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My spoiler review of The Dark Knight Rises

My spoiler review of The Dark Knight Rises

Prologue: Before I rip this film to pieces there are a few things I want to get out of the way first. This movie proves my point that there's a conspiracy in Hollywood, I'm tired of most of these third movies being a letdown. Because of this I didn’t want to see Iron man 3 for that reason alone; however the trailer for that movie made me angry because judging from what I've seen in that trailer that movie is going to be what The Dark Knight Rises should have been and I will get into that later. Just like The Avengers there was a lot riding on this film because I thought this movie was going to be the first Comic Book movie trilogy where all three movies are good. I wouldn’t have watched this movie if Mr. Nolan wasn’t involved in this film and I refuse to believe that he was involved with this film. I also blame myself because I choose to watch this movie despite the problems I notice in the trailers, advertisements and people in Hollywood don’t know when to keep their mouths shut, thank you Mr. Letterman and TMZ. I normally don’t do spoiler reviews and I was going to wait after The Oscars to see if this film gets any nominations or Oscars, but I decided get this off my shoulders plus it would be a waste of time explaining why this film doesn’t deserved any nominations especially for best editing.

Continuity issues: There are a few continuity issues that need to be address the joker, Mr. Nolan said in one of his interviews that the Joker will not be talk about in this film, that bothers me because the Joker is the reason why this movie is at the point that it's in. I understand why he doesn’t want to bring him back for obvious reasons but he could have wrote him out of the film instead of ignoring him like he never exist. The other issue is the spare Tumblers where did they come from, applied sciences is a weapons division that has weapons that are no longer in development so again where did they come from? Also the issue with the death of Harvey Dent this is where things get complicated. I was happy that Harvey/two face wasn’t going to be the main villain in this movie because he is a villain that I'm not crazy about, however The Dark Knight made me have a change of heart about him. Even if he didn’t die in that film he won’t be able to be the villain in this film, because you can't live that long with half a face without dying from an infection. I the beginning of this film they celebrate what Harvey Dent did with the dent act that well help GPD stop organize crime how does that work? I wish the writers would come up with a better way for the people of Gotham to find out that Batman didn’t kill Harvey Dent on purpose, so that the people of Gotham can appreciate Batman for taking the fall and want him to be the hero Gotham wants. Like I said in my non spoiler review of this movie there are intelligent insulting moments involving the characters and I am going to go though them one by one.

No 1: Bane I was pumped when I found out that Bane was going to be the villain, and Mr. Nolan said the reason why he picked him to be the villain is because he wants a villain that will challenge Batman both physically and mentally. But that didn’t happen it turns out that this Bane is the same Bane from Batman and Robin I'm not kidding. The different between that Bane and this Bane is that he talks, his attire and doesn’t have venom, and just like Batman and Robin he is not the main villain. This bothers me because I am tired of Bane being portrayed as a big guy with no intellect, it seem like after the Knightfall story line the writes don’t know what to do with him. The Batman Arkham Asylum video game made me mad because it remind me of Knightfall, but The Joker as the main villain instead of Bane and Batman have to stop the inmate inside the Asylum instead of outside in Gotham City. 

 In the beginning of this movie I thought Bane’s mask mean something because he said no one care who I was until I put on the mask, later on in the film we find out that his mask mean nothing the mask helps him stay alive. Also he and the main villain claim to be members of the league of shadows what? The league of shadows are ninjas they don’t make public apprentices, announce their plans and bane’s men don’t dress of operate like the league of shadows. If they are really the league of shadows they wouldn’t try to destroy Gotham City, because the antagonist in Batman Begins Ra's al Ghul and the league of shadows wanted to destroy Gotham because Ra’s believe that the city is beyond saving. Also that problem was fixed between the first two films. I didn’t buy that Bane can beat Batman for two reason. First reason despite Batman’s condition he was trained by the league of shadows and Bane isn’t. In the Knightfall story Bane did break Batman’s back but before he did that he put him thought a gauntlet, during that gauntlet Bane figure out that Bruce Wayne is Batman. After being physically and mentally drained Bane break his back, in this movie Bane was able to beat Batman because his bigger and I don’t know how he figured out that Bruce Wayne is Batman. The second reason Bane couldn’t beat Batman is because of his mask, his mask gives him pain killers in gas form so he can’t control his breathing, that's like eating until your full and go jogging or smoking a pack of cigarette and go jogging. This isn’t the comic book bane where he has venom and becomes Juggernaut strong, plus they cheated with breaking Batman’s back we don’t know if Bane broke his back or injured it this feels like fan services. 

