Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Early Thoughts on Man of Steel

My Early Thoughts on Man of Steel

Before I give my thoughts on this movie I want to address the superman haters, they don't like this character for these old and tired reasons like he's a boy scout, he's a flat character and he's too powerful. No wonder women can't find a good man, whoever said ignorance is bliss wasn't kidding about that statement, people do your research before y'all make a claim like that. If y'all read the current Superman comic books y'all would have notes that he powered down he can't push planets with his pinky. People still complain that superman is weak because of that what, people make up your mind do you want Superman to be powerful or not? As far as Superman not being a relatable or flat character again do your research. In Richard Donner's version of Superman 2 Superman was tron between being a symbol for the people of earth and his happiness, basically he's struggling with his alien heritage and his human side that is in the comics. In the last episode of Superman the animated series Superman wanted revenge on Darkseid for what he did to him, this episode shows his darkside and despite being an alien he's becoming more human. bottom line is Superman needs to be the way he is he is a symbol of hope, he is someone that everyone should be not every superhero have to be dark and bruting. Also I hope this movie change people's prospective on this character, you can tell dark and depth Superman stories.

Now as for this movie I don't know what to think of it I mean the new trailer didn't gave us any info about this movie and I like that less is more, plus trailer aren't suppose to tell us about the movie the purpose of trailers is to get us interested in watching the movie. The actor that is playing Clark/Superman has some big shoes to fill and I'm not going to compare him to the late Mr. Reeve. Judging from what I have see it looks like Clark doesn't know what to do with himself, there was a scene in the trailer where his earth father Tell's him to keep his powers a secret even if it mean sacrificing other people to do it that could explain it. I am interested in how he will become Superman despite his earth father's fears. It looks like they are telling Superman's origin story again The problem I have with origin stories is that they feel like time fillers, I mean they don't add anything to the story or part of the plot. If that is the case here than I am not going to hold it against the movie. Well his origin might be part of the plot, I mean General Zod is the main antagonist in this film. Speaking of General Zod I was a little disappointed that he is the villain because we already had him as the villain, I was hoping to see someone new like. 

 I don't mind having General Zod as a villain again because the writers can do more things with this character he wasn't just a dictator. The people who work on the latest Batman films are working on this film and they are giving superman a realistic universe, if you are going to put realism in a movie that has characters with super powers then you need a scientific explanation for those powers. That all I have to said about this movie. P.S if this becomes a franchise than I don't want Lex Luthor as the main villain and I don't want kryptonite in this franchise, because Lex was overused in the earlier films and Superman has other weakens besides kryptonite. Also I wish that they would come up with a better disguise for Clerk/Superman than have him wear glasses and changing his hair style.    

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