed jarrod (one of the chosen students.) from guard duty because of something he did and the sensei replace him with a newbie. This result into Jarrod attacking the sensei, releasing Dai Shi and the death of the sensei. before he dies he tells the three students to go to the city of Ocean Bluff where they can find their new Master RJ, with his teaching and accuse to the morphing grid these three students are the only ones that can stop Dai Shi from taking over the world. 

This is an underrated season, I say that because no one talks about this series when they do they think it's bad really? This series is lighthearted compared to the others, plus it did a better job of whatever Ninja Storm tried to do minus the comedy. I like that this season is creative with the morphers and the rangers. The theme of this series is learning, the rangers not only have to learn new moves but learn from each other. I'm fond that we kind of have a reason why the main villain sends one monster at a time, that is the monster grows stronger from peoples fear. I wish the writers would come up with different ways of getting people scared. 

Lilly/the yellow is the friendly one of the group, she also protective of Casey ( the newbie.). 

Theo/the blue ranger has a punch able face, I mean his a arrogant perfectionist. he tends to do multiple things at once this gets him into trouble because he needs to focus on one thing. my beef with him is that I'm surprised that he would accept Casey as there leader do to Theo's personality. 

Casey/the red ranger is a helper, despite feeling like he doesn't belong with the others he makes the best of the opportunity he has.    

Dominic/the white ranger is the goofball of the pack who likes to read, however his antics can rub others the wrong way. My gripe with him besides his morpher is that he doesn't seem to add anything to the story.   

RJ is a laid back and wise mentor, who's also tech-savvy. 

Fran is also a book worn and a good supporting character, I say that because she helps run the Pizza restaurant the RJ owns and she calls him and the rangers out when they do something wrong. My issue with her is that I 'm having a hard time buying that she can run the restaurant by herself. 

Dai Shi ( the main villain.) is manipulative and ruthless. This is the first main villain that isn't the main villain for the most part. My gripe with him is his motivation it's similar to Mesogog from Dino Thunder, OK we don't know what cause him to have this mindset, we don't hear this motivation from him that shows his lack of conviction. I also have issues with Dai Shi having a split personality, because it hard to tell who's in control until towards the end of the series. If the writers did a better work with the split personality Dai Shi would have been as good of a villain as Astronema from In Space

Camille is a servant to Dai Shi, she's manipulative in her own right. You can tell that she cares about him. My grievances with her is I don't know why she did what she did towards the end of this season. 

My problems with this is that how can the rangers work and live at a Pizza restaurant and still be in shape? Plus what happen to the other students that the three rangers are from, I mean we learn that they were training to prepare for Dai Shi so what happen to them? The dynamic between Casey and Dai Shi makes no sense for the most part. There is a part of the finale battle that will take you out of the moment. I'm annoyed that someone is providing commentary on the Zord battles.  

Bottom line this is a good series that deserves a second viewing from the fans.    


Intro: Yes! When I saw that this is another Car theme season I shied away from it, come on can you blame me? We have two bad car theme seasons. ( Well Overdrive is a construction themed season with car themed undertones. If I'm wrong then I stand corrected. ) Just like Turbo the sentia this series is based on is goofy. What made me give this series a chance is one of the villains and she's... she's... excuse me. ( a half an hour later.) So with all that said is third time the charm or should we stay away from car based seasons all together let's find out... 

Power Rangers RPM: The plot of this series is this a computer virus called Venjix has taking control of all the technology on earth and use it to create robots to either destroy or enslave humans. Wait! Is it me or does this summary reminds you of the Terminator? I smell laziness, I mean copyright lawsuits. Anyway there's only one city that's protected from the Venjix virus called Corinth, it's protected by a force field and the Army. Corinth's chances of surviving has increased thanks to Dr. K's Ranger program. The Power Rangers have to protect Corinth and stop Venjix once and for all. 

This season surprised me because I wasn’t expecting much from this series. I'm fond that this series has the rangers barely hanging on to survive and save the human race. Despite this season having a blik premise the series pokes fun at itself. There are episodes where we get the ranger's back story, the problem I have with them is the episodes don’t tell us how they become power rangers. I like that the rangers have different abilities, because this help separate them beyond the colors. 

There is a behind the scenes episode I thought that was weird. This series has no team up episodes. I would say the theme of this season is change, we watch the people of Corinth and some of the rangers adjust to most of humanity being destroyed. I like this group of rangers.