After that Bane take him somewhere and put him in a wishing well and leaves him with no one watching him, question why isn’t Bruce Wayne/Batman dead I mean the spinal injury, falling from the well and gets hit on the head should have killed him. So Bane goes back to Gotham turns a device into a nuclear bomb with the help of a doctor they abducted in the beginning of the film, Then Bane makes his appearances destroying bridges, tunnels and other parts of Gotham and he becomes Hitler, I’m not joking he gives speeches like a dictator. Bane’s plan makes no sense I mean he told Bruce in the wishing well that he is going to prove that his affords to save Gotham has been in vain and that his going to gave Gotham Hope and steal it for them, the problem with that is one part contradict the other part. When Bane gets back to Gotham he shows the bomb to the people of Gotham and he gives a speech about him claiming to be a liberator and releases the inmates of Gotham. OK what is Bane trying to do does he want to destroy Gotham or giving Gotham back to the people? If he wanted to destroy Gotham then why not just set off the bomb instead of waiting 5 mouths for it to go off and how is he giving Gotham back to the people by releasing inmate? Here a million dollar question why isn’t Bane and elderly man, I mean we see in a flash back later on in the film that he is the same age in that scene and now. I wish the writer would leave the part out that he was part of the League of shadows because he is just finish what Ra’s al Ghul started, plus it doesn’t make him an individual villain and it not fair to compare him to the Joker. P.S Why didn't Bane kill the police when he had the chances? I didn't like the way he was killed off.   

No 2: Bruce Wayne/Batman 8 years have passed since The Dark knight and no one have seen Bruce or Batman huh? What gives no one in Gotham thinks it's coincidental that both Bruce and Batman have not been seen not even Commissioner Gordon? Come on it obvious that Bruce Wayne is Batman; this undermines the realism this movie had. This is no different if Bruce put a sign in front of his mansion that says Hey morons I’m Batman! The only person that figure it out is the John Blake character, he didn’t figure it out because Bruce and Batman haven’t been seen he figure it out by this hiding you emotion is like wearing a mask metaphor. 

OK first of all if he is good at spotting people hiding their true emotions than why isn’t he a therapist, and second what made him think out of everyone in Gotham that Bruce is Batman because of that metaphor? The reason why Bruce Wayne haven’t been seen is because he is still grieving over Rachel’s death, OK I am not trying to be insensitive I know it's not easy to get over the death of a love one however this is a disgrace to this character. I mean in the comic Bruce /Batman lost people he care about and that didn’t stop him for being Batman or living his life, in fact it motivated him to be Batman even more. This undermines what he went though in the last two films to try to fix this city, I mean he saved Rachel more than once and he was chase by the police and those things did stop him from being Batman. Now that he lost Rachel and Batman is a fugitive he doesn’t care about Gotham anymore, if that the case than why did he become Batman in the first place? Here are a few scenarios.

Bruce: It was my plan to fix Gotham City.
Me: Than why did you stop being Batman for the pass eight years? 
Bruce: shut up.

Bruce: I don't want to be Batman because I don't want to put my love ones in danger.
Me: Than why did you spent 7 years training to become Batman in the first place?
Bruce: shut up.

 I’m sorry but it hard for me to feel sorry for Bruce just like it hard for me to feel sorry for a woman who got pregnant by a bum and she knew he was a bum. Then later on in the film we find out that Bruce’s body is badly injured he has no cartilage in one of his knees. Mr. Nolan most think we have only two brain cells rubbing together how did this happen to him, I mean he spent 8 years doing nothing plus he was Batman for only a year or two so how did he get badly injured? After Bruce finds out about Bane he becomes Batman again. Mr. Nolan what are you doing? I thought Bruce doesn't want to do anything because he was still grieving over Rachel’s death now he want to be Batman, what made him want to be Batman again why does he want to do this? After Bruce is left in the wishing well one of the inmates was able to fix his back by hanging him on a rope and hit his back really, this isn’t a Kung Fu movie this also undermines the realism this movie had. I am surprised that Bruce is taking advice from these inmates they are in this well for a reason we learn about what we thought was Bane’s back story while Bruce is in this well, we get flash backs of these inmates going after this kid who we thought was Bane to do GOD knows what. 

