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My top 10 movies that I don’t understand why they are so popular

My top 10 movies that I don’t understand why they are so popular

Making this list was hard for me because there are other films that should be on this list, however I decide to trim it down to ten and these films stood out for me. Some of these films are bad, overrated and are more Cultural Phenomenons then good films. I am not trying to make people who like these films feel bad, and I don’t think there stupid for liking them I am just expression how I feel about these films personal. If you don’t want to hear anything bad about this movies than don’t read this.

No10: Batman 1989 this movie should have been called The Joker, because this movie was center on the joker. This movie was stylish and entertaining but that’s it, it wasn’t about anything we don’t learn anything about batman, the Joker or any other characters. This movie is full of plot holes, I mean if this movie was a person and plot holes were zits then his or her face should be covered with zits. I like how mysteries Batman is, however I wish he was more of a detective, stealthier and intimidating. The supporting characters were annoying they didn’t do anything useful, especially the love interest all she did was scream. I did like Mr. Nicholson as the Joker however I didn’t understand how he won an Oscar for this role; I mean it not hard to do physical comedy that what he did. Yes! He does kill people however he is not scary or demented, it hard for me to care that the Joker do things if I don’t know what motives him what does he want? This movie could have been better if it had a story, what brother me about this movie is that people compare this to other Batman movies that not fair that like comparing LeBron James to Michael Jordon. I will give them credit they tried to make a mature Batman film and without this film we wouldn’t have other Batman films plus the animated series.
 No9: Paranormal Activity How is a found footage film about doors and objects moving by themselves scary, I mean this movie couldn’t scary a baby or a mouse for that matter. It would be a good twist if Casper was behind it the hold time. The good thing I can say about this movie is that there is no annoying jump scares. This is about a couple who moves into a house that is haunted, wow like I’ve never hear or seen this before. After realizing that the house is haunted the couple pack there things and move out, wait I’m sorry that what someone with logic would have done. Instead of leaving they decide to record what happens in the house, this movie would have been over sooner if they just leave. This movie could have been scary if this so called demon do things every where the couple when plus kill people, or have the demon poses the man or woman.
 No8: Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the sith This was just as bad as the first two Star wars films, there is no reason to like this film and not like the first two films. This movie had the same problems the first two had, like bad looking CGI, doula characters, stiff acting and contradict what we learned in the original trilogy. The only difference between this and the first two is this has more action and drama. I remember everyone in the movie theater clapping when Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader, why Anakin becoming Darth Vader was suppose to be a tragedy but it was handle poorly here. The one thing I liked about this movie is the action scenes. This movie wouldn’t have been made if the protagonists and the antagonists weren’t mentally incompetent in the previous film. 
 No7: Slimdog Millionaire How does a film that has kids being torched, people being killed and a Mumbai version who want to be a millionaire won eight out of ten Oscars it was nominated for, I mean this movie was stupid and contrive. The premise for this film was not bad, however it wasn’t told well. This movie doesn’t have characters the main character Jamal makes Forest Gump look better; I mean Forest Gump reacts when things happen to him good or bad. This movie is about a boy name Jamal who grew up poor and became successful, it’s hard to care about Jamal or like him if I don’t know how his ordeals affect him. I wish we learn about these so called characters and know them, The questions on who want to be a millionaire gave us flashbacks of Jamal’s life and explain how he knew the answers, the problem with that is not all the flashbacks explain how he knew the answers or how he when for here to there. I don’t agree with the movie’s massage about money can make you happy and fix your problems, because money was the reason why people where doing bad things in this movie. Again how did this movie won eight Oscars?
No6: Dream Girls 2006 was not a good year for me in cinema and this movie was no exception, don’t get me wrong I don’t think this movie was terrible it just so predictable you can tell by looking at the trailers. I thought this was a biography of the Supremes, because this movie reminds me of that group and others. There was an episode on Save by the bell that was similar to this movie, why didn’t that episode get the same praise as this movie? Don’t gave me that you’re just not into musicals, I like The lion king, Aladdin and Beauty and the beast I rather watch those than this. The good thing about this movie is the acting, the acting in this movie is Oscar worthy accept for Mrs. Knowles. I would recommend this if you like musicals and I hope this movie didn’t offend people who are heavy settee.
