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Movie reviews of 2012

My movie reviews of 2012  

Chronicle: This is a found footage film about three boys who finds a mysteries stone that give them telekinesis. After getting telekinesis the three boys develops a bond, before that happened they weren’t friends one was the popular one, one was an average one and the other was an outcast. After getting telekinesis and later on in the film one will become the hero, one becomes the unlikely hero and the other becomes the villain. This movie got me involved with these boys especially the one who will become the villain, because this movie made him sympathetic to the point where you would laugh with him, cry with him, and be scared for him. Mr. Lucas this is how Anakin Skywalker becoming Darth Vader should have been done. I like that this movie abandon the idea of them becoming superheroes. The problems I have with this film involve the use of the camera, plot holes and I can’t address other problems I had without spoiling the movie. This movie has some good messages about being there for your love one and being honest with yourself.
Rating = Treasure chest

Project X: This is a party movie about almost every teen’s dream party also every parent’s nightmare. The plot is this three friends throw a house party so they can be popular and get girls, basically if you seen House Party or Superbad then you have seen this movie. The problem I had with this movie is so common with R rated comedies it barely worth saying, I’ll just say this I wish this film can come up with better Dialogue and jokes that doesn’t involve sex. I am glad this movie was made because someone needs to tell these kids that High School popularity doesn’t matter, I mean it not going to get you anywhere, you can put it on a job resume and it not going to make you a legend. It’s not worth throwing away you future or your life for kids that didn’t like you from the beginning and won’t remember you.
Rating = Rental 

The Hunger Games: This film is about a group of people fighting each other to the death until one reminds, No! I’m not mistaking this movie for the running man or the condemned that’s the plot of this film. I didn’t want to see this movie at first because the premise turned me off to it, but I had a change of heart after hearing the controversy surrounding this movie I will get into that later. What makes this movie different for the other two movies I minced is that kids are participant in this event, and there's more back story behind why they are doing this. The problems I have with this movie is that it can be sick, I mean movie you can’t expect us the audience to feel bad that these kids are die if you don’t develop them. Another problem I had is that I didn’t buy the interaction between the two main characters, also I didn’t buy that the movie ended the way it did. Like I said before the controversy got me interested in seeing this movie, but that's what bother me about this movie. I mean fans of the book that this movie is based on complain about one character in the movie; I thought we were over this issue. I like the main character and another character that serve the supporting role, I wish there was a movie centered on him. The good thing I can say about this movie is it makes us question entertainment.  
Rating = Worth seeing

The three stooges: I know comedy is subjective but if this movie is what’s passing for comedy these days then I must be getting old. This film is about three Orphans name Moe Larry and Curly who goes on a journey to raise money for the Orphanage. I think it’s safe to say that this is the worst movie I have seen this year, I mean either this movie help me realist how bad the three stooges shorts are or they didn’t do a good job at being a three stooges movie. The movie tried to get us to laugh at parts that we shouldn’t be laughing at, this isn’t a dark comedy. Also this movie is offensive well this film was director by the Farrelly brothers, I mean none of their films are funny. The one good thing I can say about this movie is that the actors that played Curly Moe and Larry did a good job mimicking them.
Rating = Trash

Intro: After ten years of rewrites this is what we get what a joke.
Men in Black 3:  The plot is this an old foe of agent K escape from prison and went back in time to kill him, so his partner agent J has to go back in time to prevent that and an alien invasion from happening. The problem I have with this movie is the same problem I had with the previous one bringing back agent k. This bother me because of how he treats agent J, he treat him like he is an incompetent rookie. The big reveal in this movie makes no sense and undermines the first film. Another gripe I had I can’t tell if this is a family movie, because there are some adult elements in this movie. The good things I can say about this movie is that Mr. Brolin did a good job at playing a young agent K, how MIB looked in the late 1960’s and I did good a few laughs despite the movie look ridicule sometime and some of the jokes I don’t find funny.
Rating = Rental         

Intro: Before I review this movie I want to say no, I don't think it was a bad idea to reboot this series. Because if they did make Spider-man 4 I wouldn't watch it, because Spider-man 3 ruined it for me. Also I don't think it was too soon to reboot this series life is short the soon the better.
The Amazing Spider-man: This film is about a boy name Peter Parker/Spider-man who is an outcast that wants to find out about what happened to his parents. Meanwhile he gets sidetrack by having to dealing with his unnatural abilities after being bitten by a spider, asking a girl out on a date and so on and so forth. Also he meets someone that knows his father name Dr. Connors, and Peter helps him with his dilemma that will bite later on in the film. 