Also they explained that this kid is the only one that was able to escape the well; I’m no expert on children but I haven’t met a lot of kids who doesn’t have Acrophobia. When Bruce is having a hard time escaping the well the reasons they gave him why he is not doing it makes no sense, like your were born in a life of privilege, huh what does the type of life style have to do with it? The real reason why he is having a hard time escaping is because whenever someone tried to escape the well the inmates start chanting like they are at a soccer game, no wonder no one else was able to escape this well it would be hard for anyone to climb with all that noise. Speaking of chants what they were chanting mean rises I thought this was going to be used by Bane’s man, but no it used by inmates that tried to take advantage of a kid wow. Also I'm surprised that Bruce didn't make a grappling hook and get out of the well that way. 

After escaping the wishing well Bruce returns to Gotham and stop the villains and the bomb as Batman with the help of Selina Kyla, wait how did Bruce mange to get back in Gotham City before the bomb explode when most of the entrance to that city is block and his broke? OK guys would you trust a woman that steals you mom’s necklace, your car and sold you out to a group of mercenaries, Bruce is suppose to be a genius he has no reason to trust Selina she sound like my ex. Also Bruce Wayne/Batman fakes his death by flying the bomb away from the city on the Bat and passes the Batman mantel to John Blake. 

What gives!?! This movie addresses how bad it is to lie even if your intentions are good, and to have this movie end on a lie undermines that message. Why would Bruce choice John Blake to be the new batman or whoever, I mean Bruce didn’t think this through. John Blake doesn’t have the same training Bruce had to become Batman the audiences or Bruce didn’t know much about him so why did he choice him to take up the mantel? This movie would have ended differently if Bruce did a background check on the main villain that was pretending to be someone else. Also I was surprised that Batman didn't actually die because the main villain stabbed him and he didn't treat that wound so why didn't he die from the lose of blood? Plus how did he survive the explosion, I mean that was a nuclear bomb he needs more than 5 second to get away for that kind of explosion. P.S do I really have to comment on how ridicules it is that Batman would fight with the police in the daytime? Also I was surprised that Bruce didn't deny that he was Batman to John Blake.  

No 3: Alfred He is the best thing in this movie you can tell that he loves Bruce like a son in this movie. I didn’t buy that he would leave Bruce’s side the way he did, he left in the first act before anything happened. If Bruce being Batman bother him than why did he support him in the last two films and why didn’t he leave when Bruce told him his plan to save Gotham? By movie logic I could buy Alfred leaving after he gives Bruce treatment for his back and wounds after his encounter with bane, then he can give this line I won’t buried you I’ve buried enough members in the Wayne family. Also where did he go when Bane was terrorizing the city? OK if I was Alfred I would be mad at Bruce for letting me believe that he was dead, because we didn’t resolve the issues that made Alfred leave. P.S How did he get information on Bane? I mean no one else knows who he is before he reveals himself. I wish he didn’t burn the letter that said Rachel choice Dent over Bruce.   

No 4: Deputy Commissioner Foley Question why is he in this movie? I mean he doesn’t sever any propose he just in the movie to extent the movies running time and slow down the GPD from stopping Bane. When Bane tried to escape the stock exchange and Batman shows up Foley tells every cop to go after Batman what the fudge? This is what I'm talking about it seems that the GPD forgot about the Joker, because they are making the same mistake they did with the Joker as far as not taking Bane seriously, why not send half of the police after Batman and the other half after Bane and his men? The reason why he wants the GPD to go after Batman is so that he can take credit for the capture of Harvey Dent’s murderer. I don’t understand why he keeps calling John Blake a hot head when he is giving suggestion that will move the plot faster is he trying to be funny? Early in the film the GPD knew that Bane and his men where in the sewer, besides John Blake Foley and the GPD didn’t try to get them. This guy wants to be a better Commissioner than Commissioner Gordon, but he does things that are opposite from what Gordon would do.