Summer the yellow ranger is the nurturing one of the group. There is a subplot with her being attracted to both black and the red ranger, but that went nowhere.

Flynn the blue ranger is the humanitarian of the pack. He's also clever in his own right. 

Dillon the black ranger is the Wolverine of the team. He has a mysteries past that we learn more about later on in the series. I appreciate that he push the rangers, the Army and Dr. K to think outside the box. (No pun intended.) 

Scott the red ranger is the leader of the team and not a good one. I said that because he expect everyone to follow him just because his the leader, that's not a good enough reason when you haven't earn the respect, trust and loyalty of all the rangers. This is why there are episodes where he butt heads with Dillon. There is a subplot with him having daddy issues. If I was Scott I wouldn't brother trying to get a pat on the head from a father that neglects me, that's not the bane of my existences. Also he endangers a baby! ( I bang my head on the desk.)  

Ziggy the green ranger is Mr. Personality of the bunch. We learn in the series that he has history with the mob and Ziggy is afraid that they'll come after him. Ziggy you're a Power Ranger! The mob would be fools to mess with you. The only compliant I have with him is that he makes a big deal about Dr.K giving him the cold shoulder. Ziggy why do you want the approval of a girl that you're old enough to babysit!?!  

Despite Gem the gold ranger and Gemma the silver ranger being geniuses they're kids. I’m sorry I mean they act like kids, there antics aggravates the other rangers. ( I wish Turbo would have done this with Justin.) Speaking of Justin these two make me want to take back all the bad things I said about Justin, he wasn't hyperactive like these two. I kind of feel bad for saying that because they were victimize just like Dr. K and one of the rangers, I don't know if this behavior is a result of that or them coping with what they went through.   

Dr. K doesn't deserve to be the mentor of this season. No! I'm not just saying that because of her age I'm saying that because she doesn't fit that description. Also her know it all attitude makes me sick! She's more of a technical adviser then a mentor, since she created the ranger's technology. I feel sorry for her after seeing her back story. I think she likes Ziggy, will it’s hard to tell with the way she treats him. The way she treats Ziggy reminds me of how Ms. Fairweather treats Joel in Power Rangers lightspeed rescue. 

There's no reason for you to not like the main villain Venjix, humanity is on it's final leg because of him. It's smart that his robots are attacking Corinth in different ways by draining it's water supply, air or electricity. he force the rangers to step up there game. My beef with him is that there were times where he could have beat the rangers if he didn't let his ego or temper get in the way.       

Tenaya 7 ( another villain.) is the text book definition of terminatrix who does field work. 

I don't have much to say about the rest of Venjix's gang. One is a punching bag, another is an instigator and the other helps out.   

The problems I have with this series is that I don't like how most of the rangers react to Ziggy becoming the green ranger. I understand why they react that way because he isn't the most qualify person to be a ranger, however instead of complaining about it they should have worked with him to better himself. Doing that would continue the theme of chance and develop the characters. 

Another gripe is the big reveal involving Dillon, it's similar to a subplot for Power Rangers in Space. This bothers me because you can see the reveal coming a mile away, Plus it wasn't done well. Also I wish the general public would be involved in the fight against Venjix, also see how losing most of the human race affects them.  The lighthearted moments can also be odd moments. Disney has out done themselves with this series, I didn't think that they would create a series like this considering there family friendly image. The way this season ends will leave you wanting more. I would recommend this if you like the Terminator

P.S. What does RPM stand for? 

Intro: Neo-Saban when the Lagacy Toyline and marketing cares more about the 20th anniversary of this franchise then the creators, you know you screwed up.

Power Rangers Megaforce/Super megaforce: The plot is this an army of insect looking aliens want to invade earth why I don’t know. Gosei is aware of this so he chosen five teenagers to protect the earth with legendary powers. The people who worked on this series should be ashamed of themselves. Mr. Saban it took you nine years to air the first episode of Power Rangers. Since then you have dodged bullets to keep this franchise alive. The fact that it last 20 years is an accomplishment that you should be proud of and you choose to celebrate that accomplishment by having us watch this piece of crap!?! 

This series wouldn’t anger me so much if A this season wasn't hyped up and B we had seasons that could or should have won Emmy Awards. Why is it hard to make a good anniversary season? Sonic Generation did a better job at celebrating the 20th anniversary of that franchise. This season tried to capture the magic of MMPR but Dino Thunder did it way better. Heck MMPR is a PG-13 movie compared to this. This season is all action no story. 