I did like this movie however I was disappointed with a few things, like Spider-man’s humor is barely in this movie I hope to see more of it in the sequel. Sony, Marvel and Columbia Pictures did your learn anything from the previous spider-man films? This movie could have been better if some element for the first spider-man movie and this movie are combined. The way this movie was advertise affect my enjoyment of it, I mean the trailer gave away too much of the film. Also I was lied to by the advertiser I though certain scenes were going to play out differently; this is the same problem I have with Iron man 2. 

There were two plot points that when nowhere did the writers forget? Another issue I had was that Peter did things that could reveal to people that he is spider-man, he might as will put up as sign that says I am spider-man! I wish they could have done more with the main villain and other characters. The one good thing I could say about this movie is the supporting characters are actual characters there not bitter, brainless, manipulative jerks in the previous films. I would recommend this if you like the first spider-man movie because there are some similarities between the two. 

P.S. Spider-man fans might or might not be happy with how web shooters are introduced.   
Rating = Rental

The Bourne Legacy: Imagine Captain American without the American flag suit and shield and the super soldier chrome replaces with pills that enhance his abilities you would get this movie. The plot is similar to the first Bourne film but the different is that our protagonist name Aaron Cross doesn’t have amnesia, we get a little of his back story and he doesn't run or hide from the agency he runs to them. The reason why is to get this pills that made him a super agent. I feel like I was watching two different movies because this film took place the same time the last film did, plus they showed clips of the previous film. I don't see the point of that I mean that doesn't add anything to the story. I wish they left these pills out of the film because they didn't tell us about these pills is the previous films, I am not going to pretend that something is always there but it wasn't. I don't thing this movie is terrible however this film is unnecessary. 

Rating = Rental    
Taken 2: This is another movie that doesn’t need a sequel, this movie feels contrived. This is a revenge story about the Albanians who wants revenge on the protagonist for killing there man in the previous film, instead of the daughter being kidnapped they kidnapped the no longer stereotypical bitter ex wife. This movie is lazy I mean the villains are useless, the editing is bad and one fight scene looks like a video game. There was a subplot involving the main character Bryan and Kim his daughter has no payoff, and I don't understand how it wasn't resolved sooner. bottom line is this should have been a direct to video release. 

Rating = Trash 

Wreck it Ralph: I have been waiting for a movie like this for years however this isn’t the movie I’ve been waiting for. This movie was over hyped that affect my enjoyment of this film. This film is about a video game antagonist name Wreck it Ralph who is tired of his role as the villain after thirty years, so he goes onto other games so that he could become a hero. This movie could have been better Scott Pilgrim vs the world was better than this, that movie did a better job with references to video games and comic books the video game references in this movie could have been done better. Also I wish Ralph’s journey was more challenging and the game that he's the villain in reminds me of Donkey Kong. Despite my problems with this movie I like this movie and it has some good messages about learning about yourself and don’t settle for less.
Rating = Average       

007 SkyFall: Critics have called this the best Bond film ever, I am sorry but I can't make that statement because I haven’t seen every Bond film. The plot is a group of people are terrorizing MI6, so James Bond have to stop them from uncovering the undercover MI6 agents. The nickname for this movie should be James bond rises; I like the new Q in this movie. There was a plot point where we learn about James bond I wish that was more flushed out. The problems I had with this movie are that there are head scratching moments in the movie. Another problem I had is the last act; I mean it was kind of lame. Also so the villain reminds of the joker in the dark knight you have to see the movie to know what I’m talking about, and the villain is a better bond girl then the bond girl. Also there is a scene that might unset the bond fans.   

Rating = Average      

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