No 5: Commissioner Gordon I was surprised that Gordon didn’t figure out that Bruce is Batman, I mean he was a detective once in his career right? After Gordon have been shot by one of Bane’s man and been sent to the hospital in the second act of the film he tells every cop to go in the sewers and smoke Bane and his men out, huh why would he sent every cop available in the sewer why not sent a SWAT team? What makes Bane thinks that the GPD are that stupid that they would go in the sewer, like I say it just takes a SWAT team to get them out I’m guess it the drugs making him talk like that. After Bane reads Gordon’s speech about Harvey Dent John Blake confronts Gordon about the speech and his response was when you are in a time of crisis I hope you have a friend like I did, who would get his hands dirty so that you would keep yours clean. What is he talking about the only bad thing he did was lie. P.S I wish Commissioner Gordon would tell Batman to come back after Bane hold the city Hostage. Also how did He know the masked man name is Bane when no one address him as Bane?   

No 6: John Daggett this is another character that needs to be written out of the film. John Daggett is a member of the Wayne enterprise and he is mad because the company is losing money and no one has seen Bruce Wayne in 8 years. Since he has his own Construction Company and Wayne enterprise is losing money he decide to work some were else, wait I sorry that what someone with logic would have done. Instead of doing that he has a plan to take over Wayne enterprise with the help of Bane and Selina Kyle. OK there are three things about his plan that bother me, first thing John Daggett needs Bruce’s figure prints in order for this to happened and Bane use his figure prints at the stock exchange to download something to make Bruce poor. One big problem with that is Bruce wasn’t at the stock exchange and no one notice that Bruce wasn’t at the stock exchange. Second thing why wasn’t John Daggett investigated, I mean Alfred said that he has history of hiring Bane. The finale thing is that Daggett is mad at the wrong person he should be mad at Miranda Tate, she is another Wayne board member and the reason why he should be mad at her is because Bruce invested a lot in her clean energy project which cost the company the be almost bankrupt.

No 7: the people of Gotham City I wish this movie would forces on the people of Gotham, I mean it doesn't show us how bane being a liberator or threaten to blow up Gotham affects them. Yes! We get a small montage of people being thrown out there houses, partying and being torture but it wasn't explored. Gotham City is like a character itself, I was hoping that Gotham's citizens would be more involved in what bane was doing. Also the Gotham citizens didn't react to Bane's speech about Hervey Dent, I mean they didn't ask Commissioner Gordon or anyone if it true, even John Blake didn't ask Gordon if it was true or not. However it would be a matter he said she said because it hard to prove that because he's dead, Gordan's family was written out of the film and the witnesses disappeared, I wish he would have disclose what Hervey did to someone. I was surprised that the GPD didn't get out of the sewers themselves, I mean don't they have equipment that can help them do that? Also Dr.Crane/Scarcrow is in this movie but he was wasted he is use as a judge to execute the worthy citizens of Gotham, The arc in the last two films was can Gotham be saved? I thought they was going to continue that arc by have the people of Gotham stand up to Bane, fighting back and want Batman to be there hero.  


No 8: Miranda Tate/Talia that’s right the Miranda character is Talia al Ghul the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul you can argue that this is a good twist or not. This really gives me a headache because I don’t know who planned what. Miranda tried to see Bruce numberous of times about the clean energy project and she finally does after Daggett made Bruce broke, so Bruce made her in charge of the Wayne board and the fusion device because he is afraid that someone will turn it into a bomb. What why did Bruce build a device that can be turn into a bomb underneath the city, I mean Bruce is suppose to be a genius why didn't he find a list of people who can do this what the fudge? Also Talia could have risk Bane and his man for abducting the doctor that can do that for nothing, because she didn’t know that Bruce still had the fusion device. After Batman beats Bane Miranda reveals herself as Talia and that she was the kid that was in the wishing well and escape. Also she explain that Bane could have been a monster because bane was ex communicated for the league of shadows because he was a monster in Ra’s eyes but Talia said the only crime he commit is that he loved her, do you see what I mean? 

I am confused by her motivations because one contradicts the other, first she said I hated my father until you killed him then she said I will honor my father by finishing his work. OK if Talia hates her father as she claims why would she want to kill the man that killed her father? By movie logic she should be grateful that he killed him, I mean he did abandon her and her mother in the wishing well with a bunch men trying to take advantage of her and her mother was murdered. Also she did something that contradicts that motivation, early in the film after Bruce made Miranda head of Wayne enterprise she slept with him. Why would she do that I would understand if she did it to drop his guard and kill him but that didn’t happened this is weird. Did she do this to gain his trust that can’t be it because Bruce made her head of Wayne enterprise, did she do it to break his heart no because there was no romance between these two, is she trying to distract us from the real villain no because that’s what Bane and Daggett was for. 