The series rips off famous lines and episodes from the previous seasons without understanding what made those things work. We didn’t get the anniversary stuff until the second half of the series and the rangers are in pirate suits in the second half. I’m I the only one who thinks that this is another ridicules theme for Power Rangers? Plus this season don’t do anything with the pirate theme. The tribute episodes are nothing special do to not all of the past seasons got a tribute. When the veteran rangers show up they feel like cameos. This series acknowledge Super Sentia by having the rangers transform into sentia suits that we haven’t seen before, who thought this is a good idea?  

The legendary battle is a joke! I have issues with certain characters being a part of that battle. Don't get me started on the plot holes with the rangers powers. I’m not happy with this team of rangers part of the reason why is because they do things to each other that’s messed up.

If I had a list of the worst characters in this franchise Troy /the red ranger would be on it. That’s sad because he does have some good traits however the writers don’t flush them out, plus he feels like the main character. Troy is a watered down version of Jason. The actor that plays Troy doesn't make things better, his acting is dull in this series. He would fit right in the Star War prequels

He would be a better leader if he trained with the rangers more often instead of telling them to never let go of your weapons. That’s his idea of being a leader, I guess playing patty cake is his idea of fun. My beef with this character (besides him turning into an anime character, I can't make that up even if I was on meth.) is that he has dreams of the legendary battle and we don’t know why or how he has them.      

Emma/The pink ranger is kind and caring for the most part, also she enjoys riding her bike, taking pictures and singing. She’s an environmentalist, thankfully she isn’t preachy about it. We learn that something tragic happened in her past and the writers wasted it, I mean they could have done something with that.

Gia/the yellow ranger is suppose to be a tomboy but I don’t buy it. You need to do more then have her wear a biker jacket to convince me otherwise. My gripe with her is she’s a trouble maker, I say that because of how she treats Jake. She knows Jake has a crush on her, instead of letting him know that she’s not into him she leads him on. Why was she chosen to be a power ranger again? I can’t believe no one including her best friend Emma corrects her. Role models my butt! There are times where she showed interest in Noah but nothing comes of it.   

Jake/the black ranger is the comic relief who’s into soccer. You might be bothered by him being possessive of Gia, these two are not a couple. Even if they are that’s still no excuse to behave like that, to be fair Gia is encouraging him to act like this. It’s too bad that this series didn’t go the Jen and Wes angle with these two.  
Noah/the blue ranger is a tech geek. He almost get the same development as Billy however it wasn’t done well. My grievance with this character is the writers should have wrote a story around his character flaws, those flaws are he needs to be right all the time and correct others. 

I don't have much to say about Orion /the sliver rangers because he's barely in this series. He's a alien with the same back story as the Green Arrow.   
I don’t get why fan think Robo Knight is the best character because the writers didn’t do much with him. I don’t like his arc because A it been done to death and B it made no sense and it drags. I’m surprised that he’s not close to Emma because they both want the same thing. I wish his back story is connected to Wildforce, that would be a nice way to reference that season. You’ll be annoyed with the episode where he learns how to interact with humans, you’ll see what I mean when you watch it.   

I wish I can say that Gosei is the worst mentor in this franchise but he isn’t a mentor he’s a sugar daddy! Seriously he gives the rangers upgrades after upgrades after upgrades. In the past seasons the rangers didn’t get upgrades until the situation is dire or they have to earn them. Doing this eliminates any tension the rangers should have fighting the monsters. One of my many complaints I have with him besides his lack of backstory is that he didn't give the rangers the legacy powers until the second half of the show. Why would he do that!?! He already spoiled them rotten why didn’t he give them these powers from day one?

Gosei: There a simple…

Don’t you dare say it.

The next compliant is so common it’s barely worth mentioning, so I’ll say this. If you’re suppose to be a guardian of the earth and you haven’t response to the previous earth attacks until now, you need a better excuse then I was asleep.

Tensou is an Alpha 5 knockoff. I despise his design because he looks like a suitcase. The creators made fun of it in one episode. It makes you question how can he operate the base if he’s that small and have no arms? (That’s another thing the ranger’s base is a small and tight cave.)

The villains are nothing to brag about. They have different motivations for why they want to invade earth however they don’t make sense when you think about them. The writers could have use the villains to reference Lost Galaxy because some of them are insects just like the villains in Lost Galaxy. Vrak is the only villain that stood out because he comes up with different ways to fight the rangers. I wish this season would explore the dynamic with his allies. 

