Friday, December 7, 2012

My rant about Consequences

My rant about Consequences
Consequences this is a big problem that we have. I'm tired of people especially women getting away with doing the wrong thing just because they have money, good at what they do and know someone in high authority. They should have advertise you can do whatever you want and saying whatever you want as long as you have money. What is the point of having rules if you are not going to enforce them? What happen to that saying if you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime? Also I am tired of seeing everyone else being bullied for doing the right thing. Part of the reason we have this problem is because we have double standers not just about consequences but everything else. People who are involved in the life of crime they can threaten people and not have repercussions for that, but if someone threaten there loved ones they wanted repercussions. Another problem is that we don’t think about others, why am I wasting my time looking for a kid that I don’t even know? However If my kids was lost I want all the help I can get to find them. Also I am tired of women who involved in the crime lifestyle expect mercy just because they are a single parent, thats more of a reason for you to get out of that life. Also I am tired of police, Judges and people in general of being gullible to think that a woman isn't capable of doing the terrible things that a man does. I mean I thought women want to be treated like equals, I mean wasn't that the reason why they fought for there rights to vote back in 1920? Women don't want equal rights they what power over men, I mean if women had a National Anthem it would be this. 

 If that's not true then they shouldn't have a problem with a man hitting them unless it in self defense. This is another problem we need to stop saying that a man should never hit a woman screw that I am not going to let a woman kill me, if a woman hits me I should have the right to defend myself. We need to start acting like grow ups, not taking accountable for what you do or say is not something adults do. This is why I like Spider-man 2, Iron man Liar Liar and The Dark Knight, because those films address these issues. Another problem is we take the law for granted. There was a time where everything you did wrong you get the death penalty, if you lie, steal and being unfaithful to your spouse you get the death penalty. Is that or having the same laws as Afghanistan what it going to take to get our acts together? This is why I am outrage about this, I know life is not perfect and unfair but can we try to make things better? 

here are some example of what I am talking about

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