No5: Titanic why is this movie called Titanic, I mean this movie has nothing to do with what real happened on that ship. Hollywood should be a shame that they are making films that are suppose to be base on true people, events and books and there not, they have done this with films like I ‘Robot, Pursuit to Happiness and 21. That was the case here this movie was an insult to the memories of the people on that ship. It doesn’t take over three hours to tell a story about a ship sinking. What makes me mad about this movie is that it over shadow the real events of the titanic; on the 100th anniversary of the titanic The Talk had a memorial of the movie instead of the titanic. How can a movie about an unconvincing love story over shadow tragedy and chivalry? Pearl Harbor did the same thing add a love story over the real event and that movie didn’t get the same praise as this movie, so much of you won’t have a future if you don’t know your past.               
No4: Forest Gump this movie is about a man name Forest Gump who live his life and though out his life he meets famous people and was involved and witness historical events. That’s it that’s all that happened in the movie. I didn’t get how a movie so plane won Oscars, was it the historical references to people and events? The Forest Gump character is flat; I mean we don’t learn much about him, he doesn’t develop as a character and he just go thought the motions. This movie is not completely accurate to the novel; they left a few things out from the book. If they made the life is like a chocolates quote a theme in this movie it could he been better, I mean this movie could have been about not giving up on your goals and dreams despite the road blocks and hardship.                  
No3: Spider-man there are two things I liked about this movie and they are Spider-man’s origin and William Defoe as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin. Also I appreciate Mary Jane more in this movie than the last two movies, because she isn’t a jealous, self center, manipulative jerk. The first half of this movie was about Spider-man’s origin and second half was about nothing. Yes! Spider-man tries to stop The Green Goblin; however installed of Spider-man trying to find The Green Goblin the Green Goblin attracts Spider-man’s attention. I rather play Spider-man the video Game than watch this movie, because that game was better than this just barely. Also the Green Goblin wants Spider-man to join him makes no sense, I mean he did the one and only thing he wanted to do and Spider-man couldn’t stop him. If the Green Goblin had a clear plan and motivation, the characters were like there comic book counter parts and Spider-man was proactive this movie could have been better.           
No2: The Dark Knight Rises this movie is a disgrace to Batman; I can understand the problems that people have with this movie like it too long, batman barely in this movie, intelligent insulting moments and Bane’s voice. The problems I have with this movie involves plot holes, the first act and other parts being rush, I wish that they would expand on two plot point and another plot point being contrived. Another problem I had is the things they did with Bane, I mean they did something that made him less creditable, they change his back story and I didn’t like what happened to him in the last act. This movie was connected and has some similarities to Batman Begins. I don’t understand why Catwoman wasn’t called Catwoman in this movie, and I wish they played the romantic angle between Batman and Catwoman. The things I like about the movie are the character moments, comic books references and some of the theme like legacy, dispite this movie not doing a go job at beings about those themes. Basically this movie was complicated, this feels like a rough draft if they follow the five basic writing steps than this could have been an Oscar worthy film. Just like Spider-man 3 and X-Men the last stand this should have been two movies because the story is so big.
 No1: Avatar The fact that this movie made over 2.7 billion dollars and won Oscars is a slap in the face to films like The last samurai, The fast and furious and No man’s land, the reason I said that is because those films plots are similar to this film. If the CGI wasn’t in this movie it wouldn’t be memorable. The way the Navi’s live reminds me of Native Americans or an African American tribe. I am not convinces that the main character name Jake bonds with the Navi especially with the one he claims to be in love with. Jake was another problem I had with this movie, it seem that he likes the Navi’s just to get out of his dilemma and ride flying creatures. Also Jake goes thought an identity crisis, plus we don’t learn or know anything about him or the supporting characters. This movie started controversy in Hollywood, some people thought the movie was racist, anti military and catholic was offended by this movie. The good thing I can say about this movie it had a good message about respect and power.   

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