Thursday, December 20, 2012

My rant about the Justice League movie

My rant about the Justice League movie


When I found out that DC and Warner Bros are making a Justice League movie this was my reaction. 

 I reacted this way for a few reasons, first they're planning to release this film in 2015 the same time The Avenger 2 comes out. That's too soon besides Batman and Superman we haven't been introduce to other DC characters, we have been introduce to green lantern but the movie didn't do well. This is a cash cow/contest thing they're not thinking about the people who don't read comic books, they're going to be confused and won't know who's is who. 

The Avengers work because the standalone films was building up to that film, This movie came out of nowhere with on build up. the Justice League isn't like X-Men or Fantastic Four where they are already a team just like The Avengers they come together. I'm not saying that Warner Bros and DC should repeat what The Avengers did as far as have the team separate come together, breakup and come together. In fact that could work against the second Avengers movie I mean one bad movie or any mistake could ruin that process, basically Marvel can't afford to screw up. What makes the Justice League different from The Avengers is when they come together and stay together, they have on agency, they have more characters and there isn't much tension between them.

The second reason is the rumors, there are rumors that the standalone films will not connect to the Justice league film is this a joke? What's the point of introducing these characters if they are not going to be in the Justice league movie, I am starting to think that DC stands for ditch continuity. To make this worse Warner Bros is considering using The Man of Steel to set up the Justice League movie and have Mr. Levitt play Batman, What gives!?! This is what I am taking about they are rushing this project. DC and Warner Bros should tried to distances themselves from the previous DC films, I don't think The Man of Steel is original intended to set up the Justice League movie. Lot of people complained that it was to soon to reboot the Spider-man franchise. Warner Bros is planning to release a new Batman movie in 2015 three years after the last one was release, I'm surprised that this film isn't going to set up the Justice League movie. That's another reason why I think this is rushed if you are going to have different men play Batman and Superman we won't know which one is going to be in the justice league movie.

The finals reason is that they are trying to make this movie realistic you have got to be kidding me, how can we take a movie that has aliens, an amazon, people with super powers and a man that lives in water seriously and make it realistic? This is the problem I had with the criticism of The Avengers people was comparing this movie to The Dark Knight, people stop compering apples to oranges not ever movie has to be dark and deep.Y'all need to compare this movie to  Independents Day and Transformer Dark of the Moon those films have the same plot, does anyone know how to have fun in the movie theaters anymore? Have we forgot that these are films that are base on comic book characters that live in a universe that is far fetch?

Just because a comic book movie has a dark and realistic tune doesn't mean they are coping a certain director style.

 In fact there are other directors that has done this before.


 It's funny how history repeats itself, I mean DC broth the Justice League into the comic after The Avengers and now the Justice League movie is coming out after The Avengers movie did. DC and Warner Bros need to take there time with this movie, they need to figure out who is going to be in the League, who is going to get there individual films, and how are they going to come together as a team. Beside trying to gain the success from The Avengers I understand why DC is doing this, they haven't put out a lot of good DC films or introduce us to other DC characters. It would be a nightmare if DC lost there rights to there well know figures like Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman they are screwed if that happens. Bottom line is if  this movie does come out in 2015 I am not going to watch it.       

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