Everything else that's wrong with this series are minor like the rangers talk too much when they fight, the lesson of the week are misleading, the ranger's names are said in the intro song and splitting this season in half is pointless. The only good thing about this series is that there are a hand full of episodes I enjoy. Overall this is not a show it's a shameless toy commercial!      

Intro: Am I the only one who don't find fart jokes funny? Is this is what kids or Neo Saban consider amusing?  

Power Ranger Dino/Super Charge: This series takes place in the prehistoric age of earth where an alien name Keeper is being hunter by a another alien name Sledge, the reason why he's hunting Keeper is because he has the energems that poses ultimate power. Keeper manage to hide the energems inside the Dinosaurs and blow up Sledge's ship. In the present day a group of young adults found some of the energems and Sledge survived the explosion and continue his hunt for the gems. So the young people have to protect the energems from Sledge. 

I don’t get the buzz about this series. Don’t get me wrong I think this is the best series Neo Saban has produce so far, (That saying a lot since they've been screwing up since they got the rights back.) however it’s not on the same level as Time Force or RPM. This show has the same problems as the other Neo Saban series, as far as the light hearted tone, remixing the MMPR theme song, splitting the series in half, adding new catchphrases etc. This is another Dinosaur theme series. I'm fond that you have to earn the energems powers. I have mixed feelings about this team of rangers because this is an odd group. We have a caveman, medieval knight, a prince, an elder man and a bird looking alien as rangers.

Tyler/the red ranger is adventurous. I’m kind of annoyed with the subplot involving him because it was done so many times before, however they did something different with it.

Koda / the blue ranger is the heart of the pack. I was let down with the humor they tried to do with him, being the man out of time do to him being a caveman. It wasn’t terrible it’s just the same gag over and over again, whenever he sees a car, phone or TV he freaks out and destroy it. The one funny thing he did was interrupt a moment between two characters.

Riley/ the green is the one of the smartest members of the group.

Chase / the Black ranger is the clown and the jerk of the bunch.

Shelby/ the pink ranger is my future wife, I mean a tomboy and knowledgeable about Dinosaurs. She is the best Pink ranger we've had since Jen from Time Force

Ivan/ the gold ranger is Mr. nice guy, that's understandable considering that he's from medieval times. It's hard for me to believe that he can operate his morpher with ease but is clueless about modern technology.   

Prince Phillip the third/ the graphite ranger is also an arrogant douche bag. However we see there’s a good side to him.

Ms. Morgan is the technical adviser of the team. I want to give her a stunner because I don't like way she's talks or treats my girl Shelby, look at the second episode and you'll see what I mean. She didn’t talk to anyone else like that.

I would respect her if she talks like this to Shelby. 

Start this video at 2:24 and end it at 4:01. 

I can't comment on the other rangers because there barely in this series. 

It's hard for me to consider Keeper as a mentor, he's more like the voice of reason, I say that because he helps the rangers with their personal problems. My issue with him is his lack of backstory.

The Villains are OK for the most part. I'm impress with the clip note episode and whoever wrote that episode should write a whole series.  I’m not crazy about the morphers for this series, the morphers are guns really? The problems I have with this series is that they could have use this ranger team better. For example there is one episode where Chase ruined things with his girlfriend because of his self center attitude then she sees Ivan and becomes attracted to him because he’s a gentleman. That should help him see the error of his ways. Another example have Koda and Ivan doing Ms. Morgan’s job as far as being technical advisers, since there not accustom to this time period.  

Another gripe I have is with the main Villains Sledge. Sledge is lazy I mean his a bounty hunter yet he sent monsters to find the energems why can't he find them himself? After seeing what these monsters can do it makes me question how was he ability to capture them?Also why does he want the energems? Sledge's girlfriend Poisandra makes him look less threatening, this is the same complaint I had with Ransik in Time Force

Heckyl/Snide ( a another villain.) is enjoyable, his plan to defeat the rangers would have work if it wasn't rushed. We learn that he has baggage. my beef with him is that the writers don't do anything new with the villain with a split personality. 

There are some head scratching moments in this series, the morph sequences is a bite long. The last episode was a cheap way to end this series, however I like that the rangers got the people to help them stop the villains. Overall this is an OK series it wasn't good enough to wash the bad taste out my mouth that is Megaforce/Super Mega Force.