Either this is her way of thanking him for killing her father or this is fan service, the reason I said that is because in the comic Talia is one of Bruce/Batman’s love interest, I wouldn’t sleep with the man that killed my father if I was her maybe gave him a medal. How did she know that Bruce killed her father, I mean this movie doesn’t tell us if she was also ex communicated from the league of shadows or was part of that group. Like I said before Talia and Bane don’t operate like the league of shadows. Also Bruce/batman, Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Dent both when he was dead and alive fix the reason why Ra’s al Ghul wanted to destroy Gotham, so what did she mean by I will finish my father’s work if you hate him? Bottom line is that she is another character that need to be written out of the film, I mean if Robin isn't go to be in this franchise why should she be in it hack Ra’s al Ghul’s bodyguard wasn’t in Batman Begins. Speaking of Robin John Blake’s legal name is Robin, so this is how you bring Robin in this franchise without actually doing it screw you Mr. Nolan or whoever came up with that. P.S her death scene was terrible.  

Epilogue: I forgot to mentioned Selina Kyle, Ms. Hathaway did a good job playing this role the problem is that she doesn’t sever a purpose in this movie. Plus we didn't learn anything about her. I don’t understand why she wears her costume if everyone knows who she is, and she only made one cat reference in the film that doesn’t make sense because she doesn’t call herself Catwoman. Like Gordon I am surprised that she didn't figure out that Bruce is Batman, because Bruce keep referring to Batman as a friend. The writers could have work the subplot involving her wanting a fresh start in the story but she came off as fan service.

 I don’t think this movie is terrible it just the problems in this movie bugs me especially when this movie screams rewrite and contrivances. The other problems I have with this film are minor like the batcave, some of the dialogue, making Bruce seem old,  more plot holes, the eight year gap and retreads of the first film. Like I said before this movie didn’t affect my decision to see Man of Steel but it did affect my decision to see Iron man 3. That was until I seen the teaser trailer and judging by what I have seen it looks like the villain is going to take everything away from Tony/ Iron man to the point where he has nothing but to be Iron man, also makes Tony ask himself does the suit make me a hero or is it the man inside? This is what I thought The Dark Knight Rises was going to be about. I thought that Bruce was still going to be Batman in the 8 years that pass instead of him seating in Wayne Manor. Also have him starts questioning if he's making thing better or worse? Than have Bane show the people of Gotham that Batman is a man not a symbol, then have him take everything away for Bruce/Batman his wealth, alias, friends, home and his well to live. 

Another reason why I was happy to find out that Bane was going to be the villains is because he can expand on what the Joker did in The Dark Knight, in that movie the Joker showed Gotham’s citizens that there way for security and control is a joker and they are also insane without these things. Bane can expand on that by driving the people of Gotham crazy to the point where they want to die. He could have done this by taking away security and control from Gotham’s citizens. I also thought that Bane was going to destroyer Gotham City from the inside out when I saw the stock exchange scene in the trailers; I thought he was going to bankrupt the city, create an EMP, release the inmate and hold the city hostage. Also I thought the writers was going to do something with the screenplay about class warfare, this would fit into Bane and Selina Kyle’s back story they both grew up in a bad and poor environments. This movie could have made us ask question like how much money mean to us, would the GPD still do their job if they aren't getting paid, has society made us soft and can we survive in a world that has communism? 

This movie could have been better if they work Selina Kyle into the story. I mean have her do some of the things Talia was doing, as far as have Bruce invest in Salina’s project that will make the Wayne enterprise bankrupt, she helps Bruce get over Rachel's death, they develop a romance and then have her break his heart. Bane gets shafted for being a sympathetic villain, I mean this is a character that was born and raised in a prison for a crime he didn't commit. I thought the writers was going to make him sympathetic by using his back story from the comics in this movie, if would fit in with his motivation to why he's holding Gotham hostage to show the people of Gotham how it feels to live in fear to have nothing, not have anyone help you, be trap and torture every day. From Bane's point of view we don't know what fear is until that happens. If any writer that can write can take my suggestion and build a story around them then this would be a great film. I wouldn't have mind this movie being about a hero trying to be the hero again and failing, if Bruce had a better motivation for not being Batman and if Bane and Bruce had history. P.S if Iron man 3 is better than this movie and it what I expected I will be outrage.  


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